Any Veterans Still Play this Game ?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MuNrOe, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. MuNrOe

    You know the ones who this brings a tear to their eye when they hear it. How I miss PS1.
  2. stalkish

    Hey Munroe, long time m8!

    I still play ps2, not on your server tho
    Its fun, just a different kind of fun to ps1.

    Funnily enough i was thinking about the old base holds we used to do the other day, was telling a friend about the T section holds and the rabbit hole and such. Great times.
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  3. WarpGuN

    Played since the beta (2012) and i still play the game (mostly on weekends when i'm drunk)
  4. Okaydan

    Lol i saw your playtime and BR and I was like: how can u be only BR71 with 25 days of playtime? I've been BR120 for a long time and I only have like 35-ish days... Then I checked and it turns out I'm at ONE HUNDRED 37 days :oops:

    Signed up late 2012, considering my activity, playtime, and money spent, I think I qualify as vet :D

    Never done PS1 though
  5. Kristan

    PS1 vet here, since 2008. Also in PS2 since beta.
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  6. Zagareth

    Warpgun and Okaydan... we are talking about VETS of PS1.. not noobs of PS2 :p

    I miss all the good features of PS1, starting by locked doors, hackable facilities and vehicles, Galaxy gunships that are feared and not cannonfodder, and... and... and... (BFRs of course :D, but thats arguable stuff)

    Of course PS2 got also good stuff, but leaving all the good things of PS1 out of PS2 is like a crime!
  7. FieldMarshall

    I still miss loading up my Infil inventory with 5 ACEs, turning on surge and annoying people with spitfires.
    Playing as a "spectator" in a Phantasm. Hacking enemy MBTs and driving back to sanc.
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  8. Money

    PS1 Emerald NC vet here. I miss the bridge battles, lava continents, battle islands, and seeing seeing whole platoons build up in warp gates for large invasions. Oh, and the hart drop system
  9. frozen north

    Depends on if you count joining PS2 about 6 months after release as still being veteran. I played a bunch back then, but unfortunately, I got a little tried with the game, and lost my old account during the daybreak transfer process.
  10. Ziggurat8

    Played PS1 late 2003 (around the same time Core Combat came out) played through the fracture or bending or whatever it was called. Stopped playing about a month after BFRs were released. Came back off and on through out the years but never really recommitted. I've got a lot of really great PS1 memories and it just never struck the same chord with me. Plus I got really crazy addicted to World of Warcraft around then too so that took up most of my game time.

    Signed the SOE petition to make a Planetside2 when I got the email.

    Got in the PS2 Beta. Played pretty regularly until 2015 when my PC **** the bed. Bought a PS4 when I saw the planetside2 on PS4 announcements. Been playing PS2 on PS4 regularly ever since.
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  11. SpeedFreakPS0NE

    When I stopped PS1 I was CR 5 BR 40 on my VS and really only played VS, had the flight variant BFR imprinted and had it done early enough it was available to all my characters. I stopped years before PS2 so that was the cap in CR and BR, don't even know if they upped it afterwards.
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  12. DirArtillerySupport

    TR forEVER...will keep playing until Auraxis blows up.
  13. DrPapaPenguin

    Since 1st December 2012 :D
  14. Fjantan

    Been playing since 2003 may.
    Beta core combat, closed beta PS2.
    Still killing noobs;)
    PS1 Chars TR Ashnak, NC Urk, VS Fjantan.
    PS2 Tr No1lovesme, VS Fjantan on Miller.
    On Emerald TR Fintsomsnus.
  15. Beerbeerbeer

    Played PS1 since the day it was released in 2003. Wow, that was a long time ago. I still remember being in awe running around everywhere. The tower drops and base battles were epic.

    I was in Future Crew with a dumb character named Minos, VS and my first PS1 toon. Had Androgeus and a few others characters that I can’t remember.

    I still remember some notable characters from PS1 like Idiotsavant (I took his name here), and that annoying TR dude on Emerald. Christ, wish I remember his name. In any case, fun times and a lot of fond memories.

    OH OH OH: PCP just popped into my head from PS1 lol. Psychedelic Clown Posse.
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  16. Smoo

    Technology = Might.

    Such a better saying than vague alien cult nonsense.
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  17. breeje

    i never played PS1, but i play PS2 from the start
    as PS2 was my main game to go to, playing whenever i had some free time
    having great and less then great moments in this game

    but i have to admit, i am getting bored with this game
    took a break for a month and now came back
    i still love this game only it's missing something to fully appreciate it
    can't find my fun, maybe i need to take a bigger break
    in the mean time, my 6 month anniversary boost is slowly counting down
    just wish i could stop it for some time
  18. DeadlyOmen

    Still here despite the game being converted from barbed wire to cotton balls.
  19. OVKatz

  20. Khrin

    Saw this in reddit the other day and cried :(
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