Betels numbers are totaly off

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  1. [HH]Mered4

    I am now offended that you would call my special snowflake sniper rifle *useless*.

    How rude.
  2. Chewy102

    Dude. It takes something really bad to get my to log in and this is a thing bad enough to force my hand.

    The reason the Orions raw KPH is so low is from it being a free weapon. EVERY VS EVER has it and there are a lot of players who will stand AFK or just do jack all goofing around. Plus there are the BR1 players also lowering the KPH by being the idiots who walk base to base from not knowing better. There are over 4000 Orion users effecting its KPH. Just try and tell me that raw KPH isn't watered down to nothing from every VS player under the sun.

    Raw KPH is USELESS when comparing weapons that are free and weapons that have costs. Raw anything is almost useless when comparing free and paid weapons. You need to limit to Q2 or higher (BR25 and up) at least to filter out all the worthless data.

    What you should be looking at is how the BJ compares to Anchor and the MSW-R. All 3 are in the same LMG class and all 3 are not free weapons. But the BJ has a high average BR than the other 2. So you need to account for that in picking a BR range all 3 are likely to share. Oddly enough there is BJ data as low as Q2, ( ) but that fits into super tryhard status and is unfair.

    Q3 KPU
    Q4 KPU
    BR100 KPU

    The higher in BR you go, the pattern is the same. BJ on top by far. The gap shrinks with higher BR but never drops enough to make a damn. In fact the BJ is in a clear lead for EVERY Q4 stat the Oracle tracks but for uniques and headshot%. In BR100 stats the BJ even takes a clear lead in uniques but oddly stays even in headshot%.

    It isn't skill doing this either. Headshot% proves this as all 3 weapons are used by players of more or less equal levels of aim. If VS player was just that much better then they would have a higher headshot%, but they don't. It is equal.

    Working out imbalances take a bit more than looking at raw numbers bud. A lot more.
  3. Ghosty11

    No because you spawn with a weapon that has a base ammo reserve > 0. In each weapon's programmed characteristics (for weapons that use ammo and not a heat based system) it has a base magazine capacity, and a base ammo reserve capacity. These numbers tell the game engine how to spawn your character with their current load out. You cannot spawn with a zero ammo reserve unless you set the base reserve capacity to zero, and if the base capacity is set to zero you can't pick up ammo because the game engine uses the same variable to determine how much ammo you can pick up from an ammo pack one magazine load at a time, so at a minimum your base reserve must equal your maximum magazine size (with extended magazine's in mind).

    Your weapon's base ammo reserve value is not the same as the weapons current reserve value. The current reserve value can go to zero as you use your ammo, but once you go to resupply, the game engine looks at the weapon's base reserve to see how much you can carry.

    Doing what you deem as simple actually requires quite a bit of rewriting of the game's base weapon code because these values are reused through out the game engine.
  4. Revel

    Don't nerf the Betelgeuse. Just give the Butcher and Godsaw .75 ADS and unlimited ammo :)
  5. stalkish

    O ok i see now what your saying.
    Seems a ******** limitation, pretty sure ive seen many other games with belt fed ammo, shame this one is so limited.

    Perhaps it could have 750/1, as in 1,500 rounds total but forgo its rocket launcher?
    Seems like a good compromise.

    PS: I may be completely mistaken, but your responses seemed a little snidey to me, that was not necessary. Not everyone is an expert in computer programming, but that absolutely does not mean they cannot have a discussion about it. My job can be extremely complicated, but i dont look down my nose at anyone who doesnt understand it, that would be extremely arrogant considering the years of training and futher years of experience i have had to get to this point.
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