Continued death rate.

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    Im still having problems with killing people/machines/aircraft, vehicles kill me very easily when im in one, they wont die easily when i shoot them.
    Killing soldiers, well after 3 hours(so far) of playing, i have managed to kill 1 person(i think that was lucky) and i have died 27 times(currently still in spawn area)..It doest appear that i can go anywhere without dying, my other thread about rubber bullets game some some info, but that does help me to stay alive.

    Im running around hiding/cloaking/stalking and no matter what i do, before i get to fire im dead.
    I tired staying back at base, just collecting spot points, after a few minutes some sniper from nowhere kills me, im not even in the fight.

    I am checking players stats after they kill me(wrong i guess) and to my surprise, players all have kdr's over 2.50(1 player had 1.67) the rest was above, what am i doing wrong that i cant get above 0.50kdr and ranks of br20 have 2.0kdr.
    It appears to me that im doing something incredibly wrong to be this bad.
    My BR30 has 0.52
    My BR9 has 0.22
    My BR12 HAS 0.29

    im COMPLETELY at a loss as to why i cant kill anyone, as i have said in my other post, im no beginner to FPS, this is of course a little different, but is it as hard as battlefield 3?
    I have no problems on other games, most of them have over 1.50, on low rank accounts the kdr was a lot higher, but over time they have leveled around the 1.50.

    This game however, no matter what weapon i use, or vehicle i drive or even aircraft(not often) i fly, i never last more than a few seconds, as soon as i am detected i will soon be dead, i can run zig zag, hide behind rocks, i can jump off cliffs, it doesnt matter, im a dead man walking...Rather pointless leaving the spawn base(or warp point).

    Im pretty sure nobody understand what i am trying to say, its nothing to do with my playing, im no novice, its just i cant survive, yet 100's of people i have tried to kill do survive.
    i am trying to gain certs...but you cant gain unless you achieve, i dont points for killing thats for sure, i think i ave had a few shared points, but none my own.
    It just seems endless, and very pointless trying to do anything at all, im watching players get kill after kill and never see my name.

    This is getting rather frustrating, already i have given many hours of trying and gathering intel on how to play better, none of which seems to work, adding protection and other things to help me heal and so on, this all uses my certs, then i cant get a better weapon(one that works) for me. in the meantime i die and die again.
  2. AZAN

    Sounds like you need some perspective. The biggest issue new players have to the game is that fights aren't fair. Only the overall conflict across the server is (roughly) fair.

    So I would guess you should maybe put more focus on where you are fighting than how. No matter how good you are if you are in a completely surrounded spawn where you are outnumbered 3-1 you will die every time, with no chance. Experienced players will either respawn at a different base that isn't surrounded or move to a different fight once things get that bad.

    Have a look on the map screen, when you hover over each of the territories there's a little pie chart at the bottom right that indicates faction percentage. If this is less than 45% in your favour it's going to be a hard fight.

    Also KDR is irrelevant in this game, people respawn instantly without cost. Dying several times before finally successfully killing an enemy sunderer will get you a dreadful KDR but you will be worth 100x as much in terms of the battle since you cut off enemy reinforcements. SPM is a much better judge of whether you are contributing or not.
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  3. Diggsano

    If you Play Stalker we could met and I give you some tips and Tricks^^
  4. Ryme_Intrinseca

    Are you playing on Koltyr, i.e. newbie continent? If you started a char, logged off, then logged back on it may have dumped you on the other continents. If so you should go to the map, hit warp and go to Koltyr. It should give you a chance to get used to the game.

    It's also possible that you're using a gun that is tricky for a newbro, like the Gauss SAW (default NC LMG). Even the Orion and Carv (VS and TR default LMGs) have higher recoil than most guns in the game and probably higher than Battlefield guns, so if you're playing HA you could try the GD-22S (NC), Pulsar LSW (VS) and MSW-R (TR), which are easier to handle, powerful and cheap (325 certs). If you're using medic, engineer or LA the default guns are fine. Whichever weapon you use, make sure to put sights and attachments on it (1x reflex and foregrip is usually best). I would also prioritize nanoweave armour and your class ability.

