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  1. Naphemil

    Just wondering when the Vanu population is gonna show up again... last two weeks it's been averaging around 29% during the times that mostly English speaking people are on. If we do manage to start an alert, we lose it due to every fight being an over pop against us and when someone else gets the alert then we have such a minimal impact unless we have platoons that actually do something.
  2. Zak Preston

    Same with Miller. In off-peaks we have 22-27% pop. Right now its 28% for VS, 33% for TR and 38% for NC. Obviously none wants to play the most OP faction in ez mode.
  3. Halkesh

    One year ago, Cobalt VS were 28% managed to win 1/3 of the alerts. (now they have 33% pop and they win most alerts)
    So I Either your faction isn't organized enough or TR/NC are more organized than on Cobalt.

    If you're doing your part, you can improve the chance to win the alert.
    Simple tasks :
    • XP/kill Farming isn't the best way to win the alert
    • Take 10-15 sec to watch the worldmap everytime you die
    • If your faction is defending and have significantly more pop, place a sunderer on the nearest enemy base or redeploy somewhere else
    • Sunderer control :
      • Destroy enemy sunderer instead of spawnkill
      • If you're not playing as a vehicle, spawn a sunderer
      • Unless you're low in nanite, spawn a sunderer over a flash
    • Ghostcap empty enemy base
    • If you see enemy ghostcapping a friendly base, defend it
    • Spawn beacon, recon darts and motion spotter are priority target
    Hard tasks / Long to learn tasks :
    • Avoid friendly fire (it's a hard task if you're NC)
    • Never run through ally and always run 1-2m behind them (to avoid catching friendly bullet with your head or deflect grenades, the 1-2 distant is here in case they walk backward)
    • If enemy outnumber you on the capture point, Destroy their sunderer first or throw EMP
    • Convince your outfit to play more objective-oriented
    • Lead an objective oriented squad/platoon
  4. Blam320

    Connery VS is mostly on during 7-9pm Pacific time. That's when the Wildcards and FPSK are most active, though I assure you that's a bad thing. Both are skilless zergfits that routinely attack undefended bases with everything they have, resulting in both NC and TR concentrating their entire pops on us, ignoring each other. To make matters worse, neither major VS outfit knows how to properly distribute their resources, so the NC and TR will have ridiculous overpops steamrolling one lane while the TWC will have ridiculous overpop in another lane, except their lack of any actual skill prevents them from taking advantage of their superior numbers and they end up getting farmed until they redeploy away.
  5. adamts01

    Blam nailed it. Anyone with a shred of self respect has distanced themselves from the cancer VS brings to fights. I routinely play all three factions on that server and no other faction comes close to matching the lag, exploits, and questionable skill as VS.
  6. typnct

    i actually like to play as vs because of their low recoil weapons and great rof with that
    but, they dont really have big battles of 96+ 48-96 so its usually not that exciting(the reason i left the vs to join the tr although i hate the tr weapons for their **** recoil that spreads like taking 5 rocks in a hand and throwing them altogather on the target(its just a joke! :D))
    i can actually blame vs - dig leader on that one and most nc outfits as they prefer to attack the tr rather than each other
    (vs dig leader said that on the reddit/subreddit forums that he doesnt like fighting the nc because of their weapons and some nc leaders said the same that they dont like fighting wall climbing spider(i love the magrider soooo much btw)
    so basically thanks dig for not fighting nc and thanks nc for not fighting vs

    this is from the info that i gathered from reddit/subreddit and from talking to outfit squads about about their idea of what they like and hate to do

    this isnt affiliated to all outfits of vs/nc/tr
    as there are lots of good outfits that fight whoever they need to instead of fighting only one side

    now why is fighting 2 nations is important?
    well if you fight them hard - they will be forced to attack you back eventually
    if you fight one nation all the time - the other will sort of not care too much about attacking you as my enemies enemy is my friend.

    NOTE,IMPORTANT - this is strictly from what i found out and shouldnt affect you too much if you think that its because of some thing else.
    i do think that the vs has bad anti vehicle weapons(and they do) and that the main reason that they dont like attacking the NC.
    IMO a great change for the vs would be - make their weapons to be able to outmatch the nc arsenal in half the AV situations(currently a mag would die 10/10 times pure dps time, yes this isnt even funny its like 15 secs to kill a vanguard and with a shield its a **** load of more time unlike the vanguard that will kill them in 11.5 sec or less(depends on the gunners aim)
  7. Killuminati C

    The Saron is imo far and away the best empire specific AV secondary weapon right now. Way better than the Enforcer and Gatekeeper.
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  8. typnct

    yeah... but of the 3 i would always choose the enforcer as it is the only one with true dps rather than a weapon that can miss half its shots
    the gatekeeper isnt even a long range weapon.... i had more success in using the bulldog to hunt down tanks rather than to use it(idk why but the bulldog is really a lot more powerful as it actually has a purpose)

    but well... its my opinion on the matter and by my playstyle :D
  9. Killuminati C

    I really miss using the Saron. For long range I found that the cof tightens right back up so a fraction of a second between shots gave me accuracy at range and you still have the ability to ammo dump in CQC.

    Not sure of the official dps numbers but at least post CAI I don't find the enforcer even being competitive versus the halberd. The drop on it is awful and it just seems weak. Case in point, the other night I was gunning for a vanguard and I got 4 shots in a harasser and it wasn't even smoking (at least I got the hit markers but maybe hit reg was off idk). That to me is rediculous even if it was at full health.
  10. typnct

    halberd dps - xshots*dmg per shot/(Xshots-1)*3.25 example 4 shots 4*600/(4-1)*3.25
    2400/9.75= 246.15
    enforcer same principle but it takes it a mag and therefor there is no reload(2,4k/8) - 300 dps
    halberd 8 shots(4800dmg) = 210 dps
    enforcer 16 shots(4800dmg) = 240 dps
    the minus 1 in the xshots equation is because you have 5 finger but 4 empty spaces in between
    5 shots 4 reloads

    therefor i can conclude that the enforcer was made for consistent fire and extremely high dps in kiting
    the halberd was made mainly for harrasers as they need high damage per exposure(as their health pool is relatively low)
    best strategy for the enforcer mbt - 2 shots from the mbt+8 shots from the enforcer - hide, reload and come back
    this makes the vanguard the best ttk vehicle of all tanks in this game for exp 4100 dmg for 8 second which makes him the best health to ttk to dps tank in the game
    but it really sucks on the harrasers if you try to attack other harrasers

    ahhh i got so much out of topic hhhhhhh

    anyway the vs needs some love
  11. AlcyoneSerene

    I know this is about Connery population, and it might not mean anything, but Emerald VS has been consistently low for the past month or more now. VS does occasionally show up in balanced numbers, and appear very strong, probably due to excellent squads, but outside of those times, it isn't enjoyable getting overpopped everywhere you go - hence my move to my TR alt.