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    This is Part 2, if you havent read the first post, I urge you to read it here before continuing:

    Blue Screens and Falling though the map have been an ongoing issue, this should have been fixed ages ago...

    Or when getting out of a vehicle, and trying to aim down sights with a weapon only to see your hand and your weapon disappear, and then eventually reappear when your opportunity for a kill is lost...

    Or getting out of a vehicle and pressing the buttons to toss a grenade/ emp, only to lag and not toss your throwable accurately and quickly...

    Or getting kicked of an atv as the second passenger trying to escape a shootout...

    All of these and more HAVE TO BE FIXED ASAP.


    Why aren't there any more new items to get in crates for winning solos, duos, fives? Why is it the same since season 1? As I mentioned earlier, there is a lack of motivation to grind this game because of things like this. Reusing the same items in the crates AND the store 3 seasons in a row isn't good at all.

    Also make the scarf and bandana items specific to its own slot, it doesn't make sense to replace eyewear with something that covers the neck.


    With this segment, I'm going to quickfire different suggestions I found in the community and issues that are under this category for fights, cars and gameplay:
    -Weapon DamageUp till now with all the weapon adjustments that have happened so far, the hellfire nerf, the combat debuff, the OP Crossbow, we have never gotten a damage ratio for each weapon used. I completely understand the balancing due to gameplay and listening to the players, but if we can take into account the actual damage each weapon has, with the rate of fire, and reload time, it would help us to better understand what should or shouldn't be buffed as a vote.

    -New Weapon for M17
    Also, alongside of weapon balancing, a new weapon that uses M17 bullets would be beneficial to how useful the ammo is as the match continues. Often times right after landing in, if you find an AR, Hellfire or shotgun, most players will use that instead of a pistol. the M9 or M17 is a last resort if God forbid, you land at the cabin areas with only that gun available. The suggestion is as follows:

    * A new weapon, Like a Tommy Gun or another gun
    * Dual wielding two pistols to make the pistols more reliable

    -Fist Fighting and Melee
    If not a new weapon, what about transferring what can be done on PC with the ability to punch and use melee weapons? It would allow players to have a way to defend themselves when landing in a barren area, mountain edges and lakes.

    -Empty Cabins
    Speaking of cabins, many argue that there should be more weapon options in those areas, there have been matches when I have found nothing but an ATV, helmet and MAYBE a backpack. Its frustrating to be in a cabin area, and not find anything other than a pistol when there are many options to stock them with. But at the same time, its different than the typical run in at a warehouse, pick up a shot gun, and jump dance with another nearby player to see who wins. Honestly, a bit more variety in cabins would be welcomed.

    -Shotgun Nerf
    Shotguns in general need to be nerfed. The game has turned into ShotgunZ1. With Full Armour and sometimes vehicle protection, players can still get killed with one shotgun blast with a bit of distance. I can understand close quarter situations with no armour or helmet, but every other fight is someone running and jumping with a shotgun

    -Downed Quitters
    For Fives with revives, when players are downed and they decide to quit the match, give the player who downed them the credit. The losing player is going back to the lobby anyways, why not give them the kill?

    -Wining Streak Rewards
    The game has become more challenging with skilled match ups and ranking, there should be an incentive for the hardworking dedicated player who can consistently win game after game.

    -C4, or Mines, (and ability to disarm)
    This would add a new dynamic for traps and awareness.

    -Vehicle Skins to change appearance completely Food Truck, Ambulance, Bus, Fire Truck, Lambo, Motorcycle with passenger able shoot FORWARD
    I saw this idea in this post by TheDrizzle22, He has also made valid points regarding the game and the lack of updates:
    -Silent (Or quieter) Footsteps for walking crouching

    -Running over people
    Bring this feature back, it can be implemented it certain game modes or it can be nerfed as far as it being an instant kill if hit full speed, it was a very entertaining element that added a slightly realistic arcade touch to each match.

    -Gas station fuel
    Use the gas station for fuel considering the vehicle nerf in Season 2. Since fuel is limited according to how long you boost, allow a small refuel up to a certain extend, this will also promote gun fights towards the mid/ end of the match when car fuel is scare, giving ONLY a few players a slight advantage for cover, but risking an ambush for going to a station all together.

    -New Map
    Self explanatory, new area, new means of cover and strategy, and new ways to implement ideas and new vehicles, weather and game modes to accommodate New and old H1Z1 players.

    Daybreak, listen to your players, in the long run we all just want to see you guys thrive. We really want you guys to be successful, and this game is amazing, its fun competitive and I find myself coming back to it. For me personally, it was my first BR game, and I gave the others an honest try in comparison, but they couldnt match up. Please respond and give us an honest update. And be consistent. I dont think its too much to ask considering everything that has been happening.

