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  1. Hereyagoboom

    I've seen these guys and yeah...bad news
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  3. Grandpa

    Everything you write is correct.I think the devs have a problem. Too few players, you don't like to ban them. Because they could bring in money. But what the devs don't understand: More and more "real" players have had enough of the hacking rabble. And go. And the hacker kiddies (I assume they are kiddies, an adult must have mental health problems to do something like that) do not understand that they destroy "their" game with their actions. Because who do you want to oneshot out of the wall when nobody is playing anymore? My 5 cents ...
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  4. Warboss Thrakka

    i SEE THE DEVS still haven't looked at this thread and taken it seriously...
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  5. Arpheus

    You should do some videos that show the cheating and post it on youtube. If there is visible proof there is no denying and the chance that action is taken is far higher.
    Devs also don't like to have videos about obvious gamebreaking cheats going on in their game - good motivation. Most hacks in gaming have been fixed after they became too obvious and too well know.

    There definitely is bugusing around. I had a magrider stick at my *** for a full minute when I was in a harasser turboing as much as I could. I talked to the guy and he admitted it. He used permanent burst wich was completely insane on an MBT.
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  6. gunnner10

    I don't think the Devs know how to implement an IP Ban. Aren't they just game moders?
  7. UltimaRecon

    I'd very much be interested in seeing video evidence of this. Never seen a damage hack before. Only seen maybe 7 or so confirmed cheaters in my 8 years of playing. Dunno what a mag boost glitch is though. If your referring to simply climbing up hills then thats not a glitch, just how it functions. With max boost and max recharge you can boost very frequently as well. Again someone doing very well in the mag is not abnormal especially compared to other tanks. Its very mobile and versatile, you can dominate if your a good shot and not ******** enough to put yourself in a tight space. Just many mags are ******** and dont use their mobility, park in tight areas waiting for c4/rocket fire.
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  8. FrozenCustard

    Probably he is talking about how abnormally the magburner can last at times. It happens with the Harasser as well, when you are in a big enough fight or the server is especially laggy your turbo will either last far longer than it should or a sizable chunk will be recharged when you stop boosting. It's far more noticeable on the Magrider because it almost doubles its speed when active.
  9. Arpheus

    Yes the mag boost glitch causes it to have near permanent turbo boost for a very long time. I don't know how easy or hard it is to glitch the magrider to get that glitch but it definitely exists or at least existed until a few months ago.
  10. ican'taim

  11. Vantal

    Few things,

    No one in MAG3 cheats or uses hacks.

    We can't be held liable using something in the game the devs haven't fixed.

    For those that don't know MAG3, it's a Magrider based outfit (oddly enough) that you must be invited to join, you must be proven as a Magrider driver or Gunner. There are only 52 members and our average BR is 77 with most of the active members been much higher BR.

    We are what I would call a professional outift made up of proven and experienced players.

    Source for figures -
  12. Johannes Kaiser

    I am no laywer, but that sounds suspiciously like an admission of using exploits and bugs, repeatedly and on purpose.
    And that doesn't make you "professionals", that makes you a**holes.

    Just to clarify: You yourself used the word "fixed", thus giving the impression you yourself think the current state - that you admit to using - is broken and should not exist.
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  13. CapEnTrade

    Don't count on a hard stance against these hacks. Besides that point, you ought to be far more concerned about the subtle sophisticated hacks the kids are using these days. Real clever stuff! Problem is that it would take some serious work in the code to unroot these issues and I don't think dealing with the hackers is high up on Daybreaks list of priorities.
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  14. Vantal

    How many you have spent time in Magriders when the boost bug is active?

    You'll know it only happens when server lag is bad, that you also have no indication if you have the boost until you use it and honestly speaking, what do you want us to do?

    Count how many seconds a normal boost is and only use it for that duration even if we're in the middle of a fight and in a position where we need to boost?

    You'll find most of us don't even use it. Maybe once we spawn to quickly get to a fight but that's it, it's too unwieldy to use in an actual fight with the short boosts much more practical.

    And on the same subject, how many times have I been on the receiving end of the prowler triple fire bug? Yeh, nothing like having 3 AP shots and a full volley of secondary fire putting my MBT on fire in a single volley to make things balanced.

    As I stated earlier, MAG3 is a outfit consisting of some of the best Magrider players in the game and we do not cheat, we have no need to.

    The OP of this thread has consistently accused MAG3 and others of cheating and has yet to provide any actual examples of it happening.

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