Come Join New men and Freemen - The Oldest Outfit on Cobalt - The Republican SHOCK GUARD.

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    is this outfit still active?
  2. RIctavius

    Hell yeah
  3. Speijker

    In fact, if you buy the RSG dlc for PlanetSide 2 for 42 Station Cash now, you'll get this awesome wallpaper for free!!!

    Also, I believe we still have real-life patches (don't we?), so you can raise your RSG at home, at your school, or better yet - as in my case - at your place of work! :
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  4. Speijker

    *Bump with style*

    >> Excerpt from Exam #2432: Republican Shock Guard Entry Level Exam
    > Q.17: Bumping is allowed when:
    > A): pushing a Vanguard off a cliff.
    > B): promoting your outfit on the recruitment fora.
    > C): acquainting an infiltrator's spandex-covered facial features with your MAX's fist. Repeatedly
    > D): All of the above.
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  5. RIctavius

    BUmp for lolz
  6. F0RCE

    I dont have any outfit for quiet a time now but now I feel like I need someone who could be my wingman or be gunner or offer me to be one. So here I am.

    I like LA
    Not that one but Light Assault class. Plus

    Just a mediocre pilot.
    In game name: Force2

    And here are my stats:

    May the FORCE be with you..

    Btw. BUMP..
  7. Knazzbollen^

    AGE: 18

    Play(ed) alot of BF from 1942 - 4 and everything between, been playing a mod called Project reality with focuesed around teamwork and tactics, i see my self as a supportive player and i play there after, mainly Medic and Engineer, im not a strong pilot, nor a good tank operator (atleast not in this game) I perfer the APC (sunderer) or harasser

    about 30-35 Hours combined on PS2

    For further questions or any other you wish to know about my you can send me a PM or just quote the post :)
  8. RIctavius

    Hey guys, just friend me ingame - VictorMarx and I'll be online practically the whole of the weekend after lunchtimes (GMT timezone, so please do come online :) )
  9. RIctavius

    Hey guys, just friend me ingame - VictorMarx and I'll be online practically the whole of the weekend after lunchtimes (GMT timezone, so please do come online :) )
  10. Knazzbollen^

    Bump for the shock guard! :D
  11. RIctavius

    bump again, cuz Tuesday -.-
  12. Speijker

    Bump, 'cause I like cheese...
  13. Knazzbollen^

    We are still active and here is a bump! :D
  14. RIctavius

    Bump cuz to annoy everyone!!! :D
  15. HansKubel

    NAME(Ingame): Kamooj
    AGE: 19
    SKILL SET: Medic, my main goal is to try and keep everyone up and healthy and let you guys do all the dirty work ;)
    TIME OF EXPERIENCE: Only played 60 hours, BR 20. I always want to put more hours into the game but its quite boring on your own and my friends don't enjoy it as thoroughly as myself.
  16. RIctavius

    Hey thanks for calling, friend me ingame VictorMarx

    Hope to talk very soon.
  17. RIctavius

    Aswell if you can, friend me on STEAM , my username : Lord Rictavius
  18. SilentDragon

    Looking to get back into the game with a new character, new faction.

    Age: 22
    Experience: 120hrs engineer/MAX/Light Tank with OWND Vanu outfit
    Playing hours: Massively varies due to work
    Location: England

    Looking into playing an infiltrator this time around, with an infantry based MAX suit for CQB skirmishes (E.G Biolab).

    Contact me on:-
    Skype - Reckanise
    Steam - d_init (Screen name - Shimazu)
  19. RIctavius

    Application in Process :p
  20. Speijker

    "/yell RSG!, and let loose the dogs of war!"
    - Guardsman at the battle of Eisa Mountain Pass, 2846