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  1. Warboss Thrakka

    There exists an outfit on Emerald called MAG3. They are stunningly shameless cheaters. They not only abuse the Magrider boost exploit that has been in the game for 6 months now..but they also have aimbot and a damage hack which allows their vehicle weapons hit around 30-50% harder if not more. it's brutal. They never respond when i try to speak to them. They know better. It's insane the DEVS REFUSE to do anything about this. And it's not just Them now... most VANU players are now exploiting the mag boost bug.

    I am not alone in feeling this way. Over the years not only is there issues with vehicles but there are a lot of players who just can't help themselves but find every dirty hack in the book to get one up on others. Wallhack Noclipping and Aimbot are running rampant throughout all servers. DEVS have to do something and stop ignoring it simply because they want more subs. All i can ask of everyone who reads this is please record every player who is blatantly cheating in front of you like MAG3 usually do. Clearly /report does frekan nothing. Doesn't help either that one of the lead people is a VS lover lol. Hopefully he's a little more professional then that
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  2. RabidIBM

    That's crappy to hear how blatantly that's happening on Emerald. The cheating on Connery has actually slowed down since outfit wars became a thing. There is a particular outfit on Connery who were notorious cheaters, who also buy lots of daybreak cash. They got crushed in outfit wars, as they must have been smart enough to turn their 3rd party "skill" off for a broadcast event. Since then they seem to have been humbled. They are still really good, but there's a big difference "wow those guys are good" and "...that was suspicious".
  3. NotziMad

    How would they do that?

    It's a free to play game.
  4. Raidashi

    Theres actually plenty of ways to perma ban people should a game company pursue to do so that prevent them from coming back even with a new accout.

    The real question is whether or not PS2 in particular is capable of doing that. My guess is "probably not".
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  5. NotziMad

    Go on then, how?
  6. Warboss Thrakka

    Yeah. Emerald is so large in terms of player base that is probably why many hackers come here. But it's amazing how shameless they are. I'll give you another story. One time about...i'd say 5 months ago on Hossin..Two magriders from MAG3 were on top of a huge hill that only a magrider could get to. One of these magriders had a ranger on top. After they harrassed us for around 20 minutes I decided to have my boyz get into a galaxy with Fracture max suits and drop on them. When we were around i'd say 500 meters away the mag with the ranger started firing at us. Within exactly 8 seconds the single ranger killed us.. MAX suits and all. We were stunned.. cuz our death was 100% from that ranger. No other sources. Their dmg hack which is tied to the aimbot cheat is so nasty and blatant. And i've reported them so many times. One of their well know hackers is a guy named Youbadsosad. I hope RabidLBM your server stays clear of that kind of behavior
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  7. Raidashi

    Okay. I love talking about this stuff though it tends to fly over most peoples heads, so I usually dont. But you asked, so...

    With out going too deep into specifics, theres a lot of information that gets put out when you connect to an online service. At it's simplest, the server will at least know the information that the client is using to connect. If you go deeper, you can even collect and verify identifiers that are specific to the clients computer system.

    And no, I'm not just talking about HWID's, or even GUID's which are more secure that are hashed together into a System level GUID which can be collected and compared to determined if it's spoofed or not. No... Theres things that go even deeper by looking at whats running and how it's doing it that make every computer system genuinely unique and can not be changed or replicated because it's fundamental and unique to the system itself.

    And it's not hard, websites use this all the time, it's called finger printing. They can know it's you regardless of which browser or login you use simply based on things like screen resolution, make of monitor, and fun things like unique errors in floating point operations in your GPU renderer for example. Theres things which are impossible to hide with 100% effectiveness even if your running a VM with Onion/TOR. And because a game engine is already thoroughly utilizing every aspect of a system, it already has ready access to gather this kind of information on a much deeper level.

    In fact, some games/software actually do do this. Ever been asked to submit hardware information?

