Betels numbers are totaly off

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  1. Collin

    Well I read the Forums totaly in suprised how a difference of 500 kills and 0.5 in difference of KPU can manage such an outcry in the VS community. Lets set some Facts straight here. I think the Betel is not OP per se but its in some ways broken. BTW the betel makes about 25.000 kills a day. The Gatekeeper about 3000 just to give you perspective what we are talking about.

    As it seems the KPU of this gun is so way of its laughable and since its the most used LMG in Q4 you can´t explain it with its only used by the top Tier Killers. Lets compaire:


    Betel: 44
    GSaw: 27
    Butcher: 25
    MSW-R: 17

    KPU - 100

    Betel: 47
    MSW: 24
    Anchor: 22

    As you see the gun is really perfoming well. Reaons for that have been discussed around for a Long time and everybody agrees it can´t be adjusted because........

    The VS will insert here a 15 page Essay why the Betel is not Op

    Pls continue..
  2. Shanther

    This again?
  3. WetPatch

    What's a Betel?
  4. FieldMarshall

  5. FateJH

    The word "Betelgeuse" is believed to be Arabic in origin. Usually, it is separated into "bet" and "elgeuse," as opposed to "betel" and "geuse." "Bet" typically denotes the location of the star as it is observed in the constellation of Orion, and often render it into some aspect of the arm (which is where it is on the constellation). "Elgeuse" is a romanization of the Arabic name of the constellation. Together, you would get something like "arm of Orion."
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  6. Collin

    I really tried to stop but ist not getting in my head that everybody is complaing about the Gatekeeper and there are 5 new threads in a DAY of it and Betel is totaly off Balance somehow. Most used LMG, best KPU, best directive weapon, unlimeted ammo aso. But well what can i say

    "VS only start use guns which are totaly OP" Quote Higby
  7. Plastikfrosch

    easy explained: the moment godsaw and butcher would get heat mechanic they would be played a lot more often and they would get better stats KPU wise. but at the moment everyone with who has grinded for the betelgeuse will go with it, no matter whats the situation simply because off the heat mechanism, but NC and TR will switch between the weapons when the situation needs it.
    I will tell you a secret, the moment i could get a mercenary with heat i would grind for it and i would main NC but as long as only vs has the heat i will go with my eclypse and if the situation requiers the use of HA i will go with my betelgeuse.
  8. lothbrook

    Everyone is aware the BG is overdue for the nerf bat.
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  9. 0fly0

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  10. lothbrook

    Sorry but the Godsaw and Butcher don't have the stats needed to reach the levels of the BG, they're not the factions best CQC LMG, especially the godsaw, lol. Now if the Auraxium weapons were versions of the Anchor and MSW, add .75 ads and heat mechanic they'd be identical to the BG.
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  11. PasitheeVS

    Well, I don't play HA that much, I am not even close to get the BG - it's just boring to press the F button to win.
    I rather like to be sneaky to win, using the LA or Inf.

    Nethertheless I think you are comparing Apples with Oranges here, in the OP.
    You are comparing Auraxium Weapons with non-Auraxium weapons.
    Auraxium weapons are only available to the more "skilled" or at least "experienced" users of a weapon type.
    So, it's no surprise that these weapons have better stats like KPU.
    btw. I don't know how a "U"/"Use" is defined in the oracle...

    That's all I can say about this topic, you will see pretty much the same when comparing Auraxium Shotguns/Sniper Rifkles etc.
  12. Collin

    LOL with what should i compaire the Betel then?

    KPU Br100 MSW-R vs Betel vs Butcher

    Betel: 68
    MSW-R: 49
    Butcher 44 (TR auraxium LMG)

    The Betel wins ingame stat wise against EVERY LMG out there by LARGE margin. A very large one

    Ohh btw the Betel is now the MOST USED LMG in the VS Arsenal.
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  13. pnkdth

    It was made in jest but that, unsurprisingly, went over the heads of forumside warriors.
  14. Isokon

    Apparently, the VS community consists of just 2 or 3 people.
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  15. Ragnarox

    So 0.75 isnt OP anymore?

    Dude stop with this meaningful stupid ******** going nowhere everyday threads.
  16. asmodraxus

    Betelgeuse does need to be nerfed along with the Prowlers 120mm and the Gatekeeper :D that is if we are going for stuff that is over performing along with the Boltdriver (best kills, kph and kpu therefore it needs to be nerfed despite being exactly the same as its counterparts) Marauder and Canister also in theory are performing better than the PPA so should they also get nerfed or the PPA buffed?

    Problem with the Betelgeuse is that apart from the heat based clip size, 0.75ADS its a clone of the MSW-R, now I don't really care either way for 0.75 ADS on it (the Orion would how ever need something to make up for the lack of SPA as otherwise it would be a subpar MSW). Chances are the Betelgeuse needs the clip size reduced slightly and heat loss changed to bring it down to within acceptable levels.
  17. SwornJupiter

    Better to buff Butcher and Godsaw up to Betel's level - maybe give them a unique thingo.

    Butcher - belt fed ammo, where all 450 rounds are in a single 'mag', and can be fired off without reloading
    Godsaw - (not sure about this one - I'm not feeling very creative)
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  18. Takara

    Hey Collin, remember when you said several times that the VS keep North Koreans on pay roll to keep up a campaign of misdirection and lies. Well Kim Jong Un is not happy with you trying to mess with his cash flow. He is asking you to stop now...
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  19. Negator

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  20. CMDante

    Butcher thing sounds absolutely lovely.
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