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Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by PS2_Luke, Aug 19, 2015.

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  1. ridicOne

    I'm sorry but there are lots of people that pay monthly subs to support this game. In any sort of MMO that has subscription based offering there should be a lot more content updates then what has gone on here for the last 2 years. If this was a one time purchase with dlc content to purchase I could agree with you. Since Beta the game has hardly added much substance at all, basically 2 vehicles and weapons that are overpriced to make more money. Fixed afew bases but nowhere near the level they need to have done to take this game to the next level. People are still fighting over the same stale locations since the game basically launched going back 3 years almost now.

    I've spent thousands of dollars into this company going back to EQ, SWG, EQ2, PS1, now PS2 and H1Z1 on multiple accounts.
    I still follow EQ, EQ2, H1Z1 and PS2 there has been very little action going on in any of those games at all either. Not sure what's going on @DBG anymore to be blunt. They have taken my money and made a flailing PS4 port now looking like Xbox1 port and Smedly promised on Reddit PS2 2.0 for September cuz I'm sure that's still happening.

    Sadly the take over didn't improve anything, in the end I'd say it's even worse then before. Your comment was sadly uneducated and blindly made.
  2. Mina moo

    since the update my game don't go further than the deployment screen then it freezes up. :(
  3. ConradHorse

    Dear DBG,
    The 9/4 looks ok. The last update needs the thread to be opened to discuss (as you stated that we will have to check the progress bar). Let's start the dance:

    1. I looked at the progress bar: here are my suggestions for improvements (purely GFX, with screenshots)

    2. the thing I am MOST happy with this update are the bugs you fixed. REALLY! REALLY THANKS! I'm waiting for more fixes.

    3. thank you for the weapons (the 3 faction ones)

    4 The rest of the update with that red stripe is being the first on the list is really unneccessary, We have squad waypoints. Considering this flaw, the last (or the first from the bottom) thing comes to my mind...

    5. When is the ANT? I hope you didn't forget about the most important update you promised us, guys.

  4. MrGreenJeans

    Hrmmmm... So whats the roll back plan here? Sorry, I know the stress level is 10+ right about now, just asking if there's a roll back option..
  5. dodo68200

    How the server are off at what time the server reboots ?
  6. FreeThem

    I can't even start the game now. After the initial loading screen the game just quits and I return to Windows. An hour ago I could at least get tot he screen where the three fractions are listed, but not join servers. I just downloaded 600 mb worth of updates. What's happening?
  7. dodo68200

    at what time the server reboots
  8. dodo68200

    me also
  9. dodo68200

    I think that's the update
  10. FreeThem

    But aren't the servers supposed to be up and running by now? Did I understand the "Server maintenance" message wrong?
  11. cemorela

    East coast in the US and no log in here either. WTF mate? Would really like to see if the money I pay every year for this is worth it or if I need to finally cancel.
  12. RJGatling

    Towers and other deployable structures should remain until that area is taken over, and then it should be assumed that the remaining soldiers sabotage/self destruct the fortification as it was inevitably going down. This prevents it from being solely a focal point/extra step in the takeover of a base and instead changes the overall dynamic and strategy required in the new base takeover. Furthermore, I'd really like to see the option of adding additional and/or stealthed spawn rooms or merely shielded rooms you can teleport to. This would help prevent a spawn room lockdown that is incredibly difficult to break out of in an alert with large forces.

    The ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure adage comes to mind here. Awarding xp bonus to those who help supply/maintain the player constructed forts will also align nicely with point defense bonus, etc.
  13. PlanetBound

    Still too soon.
  14. the lurking sergal

    Welp its better they do this now rather then during double XP time.
  15. cfschris

    EL OH EL

    Fellow planetmans player,

    These are video game developers of a while highly acclaimed game among a relatively small group of people, in the grander scope of things, is still rather small.

  16. neil3k1

  17. Firedragon8683

    I have the same problem at other

    After character select, the game freeze and crashed
    pls fix the fixes or remove the update
  18. Rejven of AMTE

    Anyone knows what's about this 2 core support?
    I've checked the game on two setups:
    pentium dual core - crashes on the first frame
    2x Intel Xeon 4x core each - working juicy
    a friend also checked it on i5 - working properly, and on some 8 core AMD thing - also working fine

    It seems 2 core CPU's cant handle the game for shizzle now.
    if anyone have some more info on the subject please post here
  19. kobi125k

    I dont know why this isnt fixed the players found out what makes it crash now the Devs t just have to see whats wrong I played fine with my dualcore and the update changed that
  20. Blam320

    I wonder if the ANT can have a cert allowing it to function as a forward vehicle spawn point; this eliminates the hassle of redeploying/respawning in a base miles away from the fight just to pull an MBT.
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