    I still have faith that you guys will make things right.
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    number one good suggestions but its daybreack nothing you said well be fixed if you ever seen istory of pcall the good stuff comes last
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    Hey I appreciate the feedback. I know right now im frustrated personally, as well as many others, but i still believe they can make good changes before its too late for the game. It would be a bad move on daybreaks part if the game completely goes south and THEN they start making the fixes everyone asked for after the player base leaves. It will show that they had a strong opportunity to listen and implement, but simply ignored our requests. I'm going to be patient for as long as possible, but I am still very upset in the current status of this game. It could be so much better.
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    Thanks for the read, WarN. A ton of good meat in here. There are features you suggested that we're actively working on, I know it's frustrating when we can't always talk about stuff that's in active development (might change, might test poorly, might affect another system in the game etc) but some of your main points you can definitely expect to hear more from us soon.

    A couple concrete examples:

    -We're looking very carefully at weapons balancing, specifically the Crossbow EMP and Shotgun. We've heard a lot of different ideas, I can't share a definitive plan until we finish testing and tuning but we want to involve the community in making those changes and should have a survey to share soon.

    -New map, we've mentioned this and its under development. But new maps take a LOT of time to finishing building and testing, it's not that we're not working on it, but we don't want to share a date until we have a better sense of the scale of development and testing required.

    -Bug fixes, glitches, performance improvements, loading issues, etc. Bug squashing can be never ending but this is a constant top priority for us. We don't always announce each and every one unless they're significant, but we quashed over 50 with the last update. The team's always hard at work on this.

    I know we can always do a better job with our communication - myself in particular - even when there are good reasons not to talk about something that isn't ready to share yet. We'll keep working to improve on that. I'll keep working to improve on that. But trust me that everybody EVERYBODY on this team loves the community's passion, that's why we work on games, that's who we work for :)
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    This reply in itself just shows how dedicated Daybreak is. Thanks a ton guys !!
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    About new map: still I don't how big is team to create update and maybe will be better if new map will be later becuase is many report on forum and on DEV TRACKER to consideration. Unresolved cases it very big problems because many players don't will be wait very long. We do not say devs do nothing but devs do not understand what should be a priority. Fixed problems or bugs is importatnt but if still are other unresolved cases. DEV TRACKER and forum need more attention.
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    Some of the ideas listed are not well thought out. I hope Daybreak is careful and makes the best decisions rather than succumbing to pressure from players sending a barrage of mixed unfocused ideas.
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    Thanks for posting. I have to disagree with you respectfully in terms of the ideas being thought out. All of the ideas here on this thread have been expressed throughout the community positively from beta and Season 1, a good number from them from beta regarding the glitches, weapon balancing and rewards. The first time I wrote an article of this length from season 2, it had most of the same ideas, and it was very well received on the previous forum. Its because of the lack of a consistent update or RoadMap that most folks responded.

    We care, and we dont want to see the game go up in flames, and Its good that they implement a few things one at a time. Great example: 3rd person aim down sights. Was available on PC, and was a glitch on console, community LOVED it, and expressed their feelings towards it, and made their points, NOW it'll be available soon on arcade mode. Which is awesome

    I'm glad that the Devs responded to this, and I'm sure they'll be reasonable in how they add more to the game.

    But I'm curious as to the ideas you personally dont like.
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    The ideas I'm concerned about is vehicles changing type. If they are different shapes and sizes they could be used for cover giving players who've unlocked those skins an advantage. However if they were just added on the map and were available for all players that would be balanced. The so called ATV glitch where the passenger falls of always seemed intentional to balance the vehicle. The driver flips time to switch drivers. It seems like fixing this would be more like pandering to new players. Adding gas to vehicles also seems to break the resource management aspect of the game. Players who have low gas should have to make tough calls on whether to go for a new vehicle, drop or fight a battle. Removing this tough call makes the game very linear and rewards players who are less coordinated and bad at making good decisions. If we give away a free resource at gas stations, next we might as well put infinite ammo at sport stores and infinite armor at all garages and infinite grenades at the coffee house. It just doesn't make sense. This game sould be risk and reward. There's no risk of running out of gas, then why even have gas at all? Just make it infinite. That's what people will ask for next, in fact I remember the community asking for cars to have less gas because there was too much at one point, seems like we're going around on circles on this issue.
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    Hi I'm new here. I want h1z1 to be a great game. I think they should bring zombies into the mix like call of duty did. H1z1 was a zombie game. Also having the zombies only appering in town would make sense since it would seem that ppl that lived there became zombies. Also it would add to the battle Royale lore I guess.another thing would be putting hi tier crates in the town's to have reason to go in and fight in towns. Also maybe to vehicles there too since it's obvs a town. I think this will make the game feel fresh and exciting. IDK if it's possible to do. If not give us a mode zombie mode with exploration or something not battle royal. Thanks for reading my bad typing.
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    In regards to the Vehicle skins, I agree that something that alters the actual shape of the car itself would be problematic, but the idea of having different cars that can work in a new map is valid, as I mentioned before, it came from a post I saw from another player, and i think that there can be a middle ground for overall new content regarding transportation. I see your point, and it makes sense.

    The ATV fall off was seen as a glitch for a long time, and i haven't heard anything about it being intentional. I'd really like to know how its balanced to have a player fall off when entering a vehicle, as far as being able to take off in a calm or hostile area.

