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  1. Dexiefy

    So basically you are working on nothing of import...
    Nothing to redesign dated directive system that is the worst achievement system in any game out there.
    Nothing to increase cert gain for f2p players so they do not quit the moment they notice how long it takes to get any upgrade/new gun...
    I mean come on, PS2 is a game that thrives on HUGE BATTLES. How do you intend to have them if you are doing literally nothing to get new players and keep them?
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    "highly motivated outfit leaders who are capable of commanding legions of devoted soldiers into battle"
    Who talk about Brubaker, the 3platoon leader? ^^

    -Why not giving one of those end alert cruiser to leader with 40player+ for more than 1hour perhaps, or/and a shipyard construction with relay to feed in cortium , I would like bf2142 fight deep in those Leviathan, and multi airdrop, multi gunner...I would like it hard to build, but a real threat when on the field

    "back toward the tenets of coordination, camaraderie, and conquest" YES!

    Dear Santa clause
    I would like an air vehicle transport to drop 4harasser or 2lightning or 1MBT
    I also would like you to make a separate HP pool for the actual useless prowler shield (ability to twice my hitbox is crap)
    thx u
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  3. StateThyBidding

    lol they have no clue @ what they are doing. and their glorified planetside Arena just shut down a few days ago. they have no idea what they're doing and the old developers were let go in tears from an article i read. this game is ran by a peanut-paid skeleton crew. its not generating enough money to create a PS3, they blew that money developing Arena, which played like some highschoolers made it. one of the devs on a twitter video said "oh, thats not a bug, thats a feature" LOL.

    they had the best massive FPS in the world, but its like they intentionally thought ways to kill their own game from the beginning. a lot of liberal devs have no clue how to grow a game, its been proven over so many titles. its a real clown show lmao
  4. Carnage

    Here is a list of things the Devs absolutely NEED to work on if you expect the Vets and Outfit leaders to return along with a thriving population.

    1st objective - Persistent Continents and Continental Conquest - you know the basics of Planetside that are absolutely missing!
    a) Working warpgates!! - Yes thats right we want to use the warpgates for their main Fin purpose, to transport troops and vehicles between continents.
    b) Persistent Bases and Buildable bases - When a faction locks the continent they should be allowed to build up their defenses for when it unlocks and traverse it when its theirs! This means that if I took the crown a week ago and the continent hasn't been taken by another faction my outfits tag is still on the Fin base. This is KEY, as persistence is the biggest concern of all!
    c) Rehash of the lattice system to only include the main bases and reverting the rest to Hex or just hackable. This worked extremely well in PS Original and massive battles ensued for longer than 15 mins! The whole act of being able to go around BIO labs is one of the worst mechanics in the game and hurts the underdogs. FIX this!!!
    d) Generators that power whole bases that are accessible anytime - When a faction is steamrolling it is essential for the underdog to be able to take key bases away from them. Having a gen hold on a Tech plant could change the whole fight and this needs to be in the game!
    e) Removal of all one way shields and integration of better underground bases - This includes properly defensible spawn rooms and destructible spawn tubes. It is extremely dull to play in bases where you are instantly locked in your spawn room. We need to have underground complexes on MOST bases not SOME. Some of the funnest fights in PS Original was holding the inside of a base when you were outpopulated 2 or 3/1. This also means you have to make working doors or the like. It could be in the way of hackable points that turn on and off 1 way shield doors but they have to be able to be contested and pushed out to the last man is dead and the tubes are destroyed.
    f) Longer timers for main bases - It feels really cheap when a base can be taken in 5 minutes, especially if you fought for it for an hour. The larger bases should incorporate a more original mechanic with a terminal that has to be guarded for 10-15 mins and a hack instantly cancels it.
    g) At least 4 more continents by the end of the year. The dev team was talking about giving us the tools to create maps etc, why isn't this being done? you have people willing to create content for you.... this is a missed opportunity!
    h) The normal state of a continent should not be locked, we should have MOST continents accessible at all times. trying to push us into lanes is why the game is dieing. we need the freedom to have multiple choices (like 8 continents) and have the choice in which continent we focus on. (This is huge with the persistence factor! I cannot stress enough that an outfit should be able to fortify their continent so that when they wake up in 10 hours on the weekend they have something to come back to. This is a huge missing piece of Planetside!)

    If you do none of this your game will continue to decline, I guarantee it!
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  5. Cpt. Verotti

    I started playing in 2017 after the game gather attention. I still play and love the game.

    Its turned into a real crap show now. and reading these comments make it harder to keep holding on as this relic is getting no love.

