[BUG] GU6 bugs I have noticed so far

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by shadouac, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. lKeinPlanl

    Had those glowing light things just a hour ago at Tawrich, were all around the east Outpost (the tower thing), at least 7 of those things. That was so freaking bright.

    Also I noticed a lot of missing wall panels, so you can look through the walls at some places...its incredible how they manage to break the whole game in every Update.
  2. Owen

    this is so awesome! I have an idea! why don't you guys (the devs) stop adding new small arms and support weapons and fix some things?! what do you think? good idea? crazy talk?

    I still spawn with out shields, my max spawns with half health, the india rubber grenades are realy just ridiculous and after nerfing anti infantry vehicle explosives you give every body but infiltrators anti tank weapons. and now we have a host of realy obvious new problems. no point in adding all this pay for content if there is no one to pay for it, yes?
  3. SweetSlaaneshi

    lol bro. The devs don't see this as a long term thing. They want to make as cash as they can and then run. They know that the dev crew will be scrapped when the game becomes less profitable, and SOE will just maintain a skeleton crew to run the servers like they've done for every other game they host. Ignore their aggressive marketing campaign. Remember when they did that Youtube promotion? SeaNanners had never even played the game. He got to BR6 and then never played the game again. They really aren't taking this seriously. They know they'll be on other projects soon enough. Sorry if this makes anybody sad. I enjoy the game too.
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  4. Angelina Assassini

    On miller server, Rashnu Biolab wasn't even working. No points to cap, no outpost to cap, no generator to destroy...
  5. Angelina Assassini

    And when you spaw to the crown, you spawn 500meters away, in a deep mountain, and can kill other poor fellas that are stuck with you. There is always amazing new features.
  6. Baho85

    It seems there is also something wrong with the jetpacks.It looks like its refreshing very very slow comparing before the patch.I know its not a huge thing but still...
  7. Levtech

    How is flash turbo not working? Somehow mine got unequipped but once I equipped it started working fine.
  8. Bleak

    • Flora - DRAW DISTANCE. like vision distance. tired of seeing grass grow
    • Resist Shield (1-5) : Not Working As Intended. Actually not leveling at all.
  9. Voraen

    IR smoke on lightings randomly fail to work sometimes. . You will activate it but no smoke nothing. instant sitting duck. Super annoying !!! :mad: i have sent a in game ticket to support so hopefully the SOE programmers sort out the cause of that bug.
  10. Angelina Assassini

    Incomming hotfix !
    But they still don't have time to write something somewhere to explain what happens...
    Come on...
  11. zANGRONz

    - Bug at Crownspawn -

    When you spawn with the Crownspawn you end up in a glitch. A lot of ppl were stuck there. I cought a weaponlock in my struggle to free my brothers.

    Thanks for the great free game and all your effort, but dont try to make too many changes at a time, when there is still so many left to fix!
  12. AgentK20

    So far I've found that these are the bugs new to this release:
    • Several bases occasionally spawn you underground, roughly 1 in 7 times. The one I've noticed this on is The Crown, but I've heard reports of the same on Tawrich.
    • Whenever a terminal changes hands, whether it be by the base being captured or an infiltrated or hacking it, the particle effect and accompanying sound effects used at major facilities after being captured are spawned anywhere from 10-15 meters from the location. The positioning of the actual particle effects appear to be directly proportional to the position of the terminal in question so I suspect it is simply the wrong event being fired from the terminal and the particle effects are being spawned overtop of the terminal itself, yet the particle effect's actual 3D model spans a large distance and therefore the lower left corner of the particle effect is actually overtop of the terminal yet the large beacon appears elsewhere
    • When an alert is in play, any continent captured results in that faction being awarded the XP bonus as if they had won.
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  13. Angelina Assassini

    i was wondering how did i managed to kill some ppl in there, do everyone was able to spawn at crown ?
  14. MuNrOe

    My eyes are burn

    Too many flashing lights, I would hate to be epileptic during the last patch.
  15. Bleak

    Reed up and take notes devs.
  16. ArcKnight

    i think we need a new team altogether
  17. Angelina Assassini

    I think they just deploy the wrong version. The game is completely broken, that's not a buglist anymore....

    Come on devs, we love this game. I'm almost certain that even if everyone is complaining about your job, we are still happy that you are working on it

    But we need information, i'm sure we do.
  18. Sarmane

    I think the "Vanu Lights' bug is related to the increase in capture times to all bases from Amp Station values. I think this is the reason since the lights are stretched out in the same pattern as amp stations have when they flip and has the same sound file playing.
  19. ArcKnight

    hard to spot I doubt it, the main problem is that there is TOO MANY bugs in this game and the numbers keep on growing
  20. commandotimmy


    ^ this, and the increased time it takes to cap.. FPS drops.