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  1. Riviere SWAT EQ

    Greetings Bristlebane!
    This is the one you have been waiting for! Test of Speed! (I wonder who will drown this year? :p)
    Please join us Tuesday July 28th at 6pm PST! This is the big one with lots of points and prizes up for grab! See you there! :)
  2. Riviere SWAT EQ

    Hail Bristlebane!
    There is an unwilling fire worshiper with a not so well thought out plan in need of your assistance Saturday, August 8th at 5pm.
  3. Riviere SWAT EQ

    Hail Bristlebane!
    The great Fire Warden himself has decreed there shall be a tournament in honor of the Days of Light! We hope you will join us for a fun Arena event Tuesday, August 25th @ 7pm!
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  4. Riviere SWAT EQ

    Hail Bristlebane!
    It's happened again! Raddish, the hapless steed, has wandered off and got himself captured by evil goblins! We are going to be asking for your help to rescue Raddish today (Wednesday 9/23) at around 3 pm PT. Hope to see you there! :)

    Note: Unfortunately, due to circumstances we will not be able to rescue Raddish today, that will have to wait for another day. However, there is a rumor about about that a certain baking prodigy will be looking for some help at around 3:30 pm PT
  5. Riviere SWAT EQ

    Greeting Bristlebane!
    If you aren't doing anything around 3pm today Mrs. Claugg could use your help! She will be in Greater Faydark looking for assistance! ;)
  6. Riviere SWAT EQ

    Greetings Bristlebane!
    The Winter Funderland Carnival is coming to Bristlebane! Want to have some fun, win prizes? Come play our carnival games! We are planning to start the event at approximately 7pm PT on December 30th! Hope to see you there! :)

    Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances we must postpone this event until tomorrow (Thursday) 12/31 @ 6pm PT. We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause.
  7. Riviere SWAT EQ

    Hail Bristlebane!
    There's a certain miserable Lycan looking to exact some revenge today, Tuesday 7/12 at 4pm in PoK. He needs all the help he can get! ;)
  8. Saenyer SWAT EQ

    Hello Bristlebane!

    A momma is in need of help to run some errands!!! This Wednesday 2/3 at 7pm In Commonlands a momma troll needs help!
  9. Bimpy SWAT EQ

    Greetings Bristlebane!

    Dress warm, a cold hunt begins at 2. Find the big game hunter in PoK to learn of your quarry.
  10. Bimpy SWAT EQ

    Looks like some Tier'Dal mages need some help in PoK. Look for them around 3 PM PST
  11. Bimpy SWAT EQ

    Rumor has it a drunk dwarf might be stumbling through New Tanaan around lunchtime (12 Noon PST). Might want to go give him a hand.
  12. Bimpy SWAT EQ

    Greetings Bristlebane!
    More shenanigans ensue as fuzzy midget tourists arrive in Crescent Reach. Find them tomorrow at 2 PST, 3/4/21, and show them around!
  13. Bimpy SWAT EQ

    Greetings Bristlebane!
    A renowned hunter will be visiting New Tanaan(PoK) at 7 PM today! Can YOU meet his challenge?
  14. Bimpy SWAT EQ

    Greetings and Salutations Bristlebane..... wait a sec is that a talking clock in PoK? Uhhhhhh maybe you adventurers should look into that.
  15. Bimpy SWAT EQ

    Greetings Bristlebane! It is I! Bimpy the Gnome Bard, the one and true, and I have A SCAVENGER HUNT FOR YOU. Come find me in Butcherblock mountains, today at 2.
  16. Bimpy SWAT EQ

    Greetings Bristlebane! Tis the season to appreciate all thing alcohol and bar related... so join us on Friday at 4 for a good old fashioned dwarven bar fight!
  17. Bimpy SWAT EQ

    Greetings Bristlbane! Theres always something lovely in the air come spring..... no wait that's cat hair... Looks like someone's lost their pets in PoK. Find them on April Fools Day at 4 PST and get them back home.
  18. Bimpy SWAT EQ

    Greetings Bristlebane, looks like the cats got rained in. But if they got out once they will probably do it again.
  19. Bimpy SWAT EQ

    GREETINGS BRI-::ACHOOOOOOOO:: Oh, well looks like the cats are back, and apparently I'm allergic. Do Ole Bimpy a favor and go round those up tonight at 6 PST. Dinner without cathair would be great!
  20. Riviere SWAT EQ

    Greetings Bristlebane!
    Seems like a nice day for a parade! If you'd like to join us bring your best costume and meet us at the Nexus stone at 2 pm today (4/11). Turn on "walk" and practice your parade wave! This should be fun ;)