    I hope you can keep this game moving for a bit more. I worried DayBreak is going to try another crap game and this time drop PS for good. :(
  6. Scroffel5

    What is wrong with you people? At least they are doing something people have asked for. Outfit Ops felt dull, so they want to make it more exciting and more impactful, which will benefit everyone. The game experience will be better and more new players will stick around, if all goes according to plan. C'mon guys, be positive.
  7. BubbaWatkins

    Excellent suggestions all! Had an incredible night of leadership coordination tonight for the Indar cap alert on NC and such changes would certainly add depth to the overall strategy and immersion.
  8. Ace94

    On abandoned vehicles really ? being repaired vehicles, the thing that gonna explose soon and have arround Engee ready to kill you when you'll uncloak or C4 the vehicule if you succeed ? Yeah, an hardcore but useless skill.

    Must be one of these crybaby HA veterans who get upset so easly when they get killed but have a whole squad of medics behind their *** to maintain their KDr.

    As a solo player (and main infil), i enjoyed myself being a true "Sniper" : Looking for the best spot to flank, doing long range shoot with a suppressor etc. Now i have to play agressively because it's not worth anymore walking 10-15min for a good spot behind the foes lines and guess what ? after 30-45 min i get bored but since i don't have more infil options of gameplay as before i just log off. I went from 3-4h a days to 1h30 max.

    Infil cloak got nerfed so hard, you can spot them easily, and the OHKO knife make a sound you can hear from far + the uncloking sound can help you too and now you want that knife to be nerfed ? cuz newplayers can kill you ? Sorry but you're unskilled or unlucky or a very salty player : it's just really hard with noob stuffs to do a killstreak with that knife. these noobs just had some lucky that you were alone or unaware (or both) of your surrounding.

    Dude like you are why Planetside 2 is dying : Nerf this ! Nerf that ! Everything fun is nerfed in name of "balance" but that's just laziness. What next ? remove infil cloak cuz invisibility OP ? then what will be the difference with battlefield or CoD ? no reasons to stay.
  9. Noivad

    I would only ask, Probably asking for too much ;).
    1. That you look at and restore Outfit and Squad Metrics that was in the Original Planetside.
    2. Then add a bit more to the Outfit Admin side for logical progression.
    3. Allow gifting, so those of us who can afford to reward members can.
    4. Allow Outfits to specialize so new players can choose a play style and Outfit based on what it does.
    5. Bring the Planetside Time Penalty back for changing factions with hours tied to the alert time frame. That would be about 2 hrs currently.
    6. Allow Squad / Outfit Leaders the ability to see other Units, their numbers; and name as they go in and out of game so we can see what Outfits are Playing.
    7. Brings back Command - Orders Chat - Create a Command Progression similar to PS1 where they have to do a series of tasks before going up in Command Rank and perhaps make a cosmetic change so people can visually see the command distinction. Give each command rank their own communication channel
    8. Fix the Mentor system so an Outfit can use it so we stop having meaningless - silent squads.
    9. As in Planetside 1 Make squads so they can be specific types with allowing entry into them if you are properly certed as in PS1.
    An Example would be a Mosquito squad equipped with Ejection Seat.
    10. Allow Base construction anywhere.
    11. Fix the Map grid System so it works properly. Maps are read left to right and up.
    12. Own that this is a Combined Arms Game with Air Armor and Infantry. It is a Military Game. Consider changing Outfits to Units as people understand when they 1st come to a Military game what a Military Unit is and that name Unit, alone promotes teamwork. Google Outfits and all you see is fashion and cosmetics, and while that is how you make your money, People want to belong to something more than they want to look pretty as a girl in her Outfit ;) .
    13. Allow Outfit Leaders to Purchase for the Outfit an Outfit Cosmetic of their choice, one for each continent.
    14. Make Routers important, allow 1 per platoon or squad.
    15. Hey I would pay up to $100.00 USD if you can make a Helmet that resembles a Doberman Pincher Helmet, that I could offer to those people who stay in my Outfit. If they leave they lose it. Same with a Doberman Looking Uniform Black and Tanish Markings. Our Logo is after all A Doberman Pincher.
    16. I would suggest that you consider that you adjust prices for items already owned in Bundles.
    17. I would suggest if a member of an Outfit that stays active for a length of time that they get reward a discount on cosmetics.
    18. I would suggest that you do an auto kick to Outfit Membership of x time, so we don't have Outfits with 1000 + members and only 5 people active. Personally we kick people out of DOG every month if they hit 4 weeks.
    19. The Outfit / Unit should have a progression for enlisted, NCOs and Officers that can be set by the Outfit/Unit Leader.
    20. Currently I work with 16 other Outfits / Units. We use Discord to do some coordination. It would be nice to have an additional grouping of Outfits / Units in an Alliance / Regimental system. Reference Eve Online.
    21. It would be nice if those outfits that work together could enter a game chat that had a changeable pass code by their elected leader that allowed talk between that alliance. Reference Eve Online.
    22. Squad Size of 12 is great, can you add 1 extra Fire Team designator, since you are already using the Card Icon System, could you add The Joker Icon for the Command Team ;).
    23. Playing Planetside almost daily since 2003 - OL SOG - Special Operations Group 2004 to 2010 - OL D0G - Dangerous Operations Group 2010 to present - 6 Computer Systems - PS2 Founder - PS2 Beta Feb 2012 to release Nov 2012, One of your Whales for this game.