    Having said all that, part of what you said made it sound like you'd spent a lot of time as a stalker infiltrator. If you're having trouble killing with primary weapons then you have zero chance with a sidearm (which is all a stalker can carry). So I would advise against using stalker at this stage. Your best chance is probably with an HA, LA, or medic.

    To be honest the stuff you are having trouble with (basic gunplay) is not that different from Battlefield so you should be fine once you're used to it. I guess the game is a bit more of a 'tracking shooter' (i.e. it takes a lot of shots to kill so you have to keep crosshairs on target for longer) but you should pick that up with practice.
  5. Towie

    Don't be a front-line grunt, you will come across many who have maxed certs in various armor / weapon / slot combos plus tons of experience and they will eat you for breakfast.

    For certs, play support - Medic or Engineer, until you have enough to improve the slots in your characters.

    If you really want to kill things, be a gunner for a vehicle or use the base guns. They give you a degree of protection and lots of stopping power.

    Ultimately you need to stack the odds in your favor to make up for a lack of experience/certs, things like sticking to defense rather than offense may give you a bit more survivability. Oh and if you think the ground battle is challenging, probably best stay away from aircraft !

    Finally - join a squad. If you like the squad - join the outfit. It makes a world of difference to the enjoyment factor.
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    ty for the reponse, generally i try anything to stay alive, i never head the front assaults, i dont have the skills in the game for that, with reference to stalker, its a safer way to stay alive in some cases, i dont use stalker to kill, just to live.

    I have set-up nanoweave/class ability as much as i can afford with certs, none left for anything else, still ingame as i type, doing very badly i might add.
    Nano weave is level 4
    Advanced shield level 5
    Flak armour level 3
    So far looks like what i have done, no certs left, need 1000's for next levels.
    using standard weapons
    Sniper: 99sv
    light Assault: TRAC-5 1x scope or FA1 barage(dont work for me)
    Combat medic: FA1 barage(again) or T1 Cycler with 1x scope
    Engineer: FA1 barage(yet again) or TRAC-5 with 1x scope.
    Heavy Assault: FA1 barage(never mind) T9 CARV with 2x scope(already purchased before advice)
    This is what i have, not a lot and not many certs to get more. Still its much fun respawning all the time, if i added up the time it would make, then 5 hours of being online would equate to approx 30% of the time playing is respawning.
    Thats very high any any game.

    Reffering to battlefield, yes i agree this is much the same and yet battlefield 3/4 should be harder in theory.
    The difference being the game mechanics is more higher tech(quality wise).

    but i am learning as i go, still not killing, been on since 9am(still on now) and now amassed the grand total of 3 kills, i will not mention the deaths, its rather embarrassing.
  7. Pat22

    What server are you on? If I have time tonight, I could come join you for a few hours, maybe see what's the cause of all this dying and lack of killing.
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    SORRY but waaat sooo u just came here to tell us u suck not trying to be rude but i dont know anyone with that problem unless u are having computer issues i want to help though o_O

    ps4 is a computer

    Your equipment is geared up, mine is not, i dont use aircraft its spamming in my book, sitting in a aircraft is wasting time and effort in playing the real part of the game.
    You use MAX but not standard attachments, well when i get certs maybe i will too.
    Your videos do nothing to help.
    MY PC is not at fault, my pc runs this game with recording at the same time 1080p/60fps/60mbs rates, and the gameplays is as smooth as silk and the pc does not even get warm.
    Current CPU temp 22.
    Current GPU 31 and 32.
    Liquid cooled cpu, and 7 cooling fans inside the case not including the gfx cards fans(2 on each).
    So no my PC is not at fault here.

