Continued death rate.

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    Forgive me if I'm not seeing things correctly, but according to your post history, this is your 4th post in 2016 alone. Hardly a massively active player, but you have most definitely been active on the forums several times from Oct 2014 to Present Day.
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    Happens. The best thing you can do is take things forward gradually, and try playing more as the Heavy Assault. They tend to survive longer and are easier to cert up. Once you get better at the game, making 1000 certs isn't that hard. You can make 1000 certs in a few days playing just a few hours each day, or if you're better at grinding, then even in just a few days. It depends on how much xp you earn and how many kills you get.
    Like I made and spent about 2000 certs in the last 4 days mainly just mining with my ANT and defending my base as needed. Took out a few enemy cores as well so they helped a lot, but it's mostly just about being a team player, and keeping your head on a swivel. Get as many kill assists as you can and cert up. Once you have more practice with your weapons of choice, you can start focusing on kills.
    I have to deal with lots of lag so I can't kill a TR heavy 1 on 1 unless I get the jump on him. TR machine guns tend to have smaller COF and are very good at medium range engagements with the right attachments. However, just last night, I managed to mow down 8 people within seconds because I got the jump on them and they were literally standing in a nice, straight line, completely oblivious to the fact that they were being shot at from the side.
    That's the best way to play this game. Try doing that whenever you can, find a good squad, and stick with that squad. If you can, join an outfit and play with them.
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    Yeah, I lurk, although you don't seem to be able to process the coming back every x months to see how they have made it worse and not playing.

    Playing from beta this title fascinates me as it never gets better only worse and for some unknown reason they don't want to put any objectives or gameplay in.

    Sort of a hate/hate thing for a title that promised so much and delivered so atomically little in 48 months.

    I came back as I saw the construction patch was installed and seen it makes absolutely no difference to anything, it is still TDM with 200 people in tiny maps smaller than you would find in COD, riddled with players whose sole aim is to dominate their opponent in any way they can and give them absolutely no chance what-so-ever to be able to kill them.

    One hit kills being the favourite, but when that isn't possible - out RPM them, out health them or out ammo them.

    Ably abetted by the developers who know that on a F2P model you need to fluff 3p33ns to get cash, which can be the only explanation for invisible snipers there can be.

    I also visit the Super Monday Night Combat and Spiral Knights forums to see how much longer they will survive, stable mates in F2P quality game play along with PS2.
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    I mean, this is a combined arms game, if you wanted everyone to have a perfectly even advantage at all times against everything, then you would need to take out classes, vehicles, asymetrical bases, and install a queue system for every base. Until that happens, certain players will have an advantage over other players, but be vulnerable to yet more players in turn.

    And as for people wanting to win "no matter what", well, this is a game. Yes, I will shoot another player even if they are wounded. Yes, I will shoot another player even if he has less ammunition in his magazine. Yes, I will shoot another player if they have a weapon that has lower RPM than me.
    Guess what? That's what makes the game fun, as something that has less HP than you, AKA an infil vs a heavy, will make up for it in other ways, AKA having a cloaking device to escape or evade encounters. You say "less" as if they don't get an advantage in any other aspect, when in reality, there is always a positive to any negative.

    Every single "invisible" sniper can be killed by a flanking Light Assault. Every single Light Assault can be nailed by an Engineer's mines. Every single Engineer can be killed by that same Light Assault that a Medic has just revived. And a Heavy can take down that Medic to prevent any more rezzes.

    If you want a game where everyone is on perfectly even footing, then go play CS;GO. Until then, I will happily kill and be killed by players who are wholly differently geared then me, and I will have fun.
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    youre playing it wrong..

    smaller than COD?

    are you trolling?
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    Most the stuff you said would apply to basically any multiplayer FPS. It sounds like you just prefer single player games. Nothing wrong with that, but not sure you really have anything very interesting to say about multiplayer.
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    Don't really agree with this. At low BRs certs are handed out like candy and you can build a class from zero to maxxed very quickly.

    For instance, if someone has, say, spent everything on infil but decided they should have gone HA then they will build their HA far more quickly on a new character. You're right that eventually they will have all classes maxed if they stick with the game, but that's a big 'if', and a long grind to cert out the class they want to use might be enough for them to quit. Only if they still quite like infil (in this example) would I agree they should stick with their character and just grind the HA.
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    At OP;
    The best way to get used to the gun play is to run medic with a buddy and try to stick to small fights against BR of your level. The idea is to run 2 medics, so that if you ever get caught in a 2v1 and one of you goes down, you'll be able to res, stay in the fight and practice.

    It also helps to simply understand how to compensate recoil and the general rules of guns in your faction. NC have heavy hitters but high recoil bloom, so you have to work and burst everything. TR have bullet hoses, easy to control and better at CQ, not great at longer ranges. VS have faster reloading and mobile guns with high accuracy(don't remember the draw backs they have). Knowing your recoil pattern and when the bloom goes too far is also a great way to understand where your guns strengths are. Go to the VR room and try a gun on a target, let it fly, just hold the fire button down and nothing else, note where the bullets are going and where the gun is going, try to counter balance it for accurate shots. Also don't forget to try guns on the practice dummies, understanding how long it takes to kill a person with x gun helps with understanding what situations and how long you need to expose yourself to the enemy to kill them, just note that nanoweave armor will increase this time to kill, but it doesn't protect headshots, practice a lot of headshots.

    Finally, check the gun stats and discriptions on what the gun is generally used for. Compare two guns like the GR-22 and the reaper DMR, the GR has a high rate of fire and good hipfire but has less bullet damage at range which means you might have to sustain a stream at long range in order to kill which means to deal with more recoil. The reaper DMR has a much larger bullet damage and it carries a lot of this damage at range, but it has a much lower rate of fire and it has a higher hipfire spread. With both of these discriptions in mind and the guns stats, we can conclude that the reaper DMR is a more accurate and damaging gun at range but lacking in instant close quarters combat, the GR-22 has a high RoF and great hipfire for downing a man quickly in CQ but lacks the stopping power at range to deal with people at over 50 meters, then there are mixed bags like the carnage AR which trade a bit more RoF for longer range damage for mid to close range encounters. Also remember that these rules do not define what is best and what will win, they only perscribe what is good in x situation. A GR-22 could possibly kill a sniper on low HP or peck down a light, but it's unlikely that it will, just remember that bullets are still bullets and someone else can still kill you with a shotgun at 200 meters or a sniper at 2 meters from the hip.
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    Yeah restarting is not so bad, since I had to restart many VS chars in the past 2+ years because of the name. Pay to change or grind, well I got a name I like, no problem now.

    Restarting now would be more beneficary as you can zip to MR15 like crazy fast and rebuild in time if you figured what you are going to do.
    On a minus side, I'm not too sure if you still going to keep your 1000 certs gun, I doubt it. Except for the NS, nah.
    RIP Lv 20 chars, RIP.