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  1. alienwork New Member

    Has anyone else noticed that there hasn't been a Dev or mod post on this site in seven days? I've made two threads that haven't been answered as well as I've pm'd Dev a few times with no response.
  2. Carmen696 Member

    yes we have noticed. Its just that we have given up on them :(
  3. kdot Member

    How do you expect them to work and improve the game if they are on the forums all day. Think about it...
  4. Cole_MacGraft Member

    how do you expect them to know what's wrong with the game if they don't visit the forums
  5. RuTH0X Member

    Come on man.. They are playing the game? No ?!

    LOL ?

  6. Cole_MacGraft Member

    Idk of I was a dev and this was my game and I played it. I would be fixing this stuff asap
  7. TyrellCorp New Member

    The team should give some type of road map which would give us a timeline of what they're working on.. I liked the first two weeks of the season, they communicated fairly well and had a couple patches.. however, we haven't heard from them in a while and didn't get a large gameplay patch as of yet.. same old, same old I guess
  8. RuTH0X Member

    Yep.. I think I surrender.. Ill quit this forum, anyway, its kind of useless.. just more frustrating.. Ill just play, shut up.. and theoretically, I wont have to pay anymore for premium, so *** that.. They are supposed to bring a HUGE patch this week.. lets see.. last chance for me I think..

    SO sad, I LOVE this game..
  9. AlhpaBravos Member

    The impression i get from respawn (apex legengs) is that there far more proactive with their bug fixes and exploits than most of these devs who run live services and batttle royale games. There often in the news for nerfing this or cracking down on cheaters. Really wish that company was developing h1z1.
    On the flip side, we re stuck with daybreak. PUBG also has a terrible rep for not fixing issues. Until more people kick up a fuss, companies will continue these abysmal practices. Imagine if netflix or hulu released unfinished films or tv shows. Theres no chance customers would put up with this! And games should be no different. I mean have a little self respect for your IP. I would be ashamed to attach my name to a product or creation that had these kind of problems.
  10. Carmen696 Member

  11. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Still here :)

    And that's on me...I can promise you that the Dev team is doing a LOT more work than what is always communicated on the forums, but dates and focus can shift based on discovery (i.e. you discover in investigating one issue that it's either not as simple or related to a different system entirely) and I'd rather avoid communicating incorrect information just to share something at all.

    But yes, issues like the Leaderboard resets, FFA Performance, Weapons balancing, and many others that we read and report from these forums every day continue to be our top priorities.
  12. AlhpaBravos Member

    The most recent communication mess was about release date for season 3 which was delayed again and again. Even when it was, no proper changelog and numerous problems (FFA, leaderboard,etc). But pricing models for battlepass, loot boxes and other superficial matters were working impeccably...

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