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    To the Development Team at Daybreak, and to ANY of the higher ups that actually have control over this game,

    Before I go into detail about this post, I want to be VERY clear in saying that I'm only making this post for the improvement and advancement of this game in the most positive, yet serious way possible. I was, and still am a strong advocate for this game and I only want to see this game prosper. Since the beta, we've all seen the effort and the initial improvements that made this game shine brighter. And especially so, considering the battle royale genre and the rising video game competitors that have been building in popularity, the LAST thing that I want to see is this game falling into irrelevancy.

    I had 2 posts on the original H1Z1 Forum before it was changed and deleted to the current platform we 're currently on. I was praising the progression and laying out the combined requests and ideas from this community, from a hopeful and excited perspective.

    It was called "The Ultimate List of H1Z1 Compiled Community Suggestions, Demands, Fixes, and Ideas" Part 1 & 2, that was very well received. I had searched all posts in the forum, and made an extensive list of community posts and positively agreed upon suggestions that were fair and viable, and at the time, the game updates were consistent weekly, the game bugs and fixes were looked at, and I actually felt like you guys really paid attention to the requests regarding what would make the experience better for us all.

    Now...Things are NOT looking good. On so many different levels:
    The Inconsistent Updates, the Crossbow Meta, Weapon Imbalances, and the Same Glitches from Beta...

    These alone are making people very angry, including myself and I will say my piece on ALL of these issues and more, because as patient as we are for this game to rise up, in order for it to do so, drastic change is a MUST.

    Something to shake things back in order and to give the current competitors (Fortnite, Apex Legends, Blackout, PubG) a run for its money as far as what make H1Z1 UNIQUE in its own features...

    With that being said, I have once again made a list of features, bugs, and suggestions in hopes that its taken seriously and into consideration as far as what needs to be done to keep current players, bring back the ones that have moved on to other games and to bring in new blood to this style of Battle Royale.


    As stated in closed beta, open beta, reddit and within H1Z1 Twitter posts and forums all over the web, THIS IS A HIGHLY request feature that was taken away from us for "toxicity" issues.

    When I first heard about this game and heard that this was something that was implemented in gameplay, this was the biggest selling point for me. I saw what it looked like in closed beta, and the video above is a perfect example of competitive play and fun encounters that can be experienced and shared for content creators and viewers. The talk about toxic players and complaining is a simple fix: Make it OPTIONAL.
    Players who can't take competitive talk can simply turn the chat option off. Make it mandatory to let ALL players know the feature is live, in a tutorial format, and let players decide whether to have it enabled. This feature is drastic enough to bring back players who felt that the game was stagnant in the voice chat department. It will also spark up content creation around entertaining encounters via video and hold players accountable regarding the teaming issue in identifying cheating players. Right now as it stands, I see more players teaming in solos than how it was in beta stage.

    Personally I feel that having this feature as well as MANY other features will promote content creation, and with more videos and content being created, the ability to catch teaming players are higher.

    And for entertainment value, imagine having this feature, driving the police car with a microphone effect, telling your opponent to pull over. It would be hilarious, and as players, we've seen things like this be done in games like GTA, PubG and many others on console as well as PC.

    In all seriousness, this is a massive feature the H1Z1 community has been asking for, this is a feature that would step H1 out of the line of every other BR on console right now. Make this available again, as you did in closed beta.


    Watch this video. Literally, this video was posted today by one popular H1Z1 player KingPlaysYolos. He regularly played on the PC and the the PS4, during beta and beyond, but due to the stagnant nature of the development and the constant community complaints, he has since moved on to playing other games, but he recently came back to play and has purposefully exploits the crossbow as far as damage and the emp effect to beat many players to SHOW how bad gameplay is with having such a powerful weapon widely available. I was on the live stream of this gameplay before it was edited and he explained his great points on the game updates, and crossbow status, and he has made his point on this post here:

    Simply put, the Crossbow needs a SERIOUS nerf, either remove it from the game, or reduce damage, remove emp effect, ,reduce ammo count, reduce frequency, and/or put them in purple/ gold drops.


    Inconsistency in communication and updates regarding where the games direction is unfortunately will be the quickest death to this game if nothing is done. The overhaul on the game menu, the surprise skins, emblems (that we have to pay for) and small fixes are good, as far as keeping things fresh. But that only lasts for so long. There wasn't a consistent plan in place. Aside from leader boards, there's nothing else really to grind for, no new items to actually earn, no creative rewards, nothing to look forward to, just surprises that aren't always welcomed.

    We need something consistent, as far as content and communication is concerned. Other games in the same genre are going into season 9-10, New events are being used to improve gameplay, weekly updates, REGULAR communication with devs with actual responses that aren't canned, always something new and moving forward. Not a dragged out season with 100+ days and minuscule content each day in effort to hold us over till a small update comes out, and even then more often than not, we have no idea whats actually going to change.

    I dont want to make theories as to why things aren't moving smoothly, but if there are issues in daybreak, I believe we are obligated to know what going on, considering how many of us have invested into the game. I know there were issues on the PC side, and help was granted via Jace Hall and other important folks for making the game fixes, but if there is something up regarding having enough personnel and staff to develop and fix things on the console end,

    I hate to assume, but I love this game too much to not voice any concern of possibility.


    First off, its awesome to see that there's a free for all mode in the game, a very nice addition to the current game modes, however, I have seen many suggestions that would bring plenty of variety to how we play. It could be a voting system for specific modes, for example, a match of 5's with every player voting on revives or no revives. Or aiming in 3rd person as an arcade mode. These are viable ideas that can work in the game currently, of course when the games mechanics are attended to first...

    *Tournament Mode: HUGE shoutout to the H1z1 player "Rossburger" he regularly holds massive tournaments on his own stream and channel. Many people watch and there are prizes that he gives out to the winners. I appreciate seeing you do that for the community players, and i'm glad to see you leading with positivity and integrity.

    A tournament mode would be a great compliment for the leaderboards as far as ranked competitive matches and prestige among players.

    *Zombie Mode (or Just Survive):
    Implement zombies in some way shape or form. A mode to have players play in Teams to escape from a map full of zombies via train, van or helicopter, or an endless run to see how high of a score can be achieved. Just SOMETHING to fulfill the "Z1" part of the game. Something like the video below, a little faster paced, with a way to win would be an amazing addition to the game.

    -No Revive 5's (How fives were in beta)

    *Night Mode or Dynamic Weather Change + Snow

    I recall seeing the "dynamic weather change" in my email when the game was constantly being updated. I was thinking more along the lines of having day going into night DURING gameplay, instead of having an full game of sunny, or a full game of cloudy. Experimentation of weather changing as well as adding in Night time and Snow would be refreshing for strategy and how to move about tactically.

    -1st Person Mode or 3rd Person Aiming mode (Highly in demand last year due to glitch)

    It would not hurt to at LEAST give these game modes a strong try to see would works and what would stick.

    This is Part 1 of this thread, I'll post Part 2 Shortly as I'm unable to make a long post past 10000 characters

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    Nice post..

    1- Proximity chat : I personally think proximity chat would "help" ppl to cheat, as you can see in the video, 2 guys not fighting.. Maybe in practice mode would be ok, not sure about FFA, absolutely not in "regular" matches..

    2- I ALWAYS thought the EMP xbow was fine, I enjoy it a LOT more since the EMP effect has been added to it.. Before, I would not even bother picking it up, now, I always take it.. but with that example, I kind of agree a bit more with xbow "haters".. Probably moving it up category would be a good idea, and probably the best idea IMO.. or adding a purple bow with splash damage, removing the damage from the xbow.. adding purple bolts with the damage.. not sure, or simply removing the damage from it, and keeping the EMP effect.. because I really do think that the EMP is very important to "balance" the end game...

    3- I agree.. There is something "wrong" about devs / bugs / interaction with us / updates.. I was excited about the game, the forums, reporting bugs, etc., now I am not sure, I am kind of more pissed than happy about it.. about everything... didnt play for the last 2 weeks, and I do not really care about whatsoever, but surely disappointed..

    4- Not much to say, I agree..

