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Discussion in 'Monk' started by ARCHIVED-ServalCat, May 4, 2005.

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    Raahl, what ever dude. You weren't there so how can you say that? Move on.
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    Raahl is going by what you told us. The cleric said "I'll tank". You said "I'll not off-tank to a cleric. I'm a tank, not you" and left the group. I'd have to agree. You sound very rude. Unless he said something else to you that YOU failed to mention, I'm taking the cleric's side on this one. Maybe he hasn't had a monk take him aside and explain the facts of life. Maybe they all keep saying "