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  1. Dgkkush1993 Member

    Posting for friend/h1z1 player iKeyonTheBeat. We have been neck and neck on stats and he was re set today..... What’s the point of these stats if you can’t compete with friends. How are we supposed to track our kills ???? Fix the problem....... give us our kills back... I am missing 400 kills..... everybody that should be on the leaderboard isn’t there pretty much at this point.. very disappointing .......
  2. Dgkkush1993 Member

    I have screen shots on screen shots of deleted stats........
  3. Carmen696 Member

    Daybreak never responds to anyone anymore.
  4. RuTH0X Member

    This is SO NOT true.. They are answering, once a week, about how much they are working on it.. and on everything else.. ;)
  5. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Dgk/RuTH - see my post in the pinned thread. What I'm trying to verify is whether or not this is **ONLY** happening in the in-game Leaderboards (i.e. the Leaderboards you see in the BoD with daily, weekly, seasonal stats) or if it's happening in the Career Leaderboards (the new Ranked Leaderboards) in the main menu.

    i.e. when your kills and wins get reset on the in-game leaderboards, is it also affecting your rank and/or avg kills and wins on the Career Leaderboards in the main menu?
  6. Carmen696 Member

    I guess this means you are no closer to fixing this than you were at the start of season 3 :(

    Let me answer you in a simple way. Usually when you get reset its only the leaderboards you see in the the pre lobby that are effected and the career boards are fine. This happends quite frequently and Ive lost count how many times this has happened to me. But one time so far this season my career leaderboards was reset back to bronze too.

    Short answer both is broken, but career leaderboards are more reliable and resets more rarely.

    If you guys bothered to play this game yourself, you would have seen perfect examples of this that would have helped you narrow it down.
  7. RuTH0X Member

    My stats only reset in the in game leaderboard.. my ranked one always been fine
  8. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Closer, but not fixed - I know it's frustrating (its super frustrating to us too!) but the more information we obtain, the easier it is to identify the root issue of the problem. The frequency, whether it's effecting your rank (not just stats), whether it's happening at a certain point (when you achieve Platinum or Master, etc).

    And I play plenty, it's just my aim is garbage :cool: