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  1. GoldDragon

    Darkfire Company - NC
    Tactical-Casual Gaming Outfit

    Overview: Darkfire Company was founded in late September of 2006 on the ideas of respect, teamwork, and loyalty. At the start, our goal was to become one of the best jack-of-all-trades outfits and be known for our coordination. While that is still important to us, over the past seven years of service in PlanetSide we have become a family friendly and semi-casual crew. As we recruited players we considered to be of great quality our values evolved around them to what they are today. Our tactics developed with each new recruit as well. In DFC, everyone has a voice.

    Something to note is that when things get hot we adhere to a chain of command and try to organize our coms systems accordingly. This is because it’s a lot easier to coordinate effectively when people aren’t competing to speak. Some might call us paramilitary, but really we just like to play smart.

    Darkfire is a small group, but we are ready to expand. When you join DFC, it is for life. You will never find another unit like us in any game.


    Our Goals in PlanetSide 2: Our goal in PlanetSide 2 is to expand the outfit and become a respected member of the community. Of course, above all else, our goal is to enjoy the game through a mix of tactical and casual gameplay!

    From our Members:
    “Darkfire Company is my home on the battlefield.”
    –Comron; Lt. Commander, 5yr Member

    “DFC is a unique group of players that I have never seen anywhere else in my gaming experience. We are a group of friends who enjoy playing together and performing as an awesome team. Where we go, results happen.”
    -Spartan12; Corporal, 5yr Member

    “DFC is more than just a "squad". DFC members are my teammates and also my family. I know I can trust a DFC brother or sister in and out of the gaming community. On-top of that, our organization and leadership makes us a force to be reckoned with.”
    -BlueIceFlame; Master Sergeant, 5yr Member

    "DFC is more than just people I play a game with, they are part of my family."
    -MamaBear444; Communications Officer, 6yr Member

    What others think of us:
    “Darkfire Company is one of those New Conglomerate outfits that I saw persist throughout the years, not just in name but in practice. Every time I saw DFC, they were doing something to further the goals of the New Conglomerate. Their members are dedicated and fun people, and I have had the joy of playing alongside them for years, both in their squads and running combined outfit operations. Their players have a strong PlanetSide history and DFC’s leadership is more than adequate for fostering a devoted yet enjoyable gaming atmosphere. I definitely recommend DFC to anyone seeking an outfit that will get things done, yet not forget the purpose of playing video games – enjoyment.”
    –MasterChief097; Outfit Leader of The Fighting 27th, PlanetSide Beta-PlanetSide 2

    The Darkfire Values;

    Respect: First and foremost, respect is important to us and the respect that you will find in every member of DFC is unmatched. That doesn’t mean we expect to hear yes sir and no sir every time you’re asked to do something. What it does mean is that you are expected to respect not only members of the outfit, but every member of the gaming community as a whole. This respect is not just a courtesy, it is also tactically important. We respect the abilities of our opponents. If you fail to acknowledge the enemy’s skill you set yourself up for failure. So overall, all forms of respect are a part of who we are; the respect of our friendships, the respect of our teammates, and the respect of our adversaries.

    Teamwork: We are a team and a family. Working together is a huge part of what makes us successful as an outfit. Yes, we have our ups and downs but we go through them together. Teamwork in DFC also means finding the strengths of our members and putting them to use. You will not be required to put away your sniper rifle if you’re a good infiltrator, we will find you a place in our operation that suites your skills. Our coordination and cooperation is what holds us together, we do our best to discipline ourselves in this practice.

    Loyalty: Loyalty to each other and our cause is not something to be overlooked. Many of us have been playing together for years and have explored other games together. We are also fiercely loyal to our cause, in this case as New Conglomerate soldiers. Individuals wanting to join Darkfire Company should be sure that they are true-blue NC. The veterans in the outfit have been fighting the TR and VS for up to 10 years and that is not about to change. Loyalty to each other is even more important than loyalty to the cause; we do our best to be there for each other. This applies both in and out of game. For us, this is our second family and we will support and protect it.

