Are you happy with the direction Planetside 2 is going?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Foxirus, Nov 7, 2015.

  1. Foxirus

    Are you happy with the direction Planetside 2 is going? If not, Please explain in detail what needs to be done to make it better.

    I personally am not and think they need to import more things from Planetside 1 while leaving out the things that did damage to the game, Like BFRs.
  2. ColonelChingles

    I think that most people left on the forums are "happy enough", at least. Otherwise they would have stopped playing the game long ago! :p
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  3. _itg

    Other than the devs' horrendous response time when dealing with bugs and balance issues, I'm fine with how things are going. VPs were definitely a step in the right direction, although there are still some little issues to work out (e.g. Indarside).
  4. Klabauter8

    They need to put more focus on the teamplay aspect of the game. It's a sci-fi MMO Battlefield clone, but the whole teamplay is just total chaos. Everyone just plays for themselves, except for some exceptions and infantryplay perhaps.

    The teamplay in this game merely consists of "Move to A point!" or "Redeploy at warpgate!", but everything beyond this is almost non-existent, since players have to organize this all themselves, in an ocean of casuals.

    That's why everyone wants to be a jack of trades who can deal with everything, and you have boarderline-unplayable teamplay vehicles like the Valkyrie, and nothing but lone-wolves who merely play for directives.
  5. KoreanGuy98

    Personally, I believe the game is not going in the correct direction at all. For instance, the social aspect of the game has essentially disappeared. On Emerald, no one uses the proximity chat. This may not seem like a big deal, but it truly is. No one is interacting with each other as most players these days are more focused on their kdr or their br. Therefore, the game has lost its social touch. Due to this fact, we will never see players like PooNanners or DuhGovernator ever again (Emerald) who made the game fun with their own quirks and personalities.

    Also, we need more content to play around with. Over the past 3 years, we only had 2 vehicles, a lot of rehashed guns, an unfinished continent, the dreaded lattice system, and reused base designs in all four continent. Due to a dearth of content, the game has degraded into a free for all. So yes, I am not happy with the way the game is going. Planetside 2 has lost both the social aspect and its touch as a game. How do we get that back? Well, the first point is hard to answer. After all, no one wants to speak to each other. The second point is much more easier.

    Add quality content at a faster pace. This would lead to both an increase in players and a better experience for everyone.
  6. Campagne

    I'm somewhat happy.

    I feel that DBG are dragging it in a direction that no one really wanted, and are ignoring major problems such as balance, and the plethora of bugs, and hackers.

    I think they simply step around problems they don't want to deal with and dangle new carrots above the faces of players, such as ANTs, which has seemed to be "any day now" for quite a while.

    There are numerous glaring problems that could be solved with a Band-Aid patch that would improve the game, but are left alone for very long periods of time, sometimes indefinitely.

    Ultimately the game feels like no one ever comes to check up on it, and exerts as little effort as possible to keep the game running, more or less smoothly.
  7. Jbn0s0rus

    For almost a year, SOE/DBG have went in the wrong direction, implementing stuff that created more bugs than new gameplay experience. But for 3 updates now, they're taking small steps in the right direction, without taking any steps back... Which makes me somewhat satisfied.

    The realistic roadmap is very much appriciated.
  8. SQPD

    NO. It's turning into a zerging game and the FPS is turning into an MLG shooter with all the HAs. Mountain Dew and Doritis have another place, which is CoD, so all the BR100 HA wannabe MLG dickheads can go to BO3 and jerk off to pink and gold guns with Cheetos in the other hand. And please, get your nasty chubby hands off of PS2 if you want to ruin people's fun.
  9. Eternaloptimist

    This is an interesting viewpoint I see a lot in the forums. I'm not challenging it or criticising but it seems to me that Indar is flooded because so many people must like playing there. So I do think that the way to tackle 'Indarside' would be to find out why so many players like it and then replicate that experience on some of the other continents.

    Personally I like Esamir and Indar most, Amerish is close behind them. So I guess I am 'anywhere but Hossinside'. You'll guess from this that I like big battles in the wide open spaces with good visibility and combined arms action. In general I also like the way the game is going and Victory Points in particular have done a lot to freshen up the game and move it away from the same old battle sites.
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  10. Taemien

    For me the game is fine. The players tick me off the most. They zerg and cert-farm. And I'd think that after 3 years, they'd have all the certs they'd need by now and would finally just play to win. But no.. they play to whine. The victim card is strong with this community.

