[Suggestion] Buff Full Auto Scout Rifles

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by WindMaze, May 13, 2018.

  1. WindMaze

    Full auto scout rifles have low damage output, average recoil, small magazine sizes, and bad hip fire accuracy. They handle like weak assault rifles with unimpressive stats and low damage degradation. I can see full auto scout rifles (the SOAS-20, AF-18 Stalker, and Artemis VX-26) buffed in 3 distinct ways to help make them more usable in combat:

    1. Muzzle velocity

    Currently, the SOAS-20 and Stalker are at 530 m/s while the Artemis is at 510 m/s. The SOAS-20 and Stalker should get 570 m/s while the Artemis gets 550 m/s since they're medium range weapons, and this small increase in velocity somewhat helps fulfill the role of "keeping a distance."

    2. Magazine size

    Having either 26 or 28 rounds per magazine is a viable option. The DPM (damage per magazine) isn't high to begin with, but increasing the magazine size by just 2-4 bullets might put full auto scout rifles in a "sweet spot" when it comes to combat effectiveness.

    However, there is a catch: an increase in magazine size means a decrease in the total ammo pool (26/234 or 28/224).

    3. Damage

    Full auto scout rifles are all about low damage degradation. This damage model should put them on edge with other full auto weapons: 150 @ 10m - 143 @ 60m

    NOTE: If full auto scout rifles are going to get buffed — whether DBG takes 1, 2, or all 3 of these buffs — other weak weapons should receive buffs as well to put them on edge with their competitive counterparts. Full auto scout rifles shouldn't be OP, but they're not supposed to be weak either.
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  2. That_One_Kane_Guy

    I'd actually be okay with this. I'd prefer if they'd get looked at individually for some faction diversity but this would be nice too. Velocity most of all.
  3. Halkesh

    I'll be ok with muzzle velocity and a minimal damage buff, but not for the extra ammo. I'm fine with auto scout rifle being as good or better than AR but they should keep the con of the lower mag capacity so they're not a direct upgrade of the AR.
    Maybe add an optionnal extended mag so it cost you the forward grip or the laser dot ?

    The max damage buff is interesting, as it will allow to kill infiltrator in one less bullet.
    I think the muzzle velocity buff should be higher, comparable with a long range AR.
  4. WindMaze

    So...600 - 620 m/s? That puts them on par with some sniper rifles and a few long range ARs. I was thinking about the extended mags attachment, but I'm not sacrificing a laser sight / forward grip just to get those 2-4 extra bullets per mag.
  5. Halkesh

    If it's an extended mag via attachment instead of a buff, then it could be +6 bullets, so it's harder to choose betweenbarrels attachment. Extended mag will make auto scout rifle's DPM comparable to AR at the cost of not using forward grip or laser dot.

    Yep, 600-620 m/s sound good. Coupled with damage drop (143-143 or 150-143 damage profile), it create an interesting niche for the weapon.
  6. WindMaze

    Suddenly, I'm getting (NSX) Tomoe flashbacks...
  7. Halkesh

    Tomoe HS have the same DPS as Carnage / Cycler on HS while lacking both mag size and bodyshot damage, so I really don't see a reason to have PTSD from it. It's not a daimyo or a Canis_PTS.
  8. Scroffel5

    I like how the Tomoe functions. It feels like what a Scout Rifle should be too me. If you have a gun category, yet nothing defines what it really is, its kinda boring. The ES Auto Scout Rifles are just that, yet the Tomoe feels consistent and controllable. Thats what an Automatic Scout Rifle should be to me. Low damage, low recoil making it controllable, lowish damage dropoff, medium velocity, and for infiltrators only. They need to follow a pattern, and they just don't do that right now.

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