    Thanks to all the DEVs that continue the development of the game.
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  10. IronMouse

    Funny, I never needed "a bigger objective" to fight for. Always loved the game. The only reason I left is because I have a potato computer, and after the DX11 update the FPS is total crapshow for me.

    Personally, just fix the performance. Anything else is a bonus.
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  11. karlooo

    And Constructioooon? ;)
    Please do something with the OS. It's unnecessary after the defense nerfs. It's not fun to deal with from the construction players view.
    For example last week I had to deal with some enemy non stop placing an OS after destroying his last, just as an attempt to get certs from my base when I'm gone and it's something you have to get rid off because if you use one shot of your OS on a different place then you can say bye bye to your base which I wasted 30 minutes designing.
    ...Just one guy spam placing OS on an unpassable terrain for ground vehicles, counters my base which took 30 minutes to design.

    The OS is not even fun to use in lattice base battles. It's radius is too big, the lattice base is too small...It just disrupts the fight.
  12. Scroffel5

    I think thats the point.
  13. MountainMacabre

    Pops in head. I'm watching eagerly. Make me come back. I want a meta other than pew pew. Vindicore's stuff that Chris posted was on the wish list of a LOT of outfit leads.

    Former TAS Outfit Head
  14. MountainMacabre

    Also consider making a king of the hill game alert for center of the map territories. Three faction pitched battles in these locations are really really really cool. Some of the best battles in the game. They are also rare.

    The Crown, The Ascent, Nason's Defiance are beautiful really cool territories that with the exception of the crown, don't really see large scale pitched battles because it is easier to go around.

    Eisa Tech is a tech plant, and while strategically very important, we do have a fair amount of tech plant fights.
  15. karlooo

    Well no like anyone likes that. The OS is useful but more annoying generally which is why it's not a good weapon in my view.
  16. Scroffel5

    I think its good to disrupt the flow of a battle when needed. Not necessarily nuking bases that took forever to design, but disrupting a battle that is at a standstill or a battle you are losing at. I think it should take time to place an OS thing, and it should be able to be stopped within those 15 seconds of charging up to blow up whatever you targeted.
  17. OpolE

    Everytime I read these posts all I hear is "We've shot ourselves in the foot from Planetside 1 gameplay so we'll edge in a few updates to kind of be like it but not really"

    One day when PS2 is down to a server or 2 they will be able to reflect on the fact they spent a DECADE learning that they made a mistake and will learn from it but they WONT
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  18. NoVemBer1978

    Thanx for the update
  19. Skho01

    BF2142 Titan mode was probably the best and most underrated gametype in FPS. I have yet to see it recreated again. It would be awesome to apply a Planetside flavor to it.

    For those that are too young or simply, unfamiliar with Titan mode. It's basically an objective based team assault on a slowly moving fortress. I recall these fortresses are flying towards one another to eventually duke it out capital ship vs. capital ship style. Primary objective is to destroy the other team's titan. Which has two flavors. 1) directly assault the ACU-esq objective within the Titan itself (obviously layered with sub-objectives [e.g., capture various points within the flying fortress] 2) hold certain points within the map that periodically launches cruise missiles at the opposing force titan.

    I think a big objective like this has a lot of benefits.
    1) It would require coordinated top down leadership at a server level per faction. Especially since a single outfit may not be able to approach or defend against both favors of downing a titan.
    2) It offers a progression to the battle, alert, whatever you want to call it. I say this, because as the Titan gets closer towards the fleet on fleet battle, it'll gonna get more hectic and therefore epic.
    3) It offers a combined arms AND combined objectives that suits all gameplay styles. I recall launching from APCs via an ejection seat type function to assault a Titan in BF2142. It was the most epic experience before PS2 came around.
    4) The moving fortress also forces fluidity into the battle vs. the current pt captures are all very static.
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  20. ComCodyOne

    Hello, dear PS2 Team.
    Firstly I'd like to wish you all a cheerful and relaxed season without too much off christmas stress. Further more a happy new year in advance! :)

    Apart from me (and others most likely) why the infiltrator class got something annoying like the stalker ability and the NSO getting a hover speeder bike instead of the VS I have to admit that I'm pretty addicted to this game. Somehow... difficult to find an end once I started playing. Damnit, why are there only 24hrs per day with work, sports and everything, hehe.

    In short: you have kind of an amazing game right there and I'm looking forwards to what you guys will reveal over time. Keep up the good work! :cool:

    All the best, have a good one.
    - ComCodyOne

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