    About the Recruitment Process:

    If you have decided DFC is for you, please post below and send GoldDragon a PM with some basic information about yourself. If it does not appear that you have an active interest in joining then your request will be set aside. Once you have requested membership, you will be invited to our squad in-game for a trial period (anywhere from 1-2 weeks with possible exceptions) in which we’ll find out if you match the kind of player we want to recruit. After your trial period you will either receive an invite or be directed to an outfit we feel you are better suited for.

    I look forward to serving with all of you NC and fighting all of you TR and VS.
  2. Fox Talbot

    I have run with these guys a few times. They know their stuff and they are fun to play with. If only I had more time to devote to PS2 I would definitely be with these guys.
  3. KiCkSiS

    Agreed. This outfit is one of the best I've seen. Recommend them in 2 seconds flat :) Great group of people. Would join if i did decide to play Planetside2, however Planetside1 is my home. :)
  4. GoldDragon

    BUMP-LOG: GOLDDRAGON-DFC-0013: 03-01-13
    LOCATION: INDAR, NC Warpgate

    Reinforcements arrived today. The suites seem to feel that we need more man-power. I'm inclined to agree. It has seemed like the TR have had an unending supply of reinforcements no matter how hard we try to bleed them out. I suppose that's the nature of the beast when you're fighting "the establishment." These new guys look promising and I'm looking forward to fighting along side them in the coming battles. Prime doesn't trust'm yet but then again she doesn't give her trust away to anyone freely.

    I was stationed at Ti Alloys last night during my duty shift, what a hell-hole that was. Bombardment from the crown, Terrans pushing down from Allatum and somehow we held. I don't know what god is still watching over us but I hope they don't stop. I have a renewed fondness for my Sweeper thanks to last night. Wonderful at throwing slugs into opposing forces and knocking down any trouble makers who catch my eye. Well, the mess hall is about to open up and I'm hungry.


    *Note: For our outfit post, our "bumps" are going to be done in as you see here. I hope it gives any viewers some insight into our outfit.
  5. MamaBear444

    Interesting day spent trying to keep guns in towers shooting. Fixing and healing is a full-time job for this Bear, and I love my job! Music to my ears, "I think I broke this!" or "Is there a doctor in the house!" I really like it when someone says, "Protect the medic!" Time to get back to following DarkFire Company guys around. "Life don't get no better than this."
  6. GoldDragon

    BUMP-LOG: GOLDDRAGON-DFC-0013: 03-09-13

    So while running recon and re-secure on Indar today we bumped into the guys from Honorbound. We ended up running together for a while, ultimately pushing south to Hvar. I was very happy with how our two units pushed the northern generator and held it down despite the prowler and lighting shells pounding our position. They're a good bunch and I hope to link up with them again in the future. Apart from that, I was very proud of my team's unwavering dedication to holding down that generator. They set up a position and budged only when they needed to take cover. I hope they continue to do that, it serves them better than they realize sometimes. Other recent events of note, Spartan became our first Captain a day or two ago. I am looking forward to seeing what effect the position has on him as a fighter and leader. Overall, a fairly good weekend so far.

  7. AllHopeAbandon

    Interested in joining
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  8. Prime217

    Bump-Log: Prime217-DFC...

    I haven't been fighting much recently but it seems like every time I get to a base to secure it that TR wave of bodies that they are so known for comes out of no where and puts a bullet in my back. But not before I can put a few bullets in theirs. It's getting tire-some but the NC keep their push strong and hold ground against them, most of the time. I know I have a good team that I run with, better then most I'd say, but we need a few more good men out there. Hopefully we'll get some, but until then, I have my jetpack and my rifle to do what I can with the team.