    The TL;DR is basically this. The moment some one thinks they're anonymous on the web, they're wrong in so many ways. The scope of information that can be used to ID some one is staggeringly immense, and can be collected and used with enough ease to the point it's actually scary. Anonymity literally doesnt exist. The best anyone can really do is try to obfuscate their activities to the point it's not worth digging into, but if they get tagged for whatever reason, they're ****** because people can start looking for those traces and ID a system or person with near 100% accuracy. So saying that it's impossible to perma ban some one under any circumstance is factually wrong. It's just that most companies are either unwilling, uninterested, lack people with technical skills or outright too lazy to properly do it.
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  8. NotziMad

    As the French like to say, "cards on the table". It isn't the main reason, but still a big reason why I am interested about this is because I have myself been banned. From the game, also from the forums (a few times lol). So I'm curious about it.

    There's two things I was thinking :

    1. Let's say no matter what you do, whether it's format your PC, use a different PC, use VPNs, whatever, let's say that whatever you do, they can ID your "household". From a legal perspective, they can't prove it's you can they? You could say "it's my girlfriend", see what I mean?

    (that argument is more devil's advocate than anything else, I know, but purely from a legal perspective, I don't think they could do permanently ban a "household" if you know what I mean. I don't think it's a good argument cause if they could, they probably would ban the "household" so to speak regardless)

    2. Whatever the details they can find (you mention for example screen resolution), couldn't it be easy to change them? I mean If I were a cheater, and my IP got permanently banned, and my PC got "identified" (like you said), isn't there a million and one ways to change IP? From using a VPN to even changing ISP? And for the PC, couldn't I simply format it? Change PC?

    We're maybe a little too close to breaking forum rules by talking about this kind of stuff, but I still don't see how any gaming company could prevent anyone "permanently" from playing a free to play game.

    Whether it's from a legal point of view, or, -more to the point-, a practical one.
  9. ObiVanuKenobi

    It's impossible to have a damage hack because damage is server-side. Ranger kills a Galaxy in ~20 sec. How did you measure 8 sec? You have a video?
    The guy you mentioned has 77000 kills with FPC. That's.... a lot. After so many kills his aim has to be very good. Not sure how you determined he has an aimbot.
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  10. Towie

    Indeed IP address is one of the easiest bans to dodge.

    HWID is better - but can (potentially) be spoofed.

    Incidentally and on a related note, BE is now banning Virtual Machines (at least on other games) - anyone had this yet on PS2 ? I think it's a good thing even though you can potentially bypass that detection too.
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  11. DarkStarAnubis

    All in all cheaters must be rare and far between.

    Otherwise in prime time it would be easy to face one or two every evening.

    I have seen blatant cheaters (e.g. The flying Max, the 80% HSR guy) very rarely. More frequently cases in which you say "Huh?" and scratch your head, so you see something weird that *could* be hacking but also just lagging.

    Another thing: someone who has lots of kills (tens of thousands) most likely is not an hacker. Just someone who is very very good or has a lots of time to play (or both).
  12. Liewec123

    and when anyone plays PS2 they accept Battleyes invasive user agreements, part of which is giving it the right to scan your pc.
    so "hacker" noobs thinking "i'll just use a VPN!" sorry noobs! that won't cut it. (atleast not if battleeye is worth a damn)
    any proper anti cheat software will know your pc.

    things like hardware bans aren't easily worked around for the scriptkid noobs who download cheats off the internet,
    and with a hardware ban in place once a scriptkid is banned, their computer is banned for good.
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  13. Warboss Thrakka

    It was under 10 seconds man. We were only 500 meters away and it was so fast. Their outfit has been figazy for months. Everytime we see these guys they have a 95% hit rate with MBT shots on top of our vehicles seemingly taking more dmg then usual. And the Magrider Boost exploit is ALL they use. They cruise around OMNI-directional at like 150 MPH it's insane. And it never burns out. Unfortunately we have no footage but we will start recording them eventually. I've played competitive games like this all my life. Cheaters exist in any competitive shooter especially. We know they exist and games like PS2 are too enticing not to cheat in for some scrubs. MAG3 are def such scrubs. Fight against them then Obivanu. For an extended period of time. You'll see
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  14. Raidashi

    In most ToS (while I havnt read PS2's specifically) the whole "it was my GF/Bro/Friend" is not a valid argument. Legality doesnt apply I think in the way you're assuming think it does, as PS2 is a service, one they can deny at any time for any reason, including none at all. If they felt it was in their greater interest, banning entire households is something I've heard of some devs doing, but namely to establishments known for running farmers for RMT reasons.

