Adrenaline pump

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by FullDread, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. TheKhopesh

    It's meant to be cheap, so it's easier to get for beginners.
  2. cruczi

    Why should this cert line be easier to get compared to other cert lines? Doesn't seem right to me. The reason some other cert lines have cheap initial cost is because they have more levels and the final ones end up being more expensive, usually 500 or 1000.
  3. DeadliestMoon

    It is a 10% increase. Wrel made a video about it.
  4. TheKhopesh

    Don't ask me, ask the devs that wanted it that way when they came up with the idea.
  5. Gav7x

    One year later
  6. cruczi

    According to you the first rank should be 50 certs. The current adrenaline pump costs 30 certs. So you already increased the cost of the pump, was that in error?
  7. TheKhopesh

    I was trying to balance cost with my overall increase in effectiveness.
    (As well, I have a touch of OCD, and like to make well-rounded numbers when at all possible. 50 + 150 is an overall cost of 200, where as 30 + 150 is 180.):p

    But sure, if you like 30 certs rather than 50, why not?
    The whole point to that item was cheap-yet-effective for starters afterall.
  8. jiggu

    I thought it was mandatory. I run it on all my LA builds.
  9. DeadliestMoon

    No, it's not mandatory but frankly, you won't even notice you'll have it on.
  10. starlinvf

    The real question is "why should any cert line be difficult to get?".
  11. cruczi

    Because otherwise every cert line would be easy to get which would mean everyone has everything they want and it's all Christmas Day in happySide 2. I prefer to have to work for stuff
  12. Gundem




  13. starlinvf

    Do you also believe that hard to get stuff should be more powerful? Scarcity is not a powerful balance mechanic in this type of game.
  14. Iridar51

    Dead serious.
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  15. cruczi

    Of course powerful items should be harder to get. If they weren't who would ever buy less powerful items?

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