    Like in another thread someone mentioned the PPA being broken. I suggested they use the Kobalt and they acted like I committed some sort of sacrilege. I only told them what I did before the canister was worth anything.

    The issue here is the player base. They want things simple and with little to no thought. Indar is in a Beta status. It hasn't changed much outside a few control points were moved and SCU's added to empty buildings. So its pretty bland over all and that is why I don't personally like it very much.

    I'd like to see it get an overhaul. Basically the only bases that mimic anything else would be Biolabs, Amp Stations, and Tech Plants. Everything else would be unique to Indar. Course.. that would push everyone off as it wouldn't be the same continent anymore.

    The real fix to Indar though will have to come from the players. Right now the majority rules. It just does and always will. So what the 'minority' if they are of any substantial number needs to do is just lock out Indar. The methods and means are there. But they have to organize to make it happen.

    If they're unwilling to do that, then they don't dislike Indar as much as they claim. Its pretty much that simple.
  11. DeadlyPeanutt

    there's a direction?
    besides ignoring the game, space pumpkins and the 'get revenge' (aka 'give us money') button?

    seriously, fix haxing, population balance, class balance... then give us some new content which isn't a complete farce like hossin was.

    I really don't understand OP's idea that there is any direction from the dev in PS2 at all right now.
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  12. Liewec123

    the game is fine as is, but if i had to point out one issue it'd be that they're focusing too much on NS things rather than adding more faction flavour.
  13. Benton582

    Yes, I am quite happy, with a few exemptions.

    1. GKs, a debuff needs to be applied, for god's sake, I see myself in a Sunderer and trying to keep it up, and my backup can't even take the harasser 250+ m away out. They still haven't fixed this yet.
    2. Mjorlor(NC New Harasser"Shotgun") Congatz, DB, you failed to make a actual weapon for NC again! You have to get so close just to get a kill, approx 30m! Compared to a ******** GK, and a pretty decent VS gun, you don screwed up NC again, way to show your neglect DB.
    3. Tank Buster, I don't want to pull a Vanguard and get murdered by a tank buster every time I see a Lib. That's just plain stupid, you give a OP Vulcan to a Lib!?!? And every faction has air support but NC? And here comes the f*ck fest.
    4. LMG changes, ORION IS TOO OP, I'm kidding, it's fine now.
    5. Valk needs a complete remake, I don't see its role doing much without stealth.

    And to your last question, they are already doing that, and BFRs are a joke, they posted in once in Defunct Solar Lab a few years back, but has since been removed. If BFRs do get implemented, they better be damn fair.
  14. Benton582

  15. eldarfalcongravtank

    i for one am pretty fine with NS guns. they are easier to make (instead of creating three empire-specific weapons), easier to balance and seem to be more profitable for the devs since all factions can purchase that stuff.

    one thing that is still lacking is the client and server performance, though. pings are very high, especially at primetime. explosions, player models, vehicles sometimes not rendering which is gamebreaking. lag and low server update rate make this game a gamble regarding infantry fights as you are always subject to technical issues instead of letting player skill decide engagement outcomes.

    then there is (lack of) content. it looked more solid some years ago when they did monthly updates to all classes and vehicles (Liberator update, MBT update, Infiltrator update, etc.) adding quite a bunch of new weapons, abilities, stuff that offers more diverse tactics and engagements. shame they dont do this anymore, maybe because of lack of funding or manpower. then you could have at least believed they add some more weapons here and there, but nothing... okay, Archer, Swarm and tank secondaries come to my mind, but these only really cater to specific playstyles (hardcore Engineers, AV Heavies and AV tank setups). what about new SMGs, Assault rifles, Carbines, Battlerifles, Heavy Weapons? something that all players can cherish?

    also, cosmetics still have lots of potential. it looked pretty promising with the introduction of PlayerStudio. finally, people could create their own assets and put them into the game at a constant rate. but the project began to stagnate, it seems. the ingame shop offers lots of helmets nobody needs, but there's no custom weapon skins for existing guns, no infantry armor, no tank turrets, no aircraft armor, no hair, no custom scopes or custom HUD designs. basically, it seems like they've given up on the idea of diversifying the cosmetics portfolio and instead focus on "MOAR HELMETZ AND HOARNZ". very disappointing to say the least, as i would have loved to individualize my characters even more.

    finally, game balance seems quite solid. not really feeling any major issues here. that's at least something. sure, specific things could use some tweaks but at the moment i am rather content with the state of balance. apart from that, i am looking forward to the ANTs stuff they've been working on. lets hope it's fully fleshed out concept and wont be a shortsighted badly implemented idea.
  16. MurgNC

    I'm happy that the devs are still adding updates and creating new content. Overall it is still a fun game to play.

