Dont bother asking for anything from daybreak. Their rules of engagement.

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    So this basically a rule of thumb for how Daybreak deal with forum users regarding questions and concerns about (their) games.

    1. If you have a question about balancing weapons, they will not answer these theads.
    2. If you have questions about items in victory crates and market place or how they could improve the system, they will not answer.
    3. If you experiencing bugs like items and structures floating in the air or items getting stuck in flattened tents, they will not answer or fix these issues.
    4. So if anything remotely resembles or falls into those categories, Daybreak will not answer these threads or questions from community. Almost nothing has changed in that respect since Season 1 and the old forum before it was deleted with no warning or consideration for others.

    Literally, the only time a moderator will reply is when there is some sort of catastrophic failure with the game e.g. stat resets or fundamental issue with the game mode like in FFA. And even then dont expect a fix any time soon.

    Any future threads that are created from this point on by the community, i recommend referring them to this thread so as to comprehend the extent or lack of involvement daybreak has with this game and the players who spend their time and hard earned money trying to make the most of the h1z1 experience.
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    Would you really like it if they told you to stop crying? Or that your wrong? Nope, so they just let you post and monitor it. 90% of the stuff you point out they answered on the old forums.
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    I dont know what your problem is but someone who broke a record, i either question your intelligence or you probably get paid by Daybreak? You say 90% of these problems dealt with in old forums?LoL! Unfortunately i cant prove that this isnt true because the company deleted it. But what i can prove without doubt is that they are following the same formula here. Just go through all the topics and see how many of them have the dev sticker next to title. That gives you an idea of how active they are on their own forum, let alone reddit or anywhere else. So lots of people with genuine questions and concerns and almost none of them answered!
    Also the more you speak, the less respect i have for you. Your clearly not objective person because to say that 90% of these problems were fixed or that daybreak isnt a terrible company, proves that your have no idea what your talking about.
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    Don't worry the Alpha. The drizzle probably works for these speds as it seems the only response we get is ******** community lying for these parasites of developers.

    Worst dev team I've ever seen, can't even email there support function for the forums. Try and charge full retail tripple A prices for badly designed repetitive skins.

    I wanted this game to succeed to bad the dev team was so ********
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    Drizzle hangs with the wanna be twitch crew. Dudes only get 4 views and it's usually just people wanting to join the team
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    daybreak could be more engaging on here, that's for sure. but there is a lot of complaining on here. far less than on reddit. but i have fun playing this game, and if i didn't have fun, i would stop.
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    Yes they knew, were aware of 90% of the issues I have seen posted on these forums. Its the same issues they haven't addressed. So why bother replying again that they are aware? Is that a lousy way to do things? Absolutely. Yes I hold the world record for squad kills.(57) You EU players play the game different.
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    Nope, I just have a lot of love for PS4 H1Z1. And I couldn't agree with you more. The devs totally drop the ball every way possable. Catering to casual players, all the way to releasing a game before it was developed. This game worked better ran smoother in beta then it does now. Every time they add something it creates more problems. Never really going back and fixing broken things they implement. (Leader boards)
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    Lmao, another fan. I don't think I have ever, ever had 4 viewers. Not that I meet twitch partner numbers. But I have a healthy viewer base. About as big as it could possibly get on H1Z1 PS4. Mainly because this game is not popular in NA. Server base is around 20k ppl. Im salty on a consistent base because this game has not , and never will get the development it deserves. Twitch viewers before new Z1BR release were around 200. I considder myself lucky to get the turn out I have received. But for every fan their are surely some haters. Like yourself. P.S. thanks for the follow
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    I totally agree.