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  1. Domegoat

    Clan Watch

    The goal of Clan Watch is to develop a rating system that will allow players to more easily identify clans that will best fit the player. Using a demographic survey to collect key information; we register the clans in our system and then allow registered members to rate their experience with those clans (all comments are moderated by Clan Watch Staff and checked for relevancy as well as tact).

    There are thousands of clans out there, and finding the right one for you can be exceedingly difficult. Our system is not perfect, but we’re improving daily.

    With that in mind Clan Watch is looking to the Planetside 2 Community to expand the clan data base. Features that we have added are the ability for registered members to create a profile at Clan Watch that can be viewed by clan recruiters for various games supported by Clan Watch.

    Content Construction Kit -CCK- functionality lets you build virtually any type of application
    Users can upload photos, videos, documents and audio/music in listings and reviews
    Detailed multi-criteria ratings, user and editor reviews
    Favorites and MyListings management
    Advanced search capability
    Comparison functionality
    Facebook and Twitter integration
    Advanced templating and presentation modules

    We look forward to hearing from the Planetside 2 Community

    Clan Watch Staff


    Clan Leader
    The Bastards
  3. Domegoat

    I'm not real sure what you are saying in your post KillFace but even Bastards are welcome at Clan Watch.

    Someone must do the work of raising the average handsomeness on your community, we will consider your request.
  5. Excellentz

    Is this like PANDA watch??
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  6. Domegoat

    Okay, I fell for it and googled PANDA watch. No we are not selling anything. We are simply trying to give clans a format to promote their clans and recruit gamers. Hope you checked it out.

  7. Excellentz


    What you talking aboot eh? Being a funny man eh? A Panda Watch? What like from the Bone eh? Wouldn't Ivory be more marketable eh? Or are you going for the endangered species market sorta like Canadian Club eh? (hint)

    On the subject of Panda's (no not how delicious they are, that conversation is much too lengthy to have here), I always was a bit of a fan of Panda's Craft Corner :

  10. NC_Edacyn

    You stay classy, Excellentz
  11. NC_Edacyn

    No offense, but here comes some criticism.

    That site is fugly man, serious. I threw it up on my browser, and threw it up in the recycling bin.

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    Woah woah woah, easy there tiger, don't wanna scar the poor bugger do we... Just you know... Bruise a little.
  13. Puppy

    I think the comments you have recieved in this forum thread explain why this may not work. Personally I've heard many users say an inorganized outfit is extremely organized. I dpn't think asking users is an accurate representation.
  14. Domegoat

    You can't please everyone all the time. As far as the ratings go many sites use people that purchase items to rate the items. Do you read the user ratings on a gaming site about game scores? Na, I'm sure you buy the games that get rated 3.0 or less.

    If the comments in the rating section don't live up to the score then you take that into consideration. Then on top of that we have the editors review which is done by someone on the CW staff.

    For those of you that want to help promote your clan on a wider basis we are here to help. This not only helps your clan but helps the game too. We look forward to seeing you on the site. Two clans have already registered. Thank you very much.

  15. Excellentz

    Well...he is only stating that the website looks like something from the 90's... Is this an angelfire or geocities website? :D

    It just looks horrendous...
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  16. Domegoat

    Okay, I'm listening. Is it the color, the logo, the cw icon? and if so make some suggestions. I'm not opposed to change if it for the better.



    I'm not saying I'm done with it, or even far from happy with it, I'll redo much if not all of it, about to redo the non clan front page actually (it's too busy), but check out my site, it's got a clear direction, clean looks, its modular (what you see depends on your rank and recruitment status), etc. I'd say the observation about yours looking like its from the geocities era ain't far off the mark. Don't worry man I've redone everything on my site from Indoctrination Manuals to the looks of it a dozen times as a minimum. It's not a sprint looking after a site, it's a marathon. Always more work eh.

    "If a man does not investigate into the matter of bushido daily, it will be difficult for him to die a brave and manly death"
    - Kata Kiyomasa.

    And we'll have something up 'soonish' dude. Could post something now but we have some new propaganda in the works so waiting on that.
  19. Domegoat

    I agree, a website is constantly changing. That is why I'm always open to ideas on things to change. Your site is nice, the blue font color is a little hard for me to read but probably has something to do with me being a little color blind. The software Jreviews, drives the whole rating system, but we can change the colors as well as the background. That probably would help.
  20. Vohk

    I'm really iffy on the benefit of a system like this. Ratings on places like Amazon 'work' because the vast majority of responses are either 1 or 4/5 star reviews and most of the time you're really just looking for affirmation that the marketing material isn't blatantly lying to you. The product is always the same and you generally don't experience subjective personality conflicts with online stores or inanimate objects.

    How many sites actually have useful user ratings? Amazon does alright due to having millions of users and little potential for hype train behaviour, but even then most products have a handful of reviews at best. Metacritic's user score is almost completely useless, populated mostly by people who havn't played the game or just irrationally hate/love it. You can draw some basic conclusions based on how the user score tracks with the professional reviews but that's about it.

    Outfits/clans/guilds are not consistent creatures. Your experience can vary hugely depending on who happens to be on that day, and as new players join and old ones leave. A score from around release would probably not accurately represent an outfit today. I also see a massive potential for abuse. Unless you can get absolutely massive buy in from the community, most of the reviews are going to be outfits patting themselves on the back and angry people who had a bad experience.

    Getting that kind of involvement is really damn hard, especially for a one trick pony like this. You would need a much better website and you need to give people a reason to visit often and tell their friends about it. Rating an outfit occasionally (how many people actually try out a significant number?) just isn't enough. The challenges to be overcome here are significant.

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