    Oh, man, PooNanners is gone?! He was so funny!

    I have to agree with this; I too am worried about the social aspect of the game. I think it's kind of a "chat burnout" issue. Low BR players tend to be more "chatty," high BR players tend to have lost all interest in chatting about the technical aspects of the game, and for the non-technical stuff they are on Ventrilo/Gizmo/Mumble whatever talking with their outfit members.

    I think the best solution is to attract more new players to the game. I think the extra certs for your first 15 BRs was a great idea, but it's not enough. New players come out of the tutorial and immediately get curbstomped by experienced players. This is understandably frustrating and I think leads many noobs to permanently logout never to return after their first play session.

    This almost happened to me, in fact. When PS2 first came out I played it once, got like 20 deaths and zero kills in one play session, and decided this was not the game for me. I logged out, and only returned two years later at the urging of a friend. I'm glad I did; I've had a lot of fun with the game, but if I hadn't had that friend to coach me in ways the tutorial never could I probably would have given up on PS2, and not everyone is going to have an experienced friend like I did.

    They were talking for a while about implementing a "newbie island." Whatever happened to that??? The tutorial provides basic game info, but no actual combat training. Training against bots would probably only give the noobs bad habits. The newbie island could be a sandbox for the noobs to get a grasp of actual combat before being thrust into the game and pitted against the BR 100s. In order to prevent noob farmers there would be strict limits on who would go to the newbie island. Something like:

    1. Only new BR1 characters
    2. You get kicked off the newbie island after getting two killstreak ribbons, or after getting 100 kills with a positive K/D ratio, or after getting 500 kills with a negative K/D ratio.

    The island would be easy to implement. Just 3 warpgates with a single hex in the middle with a single base with a single control point. Practically no effort required on DBG's part to simply copy 3 warpgates and a single base onto the "island."

    So yes, I'm happy with the direction Planetside is going. I'd be happier if noob retention was a higher priority for the devs, which I think would fix many of the underlying social problems we're now seeing.
  17. Tycoh

    I am not happy by the least! There aren't enough players using the flash as a combat vehicle like myself! Plus there aren't more buffs for the flash so i cannot fight with or against any flash riders because everyone avoids it!!
  18. Tommyp2006

    More or less. I pretty much just stick around to shoot mans, and have fun goofing around in squad play.
  19. RedArmy

    yes, i do like the direction its going
    no, im not happy with the speed its going at
    Victory points were a step in the right direction but we wont get more til june/july of next year
    Balance on the LMGs makes me happy, now if only we can get the maxes next
    NS MAX HMG's back in the cards guys? cmon
    im ok with the BFR's being added, they were easy to drop
  20. zaspacer

    One of the main problems is that SOE/DBG are fixated on routing Teamplay through Outfits and to a lesser extent Squads. It starts the playerbase off fractured, hamstrings basic inter-Faction communication, and Caps # people who can reasonably work together, etc.

    It also extends to things like the lack of general Looking-For-Group support, to help players find other players to fill seats on multi-player vehicles. Or stuff like lack of commands like /whoall in order to determine who/what are in what region.

    And yes, that is why Infantry and Vehicle Loadouts consistently focus on being self-reliant.

    Organized play on massive scale only pops-up during Server Smash, and that is a totally fabricated system where everyone starts in the same unified faction group... which they should have done for the Standard Game... but instead they favor being Outfit-centric and having everyone start isolated and then have the option of opt into pocket groups (Outfits) that are themselves just fractured elements of the Faction.

    It's a SOE/Sigil/DBG culture problem/fixation. They force it into most their games.

    They should probably just remove Hossin, or overhaul it to fix the complaints most players almost uniformly seem to have about it (choke points, roadblock terrain, haze, etc.). In its current state it's just a place that most players don't want to play and so they avoid it. And it being unlocked is just a pox. On Connery right now only Amerish and Hossin are unlocked, there is an Alert on Hossin, and Hossin is a handful of 1-12 fights while Amerish has 2 96+vs96+ battles and 1 48-96vs48-96, and a handful of 12-24 battles.

    I agree that there has been much more encouraging content released more recently. Prior to that, this game was bankrupt of positive developments for a LONG time, and that kind of neglect took its toll on the game and playerbase.

    I do wish players could vote on at least one area of the handful that are hosted on the In Development section (NS Black Ops Mercs please). Like how UFE has a running poll for users to rank the upcoming content/features they want worked on: