Best TR weapons to blow Station Cash on?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SynthMinus, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. SynthMinus

    Just bought lots of Station Cash this weekend, but I never really got to spend them due to the frequent crashes lately, and I will once I get back.

    I try to be an all-around player, meaning I switch roles quite often (unless I'm cert farming away from my outfit). You can suggest me any infantry or vehicle weapons worth getting for TR.

    Already own: AA missiles and rocket pods for ESF, Hailstorm SMG and SKEP Launcher for Heavy Assault.

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  3. RomulusX

    whichever Trac-5 comes with UBGL! great for Eng and LA!
  4. Kiekeboe

  5. UrMom306

    TMG-50 is a very good med to long range weapon, i'd say a shotgun but with the nerf coming up i'd hold off on that. One gun that i'm absolutely in love with is the TAR. I got it for my medic and it absolutely destroys in close quarters. I do a lot better with higher rof weapons, and this thing's got you covered on that. It has a manageable recoil up and to the right ever so slightly. The only downside is the reload speed, but the pros far out weigh that aspect. I used it in biolabs and small base skirmishes all weekend and it never let me down. Here's a pretty good video about it.

  6. Necron

    TMG-50 or the T16 Rhino are both good. T16 for spraying and the TMG-50 for hard hitting stopping power.
  7. ColdCheezePizza

    TMG-50, Jaguar, Nighthawk, TAR, Striker, SMG, AV Turret
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  8. rickampf

    TSR-12 Uppercut, TMG-50, ESRL T2-Striker, AS16 Nighthawk, LC3 Jaguar or LC2 Lynx, PDW-16 Hailstorm SMG
  9. foesjoe

    For Medic: Terran Assault Rifle
    For Engie / Light Assault: Lynx
    For Infiltrator: RAMS.
    For Heavy Assault: The TMG-50 for longer ranges. And I personally like the MSW-R.

    Aside from that, shotguns are currently the easiest way to get kills. Get either a full auto shotgun or a pump-action shotgun.

    If you like to do sneaky infiltratory stuff, you should also look at getting an SMG. I'd suggest the Hailstorm because it has a 60 bullet magazine and you can equip the advanced laser sight.

    And you should get the grenade launcher for your Flash. That increases your fun levels by 200%.
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  10. Rudette

    A second Burster for your MAX is a must have, helps both you and your faction.

    Onslaughts or Mercies are recommended anti-infantry weapons for the MAX!

    Zephyr or Doltan for Lib?

    HE or HEAT for the Lightning are nice to have!

    Bulldogs for your Sunderer! Nothing is more fun than killing tanks with your friends in a sundy!

    For your Prowler the default primary cannon is fantastic so you don't have to get another one unless you want to specialize. A Vulcan for your prowler's gunner seat would be nice though!

    AMC is a good long range carbine for LA, as I am told. Also consider the NS-11c if you have alts!

    I got a feeling the NS Revolvers will be out soon! If I'm right, you may want to hold onto some cash for those! MAX weapons are also apparently coming out sometime this month!
  11. Herrick

    Please don't add to the cancer killing this game and actually buy one.

    The NS guns are pretty good since they remove the TR's main weakness by being able to hit things more than 2 meters away.
  12. Asmotron

    I'm a huge fan of the TMG-50. Its a lot of fun with a Silencer, Forward Grip, and a 1x/2x reflex inside a bio dome. Other than that I've been tempted by the Hailstorm, it seems like a pretty quality piece of kit, but I haven't had a chance to use it beyond VR yet.
  13. Ganelon

    I'm liking the TMG-50 and T32 Bull.
  14. Reventine


    Lc3 jaguar
    Lc2 Lynx

    Default is also very good.

    Striker may come in handy next update once the TR get the top gate since you will be fighting in open desert and ESF's and MBT's will have very little cover.
  15. WalrusJones

    The TRV shouldn't be SC'ed due to its low Cert cost.

    I would put the following at the top of the list for SC candidacy:

    Assault rifles.
    TAR: (Trades .03 TTK for the ability to get hipfire kills at 25 meters rather efficiently.)
    T1S: Feels more accurate then the Sabr, TBH. Absurdly accurate. Can mount a shotgun to compliment CQC ability (Notable for fighting those Heavy assaults when they deploy their cluch shield, switch to the shotgun and save your TTK anyhow.)

    Jaguar: (Basically the T1 and the tars carbine lovechild.)
    T5S: (Higher recoil T1S.... That can be used with ammo packs.)
    AV turret: (My main teammate has already gotten his certs back.... One week later.)

    Your choice: T16, MSR-W, or TMG-50.
  16. Sen7ryGun84

    TMG-50, LC3-JAG, TAR, any SMG (both are great), the RAMS.50 and a pair of onslaughts for your max. That will pretty much cover you for every occasion playing as a dedicated TR.
  17. WalrusJones

    Don't forget a second burster/skyguard, the T2 striker, and a decent top gun for your prowler.
  18. Word Of Madness

    SMG - Hailstorm.
    LMG - TMG-50, T32 or T16 (Get T16 with certs).
    Carbine - Jaguar or TRAC-5 S.
    AR - TAR or NS-11A. (Cycler TRV is you want to use certs).
    Shotgun - Wait until the nerf comes, but either the Uppercut or Barrage.
    Max - Second anti infantry weapon (Mercy) and second Burster.
    Lib - Dalton or Zephyr.
    Lightning - Replacement cannon. (HEAT if you want to use certs).
    Mossie - Rocket pods.
    Sinper - RAMS (Or M77-B for certs).
    Rocket - Striker.
    Turret - AV Turret.
  19. Pie Chasm

    Striker. It has increased my score/hour by literally at least 2k (was 6k, because I am terrible) now it's 8-10k.
  20. Zaik

    i'd hold off until the NS LMG is released, might be good. I'd expect it to come with GU6.

    It's probably going to do 167 damage like the TMG-50.

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