    Fingerprinting via screen res/refresh/settings was an ultra simplistic example of one way that most people dont even consider that is very commonly used. And, rest assured, it's not the only one.

    While yes, for arguments sake it is easy enough to change one's IP, but frankly as some one else mentioned 95% of the script kitty trolls that download their cheats dont even know how. Usually anything more significant than an account ban is enough to get them to go away.

    You are right though in that IP bans are one of the flimsiest ways to ban some one next to account bans. For heavier options like hardware ID bans, for one, formatting wont do anything, and secondly your looking at replacing 2-300$ of hardware minimum, and thats only if you know exactly what was targeted and only if it was just that. Not to mention that bypassing bans is actually illegal in of itself, and people insistent enough have been known to be pursued legally by larger companies like EA and Microsoft.

    Though, in the most technical sense, if some one was determined enough and willing to spew hundreds if not thousands in disposable income, they could consistently return to cheat again because if you wanted to properly disappear from the internet you would have to A)Throw away your entire PC. All of it, even the keyboard and mouse and get a whole new system. B)Move households. C) Use an entirely different name and payment method, including changing banks for any household services (which you'd need to transfer into cash first before moving banks). D) Delete every and any internet profile you ever had/owned, E-Z) a buncha other stuff I hadnt considered, and probably still get ID'd again at some point because humans are creatures of habit.

    Point is, Hardware bans are usually incredibly effective. Deep fingerprinting to flag and ban accounts manually is even more so. What's actually and effectively permanent is a very blurred line because 95% of the time one effectively means the other as the more hard of measures taken, the more exponentially difficult it becomes to bypass it. It's just a matter of pursuing those options and whether the company in question has the time, resources or even (probably more fundamentally) desire to do so.

    If your uncomfortable with it, thats fine we can cut it here. I see it as more of a technical discussion rather than (the reason Daybreak might not like it) bashing on policies.

    On the viability side of things, it really is a practicality issue for most. Legality has little hold, being that the end user doesnt actually own anything and the companies can decide to do whatever they want with their product and service, not to mention you have to agree to whatever terms they set which by in large throws away any rights one might perceive they have concerning the issue.
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  15. Brahma2

    Ever think maybe they aren't cheating?
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  16. ObiVanuKenobi

    There's no way someone who has spent 1953 hours in a Magrider and has 89970 kills with it can aim better than me. It has to be aimbot.
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  17. Warboss Thrakka

    TRUST me lad. They cheat, Doesn't matter how much time you have in a magrider. I have a lot of time playing in a MBT as well But you don't see me exploiting everyday like an ***. PRetty much this entire thread needs to be taken seriously. I just now got done playing as infantry on Indar...and one lone VS heavy killed me my buddy and 3 other TR by himself 8 times in a row eeach of us... all his shots were headshots only and he laughed at us. Mocking us because he was aimbotting. I actually asked him why he cheats and his literal response was "Because why not" There IS LIES the issue. theres no real penalty for cheating. There should be a godamn fine of 500$ if you are caught cheating in competitive games like this. Would solve a lot of problems.
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  18. Brahma2

    Planetside's competitive?
  19. NotziMad

    how is it NOT competitive?

    Here's a tip : competitive doesn't only mean professional and on TV. As long as you are competing, as long as there is competition, then it is competitive.... yeah.
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  20. Warboss Thrakka

    IT'S FINE LADS. Quiting this game. MAG3 running rampant with their exploits agian today. Same names i always see no matter how many times you catch them doing something not intended for the game to do...and the GM's just sit there and watch.. This game is dead and gone. So feel free to ignore this thread lads. Was fun playing with all of you while it lasted.

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