Come Join New men and Freemen - The Oldest Outfit on Cobalt - The Republican SHOCK GUARD.

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  1. RIctavius


    The 3rd Republican Shock Guard is the oldest outfit on Cobalt estNov 2012 for the Terran Republic Armed Forces, which is a broad encompassing unit that includes using infantry, armour, and air force capabilities and is willing to take on new recruits, we will guide you on standard drills (how to survive and function in the game) and specialist aspects whether in the three facets of the armed forces.

    Also there are several departments opened to those who seek further added training and skill sets; these are listed below.

    Chief of Staff and Command Operation Sectors. - For those looking to expand their interest in commanding units or being able to play a greater role in dictating strategy overall.

    Logistical Department - For those who have in a interest in planning and coming up with strategies that can change the tide of battles and campaigns.

    Psychological Operations - A department for those willing to work to toy with enemy morale or boost our side's morale , think tank policy, make friends quick and come up very creative methods, note it is being creative.

    Boot Camp. - For those who feel like being more like the teacher and instructor, tried of newbs not not their left from their right , or *** from head? Then clip around the ear, make them do drill , teach them. Drill Sergeants are urgently needed.

    We are looking for dedicated soldiers, with a good degree of English and firm communicators, lone wolfers are... don't be a lone wolf, you can be a sniper, but snipers can talk :p No Trolling is acceptable or those with contestable attitudes. We also like to have fun. Just talk with us and get comfortable, respect rank, some guys have been in it longer than you, don't thread on toes.

    To Apply:
    *fill out the application below:


    Then Please apply to this website:
    If you can submit an application through the ingame recruitment system ASWELL! we will give the teamspeak 3 address to communicate once applied. If cannot reach a person ingame; please don't hesitate to friend on STEAM : LordRictavius
    Happy Soldiering!
    "Hit Hard, Hit Fast, Hit like the Republic's Fist"

    CONTACT IN GAME IS ** VictorMarx, 91stCataclysm, or if interested please P.M a member to ask (the ingame names are ACCURATE)

    Recruitment/ adding into the outfit Times are

    See you on the battlefield soldiers`-


    PS: Shock Paratrooper jump into combat with this ;)

    **Post Edit Disclaimer: Updated for relevance and new features ingame and outside game.**
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  2. RIctavius

  3. RIctavius

    bump for relevance
  4. TheFramptonator

    Hope your back in action soon im working hard on getting a promotion to sergeant in the RSG :)
  5. RIctavius

    I just did it..... check the website more often :p , remind someone when you're online
  6. RIctavius

    bump again after Hiatus
  7. applepipe

    IGN: Ghettomuff
    21 years in 3 days ^^
    Have not found a specific roll I like in the game, I like to shoot people tho :)
    I am battlerank 7, I play from time to time, but i think its time to join a outfit, i get too confuse running around alone haha.
  8. FacistFlakes

    Ingame name: Heroismo
    Age: 18
    I found myself playing and investing more in combat medic then any other classes
    Battlerank 20, i play pretty frequently and do enjoy myself.
  9. RIctavius

    befriending you in game

  10. RIctavius

    Friending you in game

  11. RIctavius

    **** ALL YOU , IM BUMPING!!!! *point to the random NC guy in the room awkward sipping his drink*!!! @.:mad:
  12. Bjarkik

    In Game Name: Hindenburg
    Age: 20
    I almost exclusively play as an engineer.
    My battlerank is 16
  13. WarChild

    Hello there :)
    Olschool CS quake player..since back in the day. Very new to PS2...have been learning the ropes with Chimera from br 5 to 28 :)
    Because of work ive not been able to online as much as chi requires so we parted ways.
    Would love to join you guys for some shock trooping...if its ok to work some nights and some night maybe play around 2-3 hours?
    Played mostly medic and heavy...medic most and infiltrator are my next favourite options.

    120 hours
  14. Matlock0

    Nothing to do with activity mate. Would appreciate if you didn't come to your own conclusions about why you didn't pass the trial membership.

    The requirements are listed here:

    And you just didn't pass those during the weeks you played with us.
  15. WarChild

    Yo Matlock :)
    Well...since i hanven´t heard anyhitng about the reason i didnt get pass tryout....i made the assumption.
    I thought the way that i wrote above here was a pretty "neutral" piece of didnt think it would hurt if i wrote it. :(
    You guys have my full respect in your decision ofcourse!
    Sorry if i did offend u in any way.

    See ya ingame
  16. RIctavius

    Bumping it , come on lads - do the regiment proud
  17. RIctavius

    P.S we're okay with people who R.P
  18. RIctavius

    Bump, Framp is on break.
  19. ForeverSense

    Battle rank 26
    TIME OF EXPERIENCE: 66 hours with infiltrator, stalker mode and sniper mode (i do them both)
  20. RIctavius

    Application recieved, friend request. friend me on Steam if really dedicated in joing; Lord Rictavius