    And again, very nice post.. Thank you..
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    Thank you for your response and kind words RuTh0x,

    I knew that folks that watched the video would pick up on the 2 players that didnt fight each other, so in light of that, to implement it in game would be a challenge. To retest it out, it could be a different game mode all together. Like a Zombie mode where helping could be a choice, used for mutal help or used to trap/ ambush other players, in other words, a lawless mode. It could be a test in FFA for addtional competitive and entertaining gamplay or arcade mode, much like how they are now implementing 3rd person shooting in that mode first, just to see how it goes. In any case, their current method to tracking cheaters or teamers is just sending them an email with video evidence. I believe that method alone is helpful but not enough, and I have yet to see or hear anyone getting banned for teaming as it stands right now, which means another active method must be used to catch such players right now, considering the threads and complaints in this forum, whether it be active moderators who watch gameplay or video replays. I agree that it would be a bit risky just putting it back in regular games as it is right now, but I'm sure it could be used safely in some way. Once again it was a huge selling point for the game, and it would be a HUGE advantage for features comparing all console Battle Royales out right now if implemented correctly.

    In regards to the crossbows, I agree with you, I liked them especially since I had many times where players towards the beginning or middle of a game would just run away and play afraid, it was awesome to force a fight at will, but seeing how its being abused now, it could be viable to reduce the explosive damage, or even have no explosive damage, and have emp applied to direct hits, as well as moving them up to purple/ gold crates, that can possibly work, I do agree that emp does play a big part in keeping things balanced, but it needs to be changed as it is right now. It may not even need to be implemented via crossbow, maybe another creative method, but something fair.

    For Updates, It's been an ongoing issue regarding the response rate and updates from the Devs. In 2 of my posts that I've made, they've responded, and when I addressed the communication issue, they said they are working on it. Even though I'm glad they talked to me, I was so frustrated, but I had to think: if they are working hard to better the game and do whats needed to fix most issues, I'll personally be patient for a bit longer. Its hard to wait, but thinking about Beta, S1 to now in S3, Its been a LOT of changes, and improvements, so I cant take that away from them, but CONSISTENCY is key to make things better overall.
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    @WarNTea64 totally agreed with You. Game needs many updates and to do that Daybreak need more competetive stuff i think. How many dev's are working now for next updates/incoming season 4? My thoughts are around bad decisions in DB - why they focus to adding some **** stuff to the game like banners etc. not on game improvment? Why they not listening us?

    To Xbow fixes - for me EMP effect should be available only when You hit certain in the car, not near and need to bit shorter than EMP granade effect. Voila, i just fixed biggest issue XD

    Consistency in this game? Where? You hitting from Riot in to the armored chest and You are able to take enemy down by 1 shot but straight shot in to armored head won't make enemy down? Heheh few months ago i would be angry, now im just laughing....
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    Beautifully put - we really love this game as it has unique elements that no other battle royale has - your eloquent post sums it up - yes the Crossbow must change drastically !
  6. WarNtea64 Member

    Thank you for reading and kind words Steve!

    The crossbow is definitely something that has to change real soon, and the devs said they would, the sooner the better, I just hope that theres a MAJOR update for Season 4 to get things back on track as well as consistent. They havent done the Fort Destiny Update vids in a while, so I'm hoping they do something similar to interact with us once again for updates and faqs.
  7. WarNtea64 Member

    Thanks again for reading and posting mayster!

    They are going to do something about the shotgun and crossbow, I just received an email rom daybreak for the survey as well as the in game survey. You can cast your opinion there, I'm looking forward to the changes for season 4.
  8. Punk_Out Member

    The splash damge range and the EMP range are the only thing that need to be reduced on the crossbow. But if the crossbow didn't ignore armour that would make it less OP. If it does get nerfed i hope they do not over do it. It's a handy weapon both for doing damage and stopping vehicles.

    Solos and Duos are probably the worst for getting recked by crossbow bolts so many cowards that cannot get into a real gunfight, especially at the beginning of rounds.

    Fives I find the balance is not to bad because you got your squad with you when that lonewolf on a ATV shows up trying to get easy kills. I find when they nerf one weapon that in a few weeks someone will suggest to nerf something else because everyone had switched to a new "OP weapon". It's happened to a bunch of Indie games and some popular games that almost make people not want to play them again.

    After what happened to the Combat Shotgun it just makes me worried that anything else they nerf will be over done.
  9. WarNtea64 Member

    They did EXACTLY that in the most recent update, reduced EMP and splash damage. It was still bad back then even in 5's but I feel the game is more balanced now for the nerf. The combat shotgun is a hit or miss, not exactly sure how to balance it after the nerf. I prefer using the regular one, it seems to be stronger. The game might be more balanced if it was removed. Hellfire needs a buff, RPG isnt worthy of gold drops and the desert eagle is useless. We need a total weapon balance for the current weapons and ADD new ones for sure.