Coming Soon: More Sunderer cosmetics.

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  1. Psykmoe

    Test server has the following new Sunderer gear 'coming soon' in 4 days and change:

    Golden and Chrome Havok and Recon guards (the two types that already exist)

    Golden and Chrome side steps (side and rear steps actually)

    Golden and Chrome Luggage Racks (the rear turret would prevent actually using them for luggage)

    And finally, Sunderer Exhaust stacks. (have little rain caps on top that are actually animated and move like real ones would in the preview)

    I can't wait. I love my space truck.

    Now it would be awesome if we got even more cosmetics slots, it would be a shame to have to chose between the front guard or exhaust stacks.
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  2. Torok

    fap fap fap... but there is something scarying me real hard.....

    if they haven't made proper slots for those gear pieces, like the exausts and side steps,

    SOE hear me out on this and don't SCREW! You want our $$$!

    Give all of them their separated Slot.

    Thanks, a Concerned Planetsider

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  3. Pikachu

    Can we have smoke coming out of the giant exhaust pipes please?
  4. Torok

    if i recall correctly there is, and it's animated, the holes open and close regularly :)
    i've seen it Live on the PTS, one dev from QA had it! :D
  5. MichaelS

    please think about the environment. ill think I'm going to buy it, but not with smoke.

    why isn't there a surfboard or a kayak on the luggage rack?
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  6. Cirevam

    Because there are two kinds of water in this game: one with a density so low it's like it doesn't even exist, and one that destroys anything that touches it instantly, kinda like antimatter. Sure, I've seen swells six bricks high off Indar Bay Point, but I'm not about to go surfing in that stuff.

    Smoke coming out of the sundy pipes might be a bad idea if you're trying to hide it, depending on how dense the smoke is.
  7. felfox

    Or it may be used as a devious ploy to make people think you're wounded and drive into a fully manned full hp sunndy ready to blow you to pieces! Fear the deciever!
  8. ItsJustDash

    Oh I am just serving up hot pockets from my Freedom mobile.
  9. eldarfalcongravtank

    the Sunderer exhaust stacks are available now but unfortunately occupy the same slot as the havoc shield and other exterior items. too bad. i'd have liked to have both havoc shield and exhaust stacks on my battlebus
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  10. Torok

    GG Fail.

    Come on Soe will you ever Learn ffs?
    We waited like 6 months for the increased number of cosmetics slots, now what?
    We'll have to wait for another whole 6 months again?
  11. Carbon Copied

    Whats with all the chrome and gold bling trash cosmetics they look fugly in what's supposed to be global war - why can't we just get cosmetics that add to the look without making it look like it's going to a custom car convention?
  12. Cromell

    Oh dear lawrd those exhaust stacks look amazing... too bad they use same slot as front shield, I was planning to get the havoc shield, too... but oh well, exhaust pipes > front shield :D
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  13. Torok

    Yeah! I got them and have it replace the frontal grid, looks like I'll use that only for the shield breaker Sundy :)
    Here is my conversation with Jgood about the current situation with it


    Bcs Xzibit #SWAG
  14. Psykmoe

    Just because you weren't invited doesn't mean the rest of us aren't going :p
  15. Psykmoe

    Sorry for the double post, but the new test build has added one more cosmetic slot! Smokestacks and luggage racks go into this extra slot, while side steps and grilles go into the old Exterior slot. And there's a bunch of new front grills that change the whole front shape of the Sunderer. Also for this front slot are search lights above the windows. They're cheap and not as fancy as the new grills but hey, they do look cool at night.

    Hope that makes it live with the next update.

    Edit: Harasser also got an extra slot. Previously, only wind shield variants were in the Harasser's exterior slot. Now those go into 'Other' while a whole host of new front grill options were added for Exterior.
  16. Van Dax

    unofficial patch notes indicate they are adding a new customization slot
  17. ItsJustDash

    There is and there is also new cosmetics.

    One thing though, I swear to God they better be cross faction. If not I am going to be pissed off and they really can't pull the well different coding or look on this =|

  18. Xebov

    The new Grills are the Boar Grill, the Retro Grill and the Bull Grill. They look realy nice but all 3 have clipping issues with the original geometry / composite armor / exhaust stacks. They should all the pushed back and reworked to solve these issues and let them look better. Heres a short list what ive noticed so far.

    The Boar Grill has clipping problems in the back if you use Composite Armor with the lowest row of plates. The air vent ins at the front top have the original gemoetry clipping through partialy closing the holes, if you have Composite Armor you can see the plates clipping through on that position too.

    The Bull Grill has clipping errors in the back with the exhaust stacks looking like the wheel mount is mounted to the vehicle inside the exhaust stacks.

    The Retro Grill has clipping issues with the Composite Armor on the left and right side of the front.

    Also have you devs ever thought about to let the composite armor be covered by camo?
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  19. Torok


  20. Dtswiss

    did they just remove some of the new cosmetics cuz I cant fund them anymmore