  9. johnycashew

    Well I am interested in joining. I am new to ps2 but I played ps1 for a long time. I am looking for a group of people I can run around with to help me get the hang of the game and have some fun. I plan to play a lot, but im in the army and sometimes the hours are a little weird but overall I spend a lot of time on here. I know im not very good right now but im getting the hang of it and I feel im very good at working with a team. Thanks
  10. Awass

    I'd like to join, but I have a few questions. Do I need a mic? And will I be able to just hop in with you guys for 1-2 hours per session, mostly on the weekends, and still have fun? That's about as long as I usually can play for.
  11. Keysaki

    Hey guys, Returning player to PS2. I just built a new computer so now I can handle the game. Looking for a great outfit to roll with that would also work for my busy schedule. I work full time and am Married so I cant spend 4-6 hours a day playing. However I come from a very hardcore gaming background and I am looking forward to growing in skill with PS2 next.

    I would like to check you guys out and hopefully this outfit would be a welcome fit for me.

  12. GoldDragon

    Great to see the interest! Make sure you guys send me a PM so we can discuss recruitment in more detail! Looking forward to talking to all of you.
  13. Iiva

    Iiva here. I'm new to Planetside 2 but I played some ps1 back in the day. I've grouped with some people from your outfit before and they stood out as the type of people I'd like to group up with in the future. I'll send you a tell in game and we'll see if I make a nice fit. Cheers.
  14. GoldDragon

    Grouped with us before huh? Is that back in the PS1 days or more recently? XD It's nice to see some of the "old guard" still around too! Trying to adapt has certainly been interesting. I know how much it makes me miss the original game.
  15. GoldDragon

    BUMP-LOG: GOLDDRAGON-DFC-0013: 04-05-13

    I have certainly missed seeing the landscapes here having been stationed on Indar so bloody long. A couple days ago, we were on patrol up in the western mountains trying to keep the TR from pushing back as our forces moved north and east to link up with the units fighting the Vanu. We raised hell to be sure, got licked once, but overall we held out. One instance we were holding down one of the towers at Kawahtee, I was extremely happy with how well everyone defended the position and responded to attempts to bring up the shield generator just below us. One of our recruits did an exceptional job, knocking down his fair share of Terrans without compromising our line of defense. I'm looking forward to seeing what he is capable of as he grows.

    Command recently introduced a new alert system to help move troops better... I hope that is does actually help us coordinate more instead of ripping into what we've managed to piece together so far. Time will tell I suppose.

  16. Natakue

    You guys seem to be what I'm looking for. I'm defecting from TR to NC and I wanted a good Outfit to join. I will look you up next time I play Mr. GoldDragon
  17. GoldDragon

    Sounds good sir, and we all defect from the TR eventually. ;) Also, please be sure to shoot me a PM on the forums so we can talk about your recruitment.
  18. Prime217

    BUMP-LOG: Prime 217-DFC
    Location: Amerish (I believe)

    Returned to being a Liberator gunner today for the first time in awhile. It was fun to shoot up some TR and VS. I missed it. I've been told I'm a good gunner, but I've been outta practice. Hopefully I'll get more time to fly, but for now I'll just enjoy the memories.
    Prime out.

  19. GoldDragon

    BUMP-LOG: GOLDDRAGON-DFC-0013: 06-07-2014

    There are days that this outfit makes me immeasurably proud. Listening to the communication between our member today was certainly one of those high points. Everyone was doing exceptionally well in the field. The best part was our Vanguard team, we rolled up on Dahaka right as the TR were trying to roll in. We brought down at least three Sundies, at least three Prowlers, and numerous infantry. Ultimately though it was two tanks against roughly a platoon of good Terran soldiers and we had to pull back, but we left them hurting.

  20. Galiam

    Yes hi I would like to join this outfit, its my first time playing this game and has been looking for a good outfit ever since I started, I am still working on the roles to see which one fits me best, but willing to learn and improve in this great outfit.

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