[Suggestion] Buff ANAH anti tank

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Leidz, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Leidz

    Hi, How about to up max range of the missile of this turret?
    Back in time we have like 500m range and now we have 300m.

    Nowaday it's risky to try to take down a tank due too the short range.
    I think this turret its not at this best since the max range is 300.

    With 500m range engineer can really annoy a zerg, or a group of smart engies can outplay a zerg!

    I can see Pro zerg guy commin and say:
    "Lol at dis range we can see the treat coming!"

    And i just say: Care about your environnement, take an eye behind you. War is not just sitting on your tank, door welded, spaming heat, ap and hesh on spawn!

    Most tank and other can fire at more than 500m so why the Anah anti tank cant?

    Back in time, main reason of nerf its because the tank see the anah anti tank engie too late. Now with the new armor adjust, and the skilled death cam you can see where is this engie easily.

    It can bring back real armored counter,strategy, tactics and give a chance to a lower pop to clean a zerg or a zerg siege with another way instead of spamming tank, lightning...

    So what do you think guys?
  2. Scroffel5

    question: what is anah
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  3. Leidz

    My bad : It's MANA not ANAH sorry i dont have the game in english i will edit that!
  4. Scroffel5

    Ah. Yeah, buff that thing. I think vehicles should be scared of being flanked more than they already are, and I think that if there was like, a whole row of MANA turrets, they would cower in fear and send in people to take it down.
  5. BrbImAFK

    The problem is, back when we DID have 500m range, whole rows of engineers would set up on the horizon somewhere, and vehicles would be completely denied within their field of fire. Hence the nerfs.

    Unfortunately (as with most things), they done ****** it up. There's almost no point to dropping an AV MANA turret at the moment. Even if you *don't* get insta-sniped off it, at best you'll get one shot before you have to relocate and re-set up because if you try to take a second, any half-way decent tanker will one-shot your turret and kill you.

    What's the solution? **** knows... at this point, there's so many things wrong with the game that the interactions of almost everything are so horribly borked that even DBG isn't trying any more. They just shovel out more NS trash.
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  6. CobaltTR

    Same thing happened with AA all lockon launchers range was reduced to satisfy the aircraft community
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  7. Scroffel5

    So set up a sniper crew to take them off, and if they are all running Jockey and electrotech, send in people to flank from behind. Vehicles should destroy Infantry, but at the same time when Infantry have something that destroys them, they should then have to rely on the Infantry. Y'know that tip that says to send in strike squads to disable enemy modules? Basically do that. They need to stop catering to one side. I say that vehicles should be powerful, but so should infantry. If they get a whole squad to set up a row of AV turrets, the vehicles should be scared, but if you are sitting on an AV turret, you are exposed and gonna get shot from behind. I mean, that would make Planetside SO MUCH BETTER!
  8. BrbImAFK

    Wait... what?! Suggesting that cooperation and teamwork should be used? Suggesting that things have a weakness that you need teammates to make up for?! Suggesting that the whole "lone-wolf one-man army" meta-thingy might be broken?!

    I don't think you're playing the same game as me, mate..... :rolleyes:
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  9. Trigga

    You show your complete and total lack of vehicular experience if you honestly think thats all they do.

    The problem was not countering, or responding, or detecting, or being aware.

    Let me ask you this, when a tank is attacking you, can you see it?
    The answer is always YES, the tank is ALWAYS redered to the infantry it wants to shoot.

    The problem with the MANA turrent when it had ridiculous range was that the turret (or the engineer) were not redered to the vehicle it was shooting.
    So as a vehicle user all you felt was damage, with no directional marker, as the damager was not redered.
    Imagine being infantry, and a non redered tank is spamming the spawns, all you see is an explosion youve completely no idea where the damage is coming from, would you consider that fair?

    No one in their right mind would consider the mana turret OP at any range, as long as it is rendered its a 1 shot kill, and as long as its redered you can react to the threat, and it was not, i repeat IT WAS NOT nerfed because of being OP, or because 'tankers are blind' or any other self gratifying reason you can come up with.
    It simply was not fair.
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  10. Scroffel5

    Why don't we just change the code to register a MANA turret as a vehicle and force those to render at the same range vehicles do?
  11. Trigga

    A question i cannot answer.

    But, lets look at the base Phalanx turrets for some idea of why; many times youll be <100m from one and its not redered, my gunner can often see it shooting us, but as the driver i cannot, it isnt redered for me, i assume the Mana turrets would suffer the same unreliability and perhaps thats why it was simply range nerfed and its render priority left alone?
    With non rendered phalanx turrets its simple to understand whats happening, and more importantly, remove yourself from its LOS.
    A Mana turret could be anywhere within its range, making it almost impossible to break LOS.

    Unfortunately the size of this game means we pay a price in reliability, the redering in this case, and each time they mess with it we either get non redered enemies at 5m, or extremely bad framerate drops.

    Slightly off topic:
    Being some1 who enjoys ranged fighting id be happy to see more ranged warfare, but the game sadly cannot handle it that well.
    If there ever is a sequel, or another game publisher decides to have a go, i would like to see the game world based on a spherical globe, meaning wed have actual horizons to keep range in check, rather than these artificial render ranges.
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  12. Scroffel5

    Lets legit register anything that an infantry person can get into as a vehicle, so that it always registers where you see them. It'll look wonky on bases if you can't see the base from that far away (i dont know if you can see them from 500m or not) but better than getting blown up from nowhere.
  13. YellowJacketXV

    As silly as it sounds I have to use a specialized mouse to lower my DPI on a button to aim those suckers further. Until they get an aiming mode and just a BIT of frontal shielding they'll always be a sort of mid/long support weapon to me.
  14. Leidz

    I'm for the fact the engi must be registered like a véhicule, so everyone can see him and restore the 500m range.

    But hey... i hope dev always read this forum. We all guy, look like dreamers who imagine legit thing but this things will never happen.
  15. TRspy007

    The game used to have much more ranged fights. Footzergs, epic field battles, and when the bases like solex nature annex or whatever were introduced, they were meant to revive this ancient style of gameplay. The problem is that in 7 years, people have evolved (or devolved).

    Back then, nanoeve armor applied to the full body, including the head. Think back to how many times you died to a sniper back then. Many people wouldn't snipe, because even if they did land a headshot, they would have to place another one on a player that's now alert, and we all know that infils lack the skill/reaction to do so. Now, anything in a field with little to no cover is prime sniper food. We also have to add that many people have mastered the art of tryhard ESF A2G bombardment. Whatever isn't blasted by lol pods or banshees automatically becomes sniped, or becomes is wrecked by that one dude that on his kobalt. Not very fun for infantry.

    Ranged warfare is interesting, but it's completely destroyed by the combined arms failure. There is so much distance and certain obstacles (rocks, slopes that can't be climbed) all the while having little to no cover to provide advancements, the only thing to do is a vehicle zerg. Sure, you could try to run next to a tank or sunderer to use as partial cover, but for the risk of being bombarded/sniped, left behind or simply run over, most people just chose to grab their own vehicle and add to the zerg. I don't like it, but it's how the game works. A solo vehicle or a group of infantry is too vulnerable to push, so the only solution is a gal drop or a group of vehicles, and it's hard to bring decent spawn on a gal drop.

    Solution(s)? It's not easy, but if you want fun ranged combat, you have to remove snipers or make the globe noticeable to prevent sniping from insane ranges. You would also need to rework A2G to give infantry a chance, or introduce a vehicle ability (for sunderers as an example) that would generate a huge shield; could be similar to a skywall only against air,or a globe like the warpgate that would protect anything inside the bubble but lets enemy infantry/small vehicles inside. That would add meaning to the glaive IPC/flail if people want to try and take down the shield, but the fact it would require some tactical play means most people would just resort to a counter footzerg, or wait until the guys reach the base.
  16. LodeTria

    It's because everyone quickly learned that you can have 10 tanks outside shelling whatever, but if you don't have people on the point those tanks might aswell not exist as they will never capture the base. Those 10 or 20 people in tanks would be far better used inside the point buildings, fighting off the defenders who have an indestructable spawn and usually a very easy way to ignore those tanks, or give them limited access to you.

    Infantry control the terrirtory game, with less of them you just lower your chances of succeding. You can just look at Server Smash to see this idea pushed to it's final conculsion. Ground vehicles might aswell not exist if you can't ram them onto the point themselves.
  17. TRspy007

    ...wrong post then bud. We're here complaining there's not enough long range infantry fights.

    And if armor was allowed inside bases, how could defenders counter it? A vehicle zerg would just become the best way to capture a base.

    What we want is more infantry fights at range, not destroy gameplay completely.
  18. LodeTria

    If you can't connect the "epic field battles" to "you can only win by capturing the point" you're probably not qualified to discuss any changes.
  19. TRspy007

    you missed out on a key word there bud. I think you meant "epic INFANTRY field battles, which was what my post is about; in which case your point about storming capture points with vehicles and completely removing infantry is quite frankly the opposite of what I said, which itself was a tangent from the thread, and simply a reply to someone else.
  20. YellowJacketXV

    Honestly, I'm not gonna lie, the only time I even really notice BASR nonsense is when there's a spawn camp going on. I've noticed that very few infils actually push the flank and try to adjust the line of battle (as any infil with a BASR is SUPPOSED to do). Feels like it kinda defeats the purpose of a BASR. Then again in all honesty I think the Daimyo does the job of a BASR better.

    I feel that snipers in this game are in a weird situation. The game constantly teeters back and forth between a sci-fi military simulator and a more arcade-based simulator. Now in milsim games, snipers 1-shot you period yet in every arcade simulator i've played they generally nerf this 1-shot kill potential to being more of a "headshots only" situation. This basically means that unless you have luck or if an enemy is marching a straight line towards you, you're not gonna land that one-hit kill.

    Personally, IMHO, with how short planetside's kill times are it should be treated more like a MilSim. It's always sat at the fringe of being such anyway. Personally, I feel if PS3 went full futuristic 'MilSim' mode that would be one of the best possible moves it could do. I know of folk who leave this game for games like Squad anyway, which is another more arcade-y MilSim. Either that, or PS3 should have no BASR's altogether.

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