    my videos are only intertainment lol sitting in aircraft wont help but flying them will like me aircraft isnt my faverite thing but i think u should play planetside on ps4 and i have better equipment than u yah but i was a "noob" to and i still wrecked people :) i suggest getting a friend and harrasing with a vulcan or watever faction u play on and i feel good because i erned all of that stuff i focused on one or to things at the start now i just buy whatever i want lol im like a rich person not really certs are hard to earn and my videos can help u accually with awesome ness they will motivate u unless u have a wierd personality thats telling u that this guys better than me so it makes u sad but i hope not meeybe u should wait till contruction NEVER buy an infanry weopon go for vehicles
  11. Pelimanni

    You can shoot out of spawn rooms.

    Also as stated before KDR is just an ******-meter. You could cheese planetmans with AI-tank to bolster your ego, but a Napoleon doesn't need high KDR.
    Play the objective; hold the capture point and aim at the door -> free certs. (admittedly starts out boring, but usually people start flowing towards cap-points when they realize what's going on. Unless you are spawn-camping them.) Begin from that, later start peaking out, capture the next building.

    _Always_ assume someone sees you. And whenever someone sees you, assume multiple people see you. This is primarily the reason people die fast as heck, there's "always" more than one shooter. I think the biggest difference between BF and this that in Planetside the fights are bit more condensed, there could be 24 people within a 20m radius holding the point.
    Things that a cloak is not; 1) Invisibility & 2) Invincibility.

    Biggest advice I can give is get engineer and only focus on getting ammo to people. Following other people could help you get a gist of the flow of the battle AND you'll get those certs to buy yourself sights for your weapon, which is the first thing. Watching other people's backs you'll be the first one to spot that pesky infiltrator trying to wipe the position, maybe you'll win, maybe not. But build from that. Don't go as the 1st wave but as the 2nd. If the first one going in a building dies, you'll probably die too.

    As for ground vehicle combat, flank, flank and flank. Plenty of people are tunnel-visioned and getting shot in the back-end does extra damage. One thing to note is that default Lighting turret doesn't excel at V to V combat, and if you go fight someone with Armor-Piercing thingies... you'll most likely lose.
    Air is toxic, don't touch that.
  12. Zeeteber

    Unfortunately repeated deaths is what happens at first with this game , but if you stick it out (which it sounds like you are already doing :) it is well worth it). As far as the vehicle gameplay the default gun for tanks isn't the most effective against armor, and flying has a very high skill ceiling (I've been playing about 2 years now and have just started to be OK at flying.... still can't dogfight tho) my best advise is find your favorite class and stick with that one for a while and dump all your cert points into that class until you start earning enough to put into other classes (support classes are great for this as they don't have to kill people to earn certs), and as others have said be a gunner hop in some random persons MBT (some people want sunderer gunners to be quiet) and start shooting at the enemy, join a squad and follow the leaders orders, and join an outfit. Squads and outfit do help alot as you have backup when an enemy charges through the door you should have more guns on him and not to mention medics to revive you. As far as TR goes keep in mind that they have a fast rate of fire which generally gives them advantage at closer range. I don't play TR much so I can't be as much of help, but if you ever decide to go Vanu I would be happy to give more advise.

    This is all good except Air is toxic no it isn't toxic it just needs to be changed so that the skill ceiling crashes to the floor.
  13. JonboyX

    If you're trying to play the game as a 'sneaky' player, then you're going to get caught out a lot as a newbie, especially if you stop still at any time. Any player with some time under their belt can't spot a (cloaked or not) player moving against the backdrop and will hunt you down. That's on top of you glowing up on their radar as an added bonus.

    If you're trying to evade players by erratic movements, then that might work for the odd sniper, but not for anyone with an automatic gun and half competent aim.

    I'd tank up as a heavy, or max, and join a base defence that hasn't gone kaput yet. This gives you the likelihood of some supporting fire, a handy resupply/spawn point, and hopefully also some clear indication of which way the enemy are coming from. Not having to persistently take a 360 (+90 upwards) view of your surroundings massively increases you chance of spotting an enemy before they see you.

