Adrenaline pump

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by FullDread, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. FullDread

    Anyone bought this? Any noticable improvment?
  2. XaTriX

    I like it. If not only for the run speed, but also the added momentum for your jetpack.
  3. Perk-i

    Yeah, it's what I run. It's a noticeably faster sprint, and Light Assault's bread and butter is speed. If I ever have a preponderance of Certs, I may opt to unlock grenade or ammo bandoleers, but Adrenaline is what I bought first.
  4. ohare3g

    Yeah, I run with it on, You may not notice an effect, but your mobility increases by a lot.
  5. Trysaeder

    It doesn't give momentum. Back when you could infinitely stack the adrenaline pump bonus to run at 200km/h, jetpacking would destroy all of your forward momentum.
  6. psychobilly

    Yea it does... if you are moving faster on the ground you will side strafe faster in jets. It doesn't give _upward_ momentum true, but side strafing it helps a lot.
  7. Snaffe

    It's really good. However, playing other classes is painful afterwards with the slow running
  8. FullDread

    thx for the feedback
  9. psifist

    I did some very rough tests where I ran from one point to another with a stopwatch and I ended up with 17.0 sec with and 18.8 without it, which is roughly a 10% increase which is less than it feels but not bad either. More importantly is weighing that vs 2 extra grenades, etc.
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  10. FluffyM

    Dunno what's going on, doesn't seem to be working for me anymore- or at least was a lot more noticeable in beta.
    Surely it's not just 10%? 10% movespeed or 25% extra health? That can't be right.

    Edit: Tested over the same distance- with sprint: 5.2secs. Without sprint: 5.8secs. Accounting for my hamfistedness, basically no difference.
  11. KaosWarMonk

    Got it last night... Not that impressed TBH. I kept running behind people to see if I'd catch up but for the first level at least the difference seems negligible. Just to be sure... It's on all the time right? I don't need to activate it etc, just holding shift whilst running is all you need yeah?

    With hindsight the 30 certs are better spent on a gun sight or jump jet or med kit buffs IMO (I'm only BR6).

  12. redshirt

    Goes in your armor slot
  13. Caracal

    Ive tried a few of the options within the armor slot.

    nanites - if i am caught, i am dead with or without it. Would rather not get caught, or hit and run.

    shield recharge - TTK seems to be pretty quick in this game. If i do survive a mess up, I always get shield back up with out it.

    adrenaline pump - this fits the bill for me. Often times, life or death involves me jumping off a building, or getting around a corner. This pump allows me to do that faster. It synergizes well with the jump pack. You got found, you sprint off the building, jump jet to prevent fall damage, sprint around a corner, jump jet to another spot, and kill your pursuer. Its basic, but it works soooo often it isnt funny.
  14. Hael

    I wish it had at least one more level, but otherwise it's not a bad upgrade
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  15. Velron

    Hmm sad to hear its been reduced, I was going to grab it after the first few posts in here as I've really been debating which armor upgrade. Looks like I'm prob gonna go ammo magazines to help out the vx6-7's high RoF.
  16. TempVirage

    I run adrenaline when running around towers where shotguns are king. Crimson Bluff, Jaegar's Crossing, Crown, Ascent, etc. are fun areas to have it equipped. Otherwise, nanoweave is king until they change it. Leave it up to preference.
  17. Iridar51

    Okay, are you a time traveler?
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  18. FieldMarshall

    Its about a 10%
    Synergizes with Shotguns and SMGs pretty well.

    Its so cheap that you might aswell pick it up, and grow out of it later or something when you get more certs.
  19. TheKhopesh

    I wouldn't mind that.

    Rank 1
    +10% movement speed 50 certs

    Rank 2
    +15% movement speed 150 certs
  20. cruczi

    Not enough. Rank 1 should be 100 certs, rank 2 should be 250 certs.