    As far as vehicle gas, there is still risk and reward for the idea. If the game is coming to a close and within the closing circle, or nearby, there's a gas station with gas, players will know that there's an area that can be either a safe fill up, or ambush. The idea of adding gas is much like an item, once a player uses it for ONE car, its done, that station has been used up, and also, its not supposed to fill a vehicle up completely, for a percentage, it could be 20-25%, so its not a huge advantage. Its still a tough call to make whether it be solos or teams, for the less coordinated, its either go to a station and risk an ambush, OR drive along and hope you have enough for a win or to steal another car. the reward is having just a little bit more to feel comfortable for a getaway from waiting for a pump, same the same way we wait 5+ seconds for a bandage or a crate opening, but not an excessive amount to drive 100% of a match. It would also encourage the aggressive play we used to have in beta/ season 1, when it wasn't all about shotguns and crossbows. The only Land marks players find fights often is the Carnival area, and the Airport, and certain Warehouses when the map is still big.
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    Good discussion. Let's hope we get something players want and ask for within the next few updates, instead of banners, borders, emblems and exhaust animations.
  14. WarNtea64 Member

    Well Said! Thanks for your insight, only time will tell for future news.
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    5. Totally agreed with You buddy
    6. Agreed with U2
    7. Agreed, weapons need to have detailed information/statistics to even show us what they gonna be buff/debuff, which stats exactly.
    M17 is useless unless You are landing on camping/cabin zone which are empty of any other kind of weapons...
    Dual weilding - good option but ofc need to be balanced
    Melee attacks - i cant understand that we dont have implemented fist fights... It would be even good way to make some different gameplays, game modes etc.
    Empty Cabins - i said before, agreed with You
    Shotgun nerf - as i said in Your 1st part topic - primarly riot is inconsistent weapon - 1 shot in armored chest = dead, 1 shot in armored head = enemy stays alive
    Downed quitters - agreed with You. Also please advise that when enemy is down by You and some1 from Your team will use molotov cocktail the kill is going to molotov thrower XDDD
    Winning streak - agreed with You
    C4/ mines etc. - good idea but i think if DB have problem with shotgun/xbow balance....
    Vechicle skins - isnt so important as game improvements but OK
    Silent steps when crouching - agreed, there should be a difference between walking/runnig and crouching
    New map - agreed, they even can add new places in empty maps grid (for example 25% north space of the map is empty, same as south (useless). Places like big graveyard with small tombs which players could destroy with about 5 hits or granades, car saloon, damaged big boat like titanic... I have many ideas like You but i wish that DB will listen us in even 10% it will be gooooood.

    Same as You i love this game, nerding it when i'm just have any time with my 5's squads buuuuttt.... I think DB have problem with lack o people but the business is simple: if You won't invest any money in competetive stuff, good developers which are able to write good game code You can't expect that Your game, Your product will succed on international level.
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    First off, thank you for responding!

    I hear where your coming from, and from what you said, I appreciate the effort for everyone on the team. I'm glad to hear that you guys are looking at the current weapons meta and other issues with the bugs and glitches. A survey would be great, I'll be sure to add my few cents in when forms are available.

    I understand where your coming from regarding putting out a date for certain features after making sure everything is in order. Testing and tweaking has to be thorough, and it would hurt to put out a date when the expected time is unrealistic for your release. I personally will try to be as patient as possible, but I'll hold ya to the dates you do put out when the time comes for most of these changes for accountability :).

    And yes communication is key! I know you guys get heckled on twitter and here on the forums for not saying your side, I get that you all are working hard, but I feel a detailed Roadmap is needed for an estimate of whats to come if there is an extended period of time where devs cant respond due to workload, or whatever the case may be. Alot of questions players have can be answered on something like that to quell the updates panic that goes around.

    In any case, thanks again for responding and giving us a quick run down of whats happening right now.
  17. WarNtea64 Member

    Hey Mayster, thanks for reading!

    We are on the same page brotha, These ideas came from the forums and H1 players, and I really do hope that the implement a lot of the community ideas for Season 4, they already added in 3rd person ads for testing in the arcade, so I'm confident they'll do a lot more. Especially in comparison with the crazy events and new items we see in other BR's (example: Thanos in Fortnite). Since this is more on the realistic side, there's SO much that could enhance the game play positively, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
  18. WarNtea64 Member

    Hey Blumanno, welcome to the forum!

    I agree with you, I think we all want this game to be awesome, zombies would be an amazing addition in my opinion, whether it be in a different game mode all together, or within regular matches in the gas as the game progresses to make the circle deadlier, it would be great to see how they pull it off. In my opinion, I KNOW its possible, its just a matter of when and how they'll do it.
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    Why don't you devs do weekly dev stream or debrief
  20. lolbeast56 New Member

    couse they were working with nantg in the same area that had the stream room but then daybreack moved to the other side to work just for h1z1 ps4 no longer is in charge with thier tsream room