    I take it you're in a squad too?

    Im not in a squad, this is simple logic to me..If im going to die a lot then so are they,maybe because of me or maybe not.
    Still trying to learn the game, many aspects are exact science related to all fps game.
    The front runners always get killed 1st, 2nd runners have a better chance, 3rd clean up the mess..Well this is what is normal.
    But this game defers from the normal, players do not have normal gear(protection) some have special gear and some not, you can kill some with 5 bullets and the next man it takes 20.
    Getting used to be continuously killed is something im getting used too now,8 hours so far of play, still only killed 4 players.
    Do you guys honestly think this is normal?
    People ingame keep saying, aim better,run faster,hide,sit and cry and so on..My determination is faultless, but there comes a time when the proverbial towel is thrown in.
    I have never been beaten by a game, this one is eluding me.
  15. DarkStarII

    Maybe you could show us a video of what's going on?
  16. Zeeteber

    Well as far as squad dying because of you I doubt it the more allies you have around you the less of a chance of dying, and yes this is not a normal game, and takes alot of determination to be able to get the experience so you don't just run out of spawn and die. This happened to me the first at least several days if not not a couple months when I first started playing. If you play on emerald I can get on in a little while (after brunch) and give you a nice ride in a tank or what ever and you can ask me anything you want.
  17. Eternaloptimist

    Have you noticed that your KDR gets higher as you get higher BR? Looks like gradual improvement to me. Low BRs get killed for all sorts of reasons, including lack of armour, medkits etc. due to having less certs to spend.

    And vehicles and aircraft are insta-death for the novice as there are so many veteran drivers and flyers in the game (as well as plenty of HAs with rocket launchers and engineers with AV turrets and Maxes with bursters))

    Looking at your list of weapons and gear:
    • the 99sv is a pretty poor sniper rifle, no wonder you're not getting OHKs. Spend 285 certs or whatever on the M99B bolt action when you get the chance. The difference is astonishing
    • The shotguns in this game are terrible unless you can get close enough to stick one up your enemy's nose (the NS Baron is better but 1,000 certs!! don't go there yet).
    • The TRAC-5 is a pro carbine although it kicks a bit - needs a bit of burst control.
    • T9 CARV also good but kicks like a mule - burst control essential.
    • Nano 4 should do you for a while.
    Ditch the shotguns and run with the gang - don't get out on your own as every baddy will focus on you. Even if you don't want to join a squad you can follow the other guys in your faction - safety in numbers (just don't get out in front of them and be the first to fall).

    Ditch the shotguns!!!! only useful at 10 metres or so and standing still to fire - both recipes for failure unless you can shoot unsuspecting guys from behind.

    Did I mention the shotguns?

    Just to make things absolutely clear....Im not after getting a KDR similar to other games i play, im NO pro player, just competent.
    All i wish for is to enjoy playing, yes that includes dying a few times, but as long as i kill someone, im happy.
    So far in 9 hours, i have managed to kill approx 6 players(cannot confirm exact) maybe 1 more or 1 less.
    Currently having a rest(cooking) and will try again later.
    Player name: RidianPrime .. server Miller
    Current Rank: BR12
    Current KDR: 66 kills 217 deaths 0.3

    Player name: Manteray .. server Miller
    Current Rank: BR30
    Current KDR: 710 kills 1374(this is one of the accounts from 2014, i lost my other account details).

    Shotguns i will never use, i hate them even up someones nose.
    TRAC-5 is controllable it kicks up to the right and i can hold it on burst. by the time i get to burst 2 rounds im normally dead, but hey ho.
    T9 CARV well now you are on about kick, this kicks like no trying not to use it unless im facing someone 1 foot away.

    I recorded this hacker yesterday..The speed hacker people mentioned.
    The quality of my gameplay is clearly visible, just to confirm my FPS.