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  1. Armcross

    Don't worry some elements are trickling to. PS2
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  2. Durwyn

    Concerning spawn rules, did you make any decisions to reduce the whole "redeployside", if there is a hole to fill, its that one :)
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  3. Toumal

    This is too true.
    For years, I've been berated that requesting things that worked in PS1 to be added to PS2 was a no-no, because "This is not Planetside 1", and mostly by people who had spent no time in that game to even know what they're talking about.

    So yes, I yearn for...

    x) REK (Get rid of the placeholder "stand near point to capture" mechanic, add an actual hacking tool + upgrade path)
    x) Nanites (Break stalemates by draining/starving bases, add resupply missions)
    x) True warpgates (...that, you know, warp?)
    x) Sanctuary
    x) Vehicle zoning
    x) Combat Engineering (We have but a fraction of what PS1 had to offer)
    x) Orbital Strikes (If you think they "can't work" then you simply don't know what you're talking about. They work, they can be balanced, and they're awesome)
    x) Upgrading base turrets (Give engineers more things to do that helps the greater objective)
    x) Gendrops
    x) Lodestar
    x) Better and more detailed base layouts (PS2 bases are just plain box rooms and corridors, devs are completely paranoid of stairs because that would result in actual close quarter fights and standoffs. If you have a standoff, just remove their ability to spawn. See points above!)
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  4. SporkOfwar

    Dude, **** yeah! I LOVE building ****! Especially if it ultimately means something to my team. I'll definitely throw some money at this thing, cosmetics and all that.
  5. Lightningx

    I want is from those giant robot machines I saw from PS1 in a YouTube video. Also more Engineers builds for combat or healing I don't know. Maybe a half exo-suit machine that works on only engineers? so hard to think... But anyways the ANT will lead to new... Attacks *cough* Air strikes*cough* though only thing I find funny is now it may be possible to have a in-game Fort Knox. unless of course you capture the Whole Continent. Then I don't know what will happen.
  6. SikVvVidiT

    So um I've been away for about 1 1/2 years and come back to see that the "new content" they have/are adding is pretty much what was in Planetside 1 and what us old school vets were telling them should have been in Planetside 2 waaay back in beta...


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  7. SikVvVidiT

    You no not what you ask for.. They destroyed PS1...
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  8. Scr1nRusher

    Actually it was the bad balance of them when they were implemented.
  9. JimminyJoe

    Definitely this! There's plenty of open spaces between some bases, and a temporary base between bases would allow fights to be concentrated in spaces that are rarely utilized. The persons building the base would want to defend this base for the new lattice, and the other faction would obviously want to destroy this. This could be combined with one of Wrel's ideas (I forget the video title, something about creating faction differences vs faction flair) where he said, for TR, multiple Sundys could create better bases. 1 Sundy is as normal, 2 creates turrets, 3 creates a vehicle terminal, 4 an air terminal, or something like that, all the while the base becoming more and more like a watchtower. This would definitely give incentive for organized squads and platoons to escort multiple energized ANTs from warpgate. On the individual level, incentive to be an ANT driver would come in the form of experience points for people deploying there, pulling vehicles and air, and getting kills with the turrets.

    Imagine, two opposing factions who have both built bases within turret distance. This would create some epic fights!!@!@!@!

    If someone knows the Wrel video please post it, I can't find it.
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  10. Armcross

    And fun to play with during my time in Reservist Promo. What I mean fun is blowing them up.
  11. SArais

    Yeah, it's time to bring the original back.

    At attention, Auraxians. Your planetary anthem is at hand.
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  12. Sternguard

    Here's the video. Armchair Game Design #3 - Faction Diversity - PlanetSide 2 Gameplay @5:38 is when he talks about the TR sunderer idea.

    Taking the Vanu idea he has earlier in the video. It could factor into Vanu needing to build some sort of beacon relay structure required to accurately deploy the spike things. Otherwise they had a chance to not land where players want them.
    Maybe even a big launcher to build that fires them & needs refueling from ANTs to fire numerous spikes.
    That launching way makes me think of the APCs in Battlefield 2142 (AMV-2 & BTR-4) which had assault pod launchers. Basically a drop pod mortar (I say mortar because it actually doesn't go as far as saying artillery would imply). They allowed passengers to choose to fire high up into the air in a drop pod that travels in an arc. Was key to getting on the enemy Titan (a big airship; the final objective in a game mode).
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  13. CMDante

    Empire specific ANTS please. We need a TON more faction diversity up in this *****. Give us ES everything. Down with Nanite Systems!
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  14. SArais

    To think, This is what planetside 2 SHOULD have been like. With flamethrower-rocket-launching-medic-engineers. In heavy armor.
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  15. Lightningx

    Question, is it even possible to play PS1 today?
  16. Vinson

    I like the idea of having it add a new lattice link when building the structure. More tactics and strategies open up.

    The structure needs to be extremely tough...ie taking it down requires a squad/platoon assault and converting a capture node, shooting it alone to destroy would just feed everyone rocketing it down.
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  17. Armcross

    Yes but the population is low or none at all.
  18. Lightningx

    How? I cant seem to find the download for it. or a website
  19. Rockit

  20. Lightningx

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