Construction Cert Farming Needs To Go

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by adamts01, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. adamts01

    Simple solution: Remove building decay.

    More involved solution: Scale construction XP depending on how many hexes you are from the front line.

    I'm not normally one to care much about stat padders and cert farmers. I'd much rather focus on exploiters/cheaters who ruin fights. But this is just stupid. Not only are we talking probably 1,000 certs/hour with no membership, but on Connery I'd guess that tonight there was about a full platoon doing this. That's a ton of server resources and players possibly stuck in que because of this nonsense.

    Here's a Reddit thread with some more details and numbers.

    Orbital's and especially Routers have added a great new dimension to fights. And construction should be rewarded and continually improved. But this is just ridiculous.
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  2. JibbaJabba

    I tend to agree with the overall direction the reddit discussion went: Meh.

    It's closer to ~500 certs per hour but you're going to be doing some boring **** for an hour. I have some folks in one of my outfits got a squad together and went nuts doing this for a bit. I just couldn't join them.... too boring.

    I think it's a trend that will flare up as people discover it. Folks will get a big bag o certs just to see, then return to the bigger game.

    It's a cheese meta. Ride it out a bit.
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  3. raffa2

    Yeah, it's boring enough, that should discourage doing it anyways.
    pls don't remove it i must farm dem certs with boosters, the grind is long enough e
    ven while using them
    oh wait, now that i've seen the reddit post that's not farming cortium, that's exploiting a broken mechanic, oh well.
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  4. adamts01

    100 XP per tick of the repair tool with no membership or boosts..... Idk, I think it could add up a little quicker. That's 2 certs per tick during this 4xp weekend.... More with a boost running...

    I'm normally "meh" on these topics as well. But 1 full TR platoon for hours this past night... And that's no exaggeration. There was nothing but decaying walls covering that whole corner or Indar. And it's as easy to fix as removing decay from construction.
  5. JibbaJabba

    Not gonna lie. I'm probably going to do this for about an hour on quad XP day to get some certs into a newly created Alt.

    I do hope they adjust it though. Make decay act like FF repair and not grant certs.
  6. grunt03

    I totally agree, with the reward stuff your saying but without decay a piece of crap base in a really important area will just stand the test of time aloof to all the dying infantrymen and women, people will just set up crap in the way you cant deconstruct and leave it. had some gooney try and deploy his sunderer right on my silo steps to the terminal and try and leave it, I spawned just as he did it so he probably jumped back in because I could have seen his name, didn't look but it worked out. wimps, jeeze.
  7. adamts01

    Good point. So the solution is that decay counts as friendly fire damage, but enely damage to a structure yields XP. I wonder how hard that would be to code.
  8. iller

    Maybe just have the BIG RED circle around a Warpgate automatically scale outwards so that no one can AVOID building close the front lines in the first place? ... sorta like a battle royal Wall and everything in its radius could no longer be repaired?
  9. adamts01

    Plenty of times the warp gate is the front line.
  10. Ragnarock

    Players will often choose to play games in the most safe and boring way possible. This is one of those.
  11. adamts01

    Zergs are another example. Reasonable steps should be taken to promote competition.
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  12. JibbaJabba

    Hey, want to mess with those farmers?

    Just drive up in an Ant and place down a Silo right in the middle of a farm. :p It will ruin the whole farm.
  13. VampireOcelot

    I like how every one is trying (really hard) to justify this as the most horrible thing. So what I'm seeing as the biggest problem is that players doing this are taking up the spots that other players could have on a continent. So pumpkin farmers (and soon snowman farmers) are ok?

    No, we cannot have exp gained from repairing construction removed. There are ribbons gained towards directives to be had. In fact that's how I banged mine out to get a solid wall. I don't think players should be banned for something that's a game mechanic either. The amount of exp gain is the problem. The devs should find that little line of code and adjust the value of rep exp per tick. Done. NOT ban players for their mistake.

    Imagine if exp value on head shot kills gave 5000 exp per kill and the devs started banning snipers for farming kills, instead of fixing the mistake? This makes players you know... not wanna play your game. With the amount of really good titles out there I would try and keep players coming back to my game instead of banning them for my mistakes.
  14. JibbaJabba

  15. VampireOcelot

    Yeah just saw that. Good that their fixing it. Dumb AF that their taking action towards players though. I have 2 friends that were banned for 3 days for doing the wall rep thing for 10 mins. Kinda unfair.
  16. Skraggz

    They repaired a wall for 10 minutes and not once thought "hey this feels kinda dirty, kinda like cheating the system"? Do people really need to be told hey this is un-intended abuse of game mechanics?
  17. iller

    YES, and that's especially the point where the Red No deploy zone around it should Scale the MOST, as in: scale inversely and give us Constructors the greatest flexibility in supporting a push back out from the Gate b/c as it stands currently, we literally can't build ANYTHING when we're pushed that far back

    okay maybe I'M the JACK*** for even asking this question, but how come Wrel doesn't ever post on THESE forums and read our less reactionary recommendations on these sorts of issues related to Emergent Gameplay :eek:

    ...cuz mark my word... his quick-fix to it will be much more poorly received than some of the things we proposed just now
  18. Pacster3

    Do devs not wonder why people rather spend hours doing impressively boring stuff like that instead of paying some bucks in the game and playing it for fun? That might be the more important least if you want to make money with a game. ;-)
  19. Skraggz

    Idk, their financial being isn't in question by me, their morale compass is. As well as yours if you can justify obvious exploiting.
  20. tommyrocket

    So they say they'll fix this, but not the ANT one? Y 'know, the one that's been around way longer?

    Zero attention to that previous issue as far as I know, (from devs) and it was used specifically for stat padding as well. Even if you fix the repairs problem, they'll just go back to (or rather, continue) abusing the bug mentioned in that topic. It was not nearly as quick for certs as the repair bug, but they still use it to quickly poop out orbital bases faster than any legit player, along with makin' certs rain.

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