Code of Conduct for PS2

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TSR AlexS, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Alright, this is a gentleman's war. We want everyone to enjoy themselves in the game. Please make sure you abide to the code of conduct below:

    PS2 Code of Conduct
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  2. sagolsun

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  3. cafs

    I have been tampering with the Useroptions file, to improve fps. Is that considered a breach of the rules? (Set a number of options to zero and so forth).


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  4. SeasickSand

    I would like to know about the UserOptions.ini tweaking aswell, like cafs pointed out. If i were to go with the standard low eye-candy ini, i couldn't play anymore. Atm i go with most eye-candy off and play with 25-45 fps, which is mighty fine for a laptop..
  5. TSR-SeanF Customer Service

  6. margaret sulliva

    Many thanks to give Very useful information.
  7. rdd

    I am a Planetside Veteran of 4 years and I have just about given up because of the explosion of hackers in this new version. I thought this was supposed to be better? I am about to cancel my "Premium" account becuse of getting killed through walls, floors, ....on an on..... I am PAYING for this?
  8. Berakh

    Is using ISBoxer with PS2 allowed? technically a third party program but doesn't interfere with the game's operation or give you any advantage that a second computer running another client wouldn't.
  9. Defaceo

    I would like to report a player harresing me. How do I do that?
  10. Gadamlu

    support ticket is their catch-all answer for everything
  11. swenma

    I would like to report BUBBAASIANKUSH3040010580.

    He is a TR hacker who is killing NC on Helios by shooting them from underneath their spawn rooms. I have had multiple complaints from members of my outfit against this player.

    Please punish this type of behavior.
  12. Moonlite Quality Assurance

    The Code of Conduct was recently updated. Please do keep yourself up to date with the policies.

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  13. Duvenel

    Well that was the most entertaining Code of Conduct I've ever read. Now to wipe the spittle from my face...
  14. RoyAwesome

    What changed?
  15. BaronBobBlitzkrieg

    Fixed for consistency and hilarity. Cheers sir!
  16. Moonlite Quality Assurance

    You're welcome ma'am! :D
  17. Gary

    THat is your choice, you are not forced to pay for it, nor are you required to... You chose to.
  18. SgtSomeone

    I could be wrong, but I don't recognize this part :
    Or this part, which is really disappointing. I liked the music guys, and they were generally nice enough to explain how to mute them if you asked.
  19. Umzi

    Are you JuanDeFuca? I got banned. Congrats. Sorry for what I did.
  20. Defaceo

    No dude, that's not me...