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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by The Minion, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. The Minion

    I've been playing planetside 2 for a long time withought experiencing any problems,until one day i started the game and players were clipping,terminals took 2 mins to activate and when i died it took 4 mins to deploy if it even registered my death.I logged out and then it crashed and i got the g30 error,also today it started crashing about 2 mins in-game,i tried redownloading it and it didnt work.So basically the game is unplayable and i could really use some help!(i contacted costumer support but im hoping i could get some help from here as well)
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  2. Brobraw


    I've been redownloading the entire game and validating the gamefiles since yesterday. Apart from 2-3 hours of playtime, the game is pretty much unplayable after about 30 seconds.
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  3. SnipingZero

    Same. They just need a server reboot but apparently none of the developers is listening.
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  4. The Minion

    Well,its good to know that im not the only one having this problem.Technical support said that i might need to contact my ISP to see if they can do something,but still no fix for the crash expect if i spawn on amerish or esamir
  5. j00j

    I had similar problems, the problem was the router
  6. The Minion

    so,how did you fix it?
  7. j00j

    Replacing it, old was a lynksys WAG54G2, "new" is a comtrend 536
  8. The Minion

    So,how did you fix it?
  9. The Minion

    Ok,thanks for the answer :D
  10. ziv6

    I've got a perfectly fine Cisco Linksys E4200 router, I'm a computer&network technician so trust me when I say there's nothing wrong with my network. The router is fine.

    Chances are, your router is fine too. If you don't experience any problems with other online games, than buying a new router for the sake of one game is ridiculous, the router is fine.

    Telling you to check with your ISP is also just a way for the PS2 tech support guys to evade the problem.
    This method is NOT uncommon among tech support personal of games, I've seen it done before plenty.

    From my experience, the chances of it being your ISP are slim to none. And considering we all have different ISPs here, I think it's safe to say, none.

    Moreover, if you do contact your ISP, it will either blame the game, or your router.
    This is what tech support usually does, it throws the blame around for as long as it possibly can, and only when it's completely impossible to ignore it, will the devs look into it more seriously.

    As a technician, I have no respect for technicians that do this, it is simply annoying. Nothing but trying to get away from work.

    As for the topic, if it weren't obvious by now, yes, I have this exact same problem. I also opened a ticket about it, but I've had no human response to it yet.
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  11. The Minion

    So,the patch seems to have fixed the crashing and the g30 error but still,really bad connection for some strange reason.(other online games work just fine)
  12. Brobraw

    I'm still experiencing extreme clipping and lag right from the start though the crashing seems indeed to have been fixed with the last patch.

    Still unplayable though.
  13. Brobraw

    People report connection problems in another thread and our problem might have something to do with the servers themselves.
    Pinging the server IP (Miller for me, results in significant packet-losses that might have something to do with the game breaking lag.

    Still waiting for an official response, or better yet, fix.
  14. ETCViper

    I am having the same issues.. if anyone finds a fix or any devs that have further knowledge of this care to comment, it might help.. some of us.
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  15. akaliptos

    exact same issue (no its not an internet connection or hardware)the game is unplayable i hope the devs look in to this.because if this continue all of us who have this more ps2 for us :mad:
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  16. Stainlesssteel

    Yes im with u guys same here... even after the great patch .. :( all other games run smooth
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  17. The Minion

  18. akaliptos

    most of the EU servers have the same issue for some of us they cant ignore this
  19. The Minion

    im preety sure soe doesnt even care,goodbye planetside 2 :(
  20. j00j

    My router was not faulty, it only have a malfunction with PS2 and IL2-1946 (with server browser) all ports needed for PS2 are opened.

    Maybe this can alert developers to investigate a possible bug with conexant CX94610 chipset

    And yes, if someone have warp/lag problems i still recommend to try a different router/ update network card driver to find a possible fix.

    I never told about buy a new router, only test a different one.

    I hope that you understand this ;)

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