Briggs Merge - August 27th, 2019

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  1. ps_nicto Developer

    At 6AM Pacific on August 27th the Briggs server will be merged with the SolTech server. All characters currently associated with Briggs will become SolTech characters. That same morning we will be opening a character transfer window between the SolTech and Connery servers. That window will stay open until the end of September (9/30/2019 @ 11:59pm Pacific). Merging the Briggs server was not a decision we came to easily and we hope the Briggs players this merge is effecting will understand why this has to happen. That reason being the population of players on Briggs is not able to sustain the costs of continuing to operate in that region. We appreciate the support the game has received from all of the Briggs players and hope they will continue to play PlanetSide 2 on either SolTech or Connery servers for the foreseeable future. Our apologies if this announcement seems a bit late, we spent a very long time weighing all our options as to how best to proceed.

    A small note on character transfers. We recommend you wait at least 10 minutes after ending a game session with a character before performing a server transfer of a character between SolTech and Connery. This should prevent any lost progress such as XP and Cert gain from your previous game session.
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  2. tigertank10

    Thay cant play on soltec has to be connery when you guys going to start getting thing right in this game. The ping is to high ive been on there
  3. The Grump

    >not a decision we came to easily

    eat an unwashed biracial transgender rabbi chode, this decision was made months ago and fully committed to when you allowed one way transfers from briggs to connery,

    this was a deliberate assassination by your """""""""""""""""""""development team""""""""""""""""""""" to save money for your daybreak overlords

    when you caught some well earned backlash for ENTIRELY UNINTENTIONALLY killing briggs, you enabled transfers to/from connery,
    and holy ѕhit; briggs started seeing regular 24-48/48-96 fights for the first time in months!
    this lasted about two weeks before it was decided this went against the original plan and two way transfers needed to be disabled PURELY TO CUT DOWN ON THE ENORMOUS RESOURCE DRAIN CHARACTER TRANSFERS PUT ON THE SERVERS

    if you want(ed) to wipe the aus server to save money, you could have at least been up front and fuсking honest about it from the get go you absolute spineless mealy mouthed incompetent AMATUERS(i chose this word very deliberately because i really can't believe any of you earn a paycheck for the neglect you show this game)

  4. SteelMantis

    I will be real happy to have more English speakers on Soltech if any Briggs people stay there instead of Connery.

    Also super happy to have another chance to move characters between Soltech and Briggs, I missed the last one since I was busy at that time.
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  5. SBK28

    Aussies get different pings to soltech/connery.
    In Brisbane i get good soltech ping, bad connery. But lads in Melb get good Connery ping.
    But yeah nah, the damage was done to briggs long ago. Im glad they finally put her down.

    There are English outfits on Soltech TR (NaYe) at least. I reckon we will see more pop up on all factions after this.

    Aussies will move to Soltech if they want to play planetside at our prime time. They will play US servers if they want to play at midday.
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  6. Scenarios

    You can join Soltech VS to face the massive Chinese zergfits from TR and NC.;)
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  7. Trillsiker

    Altho i'am not aware of the drama surronding Briggs server i think it is fair to say that either aussies have their own server due tp the particular location of australia wich is away from everything to provide some good ping or either they don't.

    Just common sense here, so if the player count is not enought to sustain population it's very understandable that this merge is going on.

    Maybe some people wont see that merge a good thing at the begining, but try to think about thoses huge battle you'r gonna get and the change of meta from Connery seeing all thoses aussies coming to shake things up :eek:)
    That said, there is the ping issue but there is not good choice here.
  8. PresidentFreeman

    Sad to see it go, completely understand since it wasn't hitting 50 at peak, but all the same. Almost a decade worth of memories on that server.

    I imagine there won't be any memorabilia to go with it? Titles or such? I know 'The Survivor' title was given to ex-Crown server players.

    Wouldn't mind a purchaseable character transfer token as well, I'd love to transfer my main characters from connery to soltech (which I originally transferred from briggs).
  9. CommanderGEET

    Very sad to see the server go, a great thing for us Briggs players is like what PresidentFreeman said before giving all the briggs players who stuck it out till the end a special Title to show they stuck with briggs till the end
  10. Havoc5150

    Spend some of that server money on a contract with an Anti cheat software. Shoot I'll happily pay 10 bucks more a month as a member to get anti cheat software running on all players.
  11. Daddy010

    How about merging cobalt and miller?
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  12. ColapsN7 (duplicate)

    Hello on the transfer of data and the Union of servers from Miller to cobalt and the main availability of the two continents in the game as before was the alternation of a pair of closing 2\2 and opening 2\2 the continent in the game.

    ...N7® .
  13. nidansteve

    With the imminent merger of Briggs. I would like to take a couple of minutes to say some things.
    I have played Briggs for since Beta, and have loved the game ever since.
    To all the talented people at Daybreak Games thank you for giving me and the Briggs community thousands of hours of pleasure and the opportunity to make some wonderful friends. Some of us have flown around Australia to meet each other face to face. This wouldn’t of been possible without PS2.
    As the closure of Briggs is a business decision and at the end of the day Daybreak Games is a business.
    I would like to request on behalf of the Briggs community that a Briggs Veteran logo ,decal or title be put in to the game. So those of that are proud of our origins can keep some of our identity as we move to Connery or Soltech.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this your time is appreciated.
    Noel Weston
    Aka HulkyBeast
  14. ohnoooo

    Local time in Australia will be 27th August: 9pm in WA, 10:30pm in NT/SA, 11pm in QLD/NSW/ACT/VIC/TAS
    It's the same time that Server resets normally happen.
  15. tigertank10

  16. ColapsN7 (duplicate)

    Public test server is not available for some users the problem is in the game client itself! an accident occurs at startup. ( [broken] Ver 0.0.480.49683) on the previous version worked!

    Oh Yes some users may have problems logging in. related to server migration

    ...N7® .
  17. onishikawa

    Thanks for the PS2 team hardworking.
    Bye Briggs's memories... see you all in Soltech!
  18. GunShovelAlibi

    SMH ... you wouldn't keep loosing players if you would do something about the eternal cheating that goes on

  19. Jack Pipsam

    Thanks for the memories :'(
  20. Yendis

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