[BUG] GU6 bugs I have noticed so far

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by shadouac, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. Angelina Assassini

    Wonderfull we will play soon ! Thanks for info & work.
  2. Bobbesch

    Shooting an opponent with a great Headshot. No indicator for a Hit, and no XP. And yes, it was definitely my Bullet.
  3. Voraen

    soo bright
  4. BigBadBuba

    anyone else feel like the c4 is doing nothing?
  5. luvthesnapper

    I found a new one. I can't play the game since the update, and paid for a boost recently, only to watch it disappear. Thanks.
  6. Neckbeard

    Yeah, this is really odd. I'm not sure if they intended to add these huge lights to the bases, but I'm not a fan. If anything, if you want to have a large beam of light shining up into the sky after a base is captured, at least make the lighting effects begin above the base or near the top of the base and not on the ground surrounding the base (in and around the vehicle bays / entrance). I was on Amerish last night and after we took a base, I was nearly blinded by the huge balls of light outside the vehicle bay. It was pretty annoying!

    Also, if SOE doesn't plan to give flashlights a somewhat blinding effect up close (similar to Battlefield 3), then they may as well just remove them altogether. I've been playing PS2 for about 2 weeks now and I've NEVER seen someone with a flashlight. Why? Because it make zero sense to equip it; it solves no purpose other than to light an area and why would you do that? Plus, it makes you an easier target. If there was a short-range, subtle blinding effect, however, we may see more CQC run-and-gunners using it. Hell, I would try it! Imagine 3-5 flashlight-equipped infantry storming a node or shield generator. That would be a super cool new element to CQC, especially at night.

    But, going back to the huge lights around the bases, that negates flashlight use even more, because with fully illuminated bases (at night) there's even less reason for a flashlight.

    TL;DR – Yeah, the lights are weird and bothersome. Not a fan. Also, remove flashlights from the game or give them a subtle blinding effect (like Battlefield 3). The combination of late-night base disco lights even further negates flashlight use.