[Suggestion] AV Turret is GREAT.... now lets buff the AI turret. Here's how. (Simple)

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Ronin Oni, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Ronin Oni

    Make the bloody thing a Kobalt.

    That's it... seriously. The bloom on the MANA turret AI gun is ridiculous. Meanwhile you're a sitting duck. The Kobalt on the other hand is a solid AI weapon. Keep the overheat mechanic of course, and adjust that as required for balance.

    Reducing it's bloom won't effect it's only current use, doorway guarding, in the slightest and will remain as effective as it already is.

    I've rarely used the thing... now that the AV turret is out... there's really no reason to use it at all.

    Oh, and if you do nerf the AV turret (I just see it comin) please only nerf the damage a little bit and based on target. (Some targets it's fine, others it's a tad strong). It needs to keep it's velocity and tracking to be effective, and it should still be stronger than the annihilator and at least as strong as the HA AV Lockon.
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  2. Flix

    As long as someone can run around the corner and kill me faster than I can kill him simply with standing infront of me shooting my "totaly covered" head that thing will stay useless. Ergo agreed. WAY less spread or more dmg. The easiest way will be: Kobalt.
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  3. Cirevam

    The MANA even sounds like a Kobalt. I agree, just give it the same stats and it should be just about right.
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  4. JammyJ

    Maybe a teeny bit more spread than a kobalt, but much less than there is now.
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  5. Dethsturm

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite post in the engineer sub-forum.
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  6. nubery

    Kobalt for MANA turret 2013!

    Vote for Kobalt!
  7. stalkish

    Ye mana turret is almost as useless as the NC deployable turret they gave us in PS1 (cant remember the name it was so ****).
    Thumbs up for kobalt.
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  8. Fethrion

    Thumbs up, a wonderful idea!
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  9. ArcKnight

    perfect idea +1
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  10. Ronin Oni

    I think controlling it's duration of fire by manipulating the overheat is prolly the best way to balance it.

    They can make it so it couldn't shoot as long as it can now namely. (though, doing so currently is pointless since after 4-5 rounds the bloom is so big you won't hit a target 15-20m away)
  11. GImofoJoe

    Agreed, Kobalt have better accuracy and damage than mana turret. I like the look of it alot more too.
    I would replace the overheat feature with ammo counter, with unlimited spare ammo. Reloading it is more efficient than waiting for it to cool down.

    In fact, just make it an exact copy of a Kobalt, with shield of course. And balance the shields, as the Vanu have the best coverage.

    And we need face shield, because every class have grenade and secondary explosives, being vulnerable from sides, back, top and explosive is enough, protecting the face is so important. In fact, I would take a weaker gun for a face shield. This is needed so badly.
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  12. Ronin Oni

    I think that due to the AV turret's increased versatility it offers... it should remain without a shield TBH... it's a trade-off for gaining the ability to damage tanks at range.

    AI turrets could use a lil more shield protection I spose... if they improve the head protection, then they need to make sure you can still shoot the feet or something at least... reduced damage would always allow you to hop off and run from a sniper shot (unless you get nailed by 2 right after another from 2 coordinated snipers... in which case, checkmate)

    But the shield isn't a big issue really IMO... I can live with it as is... It does need to be more effective at killing (hitting) though.

    Not sure I like the ammo idea... I think it'd be better to just rely on overheat and it would proved a far easier mechanic to use for balancing it's increased effectiveness.
  13. JudgeDreddy

    I always get the feeling that when I'm shooting away with the damn thing outside, the enemies[and probably my teamates] are laughing as I can't hit someone standing still 15 meters away. Kobaltifying is the easiest and most reasonable solution
  14. Rusky

    It definitely needs a boost. One of the reasons I had no second thoughts about getting the AV turret was that I knew that even if they did nerf it, it could never be worse than the default AI turret :D
  15. Pikachu

    Good good idea.
  16. EvilKoala

  17. R4GING

    heh, I would still prefer a grenade launcher turret for its versatility (can deal with both armor and infantry) and because I use the GD-7F instead of the Gauss Compact S.
  18. Strongback

    And on top of all that, let other people use our turrets as well.
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  19. GImofoJoe

    AI Mana turret looks cartoonist butt ugly, we need a better model, more modern...like the 50 cal Kobalt. Turret needs basassification.
  20. jimredtalon

    I like this idea but I must say I have had some success with the AI turret as a means of laying covering fire for my fellow troops as they advance the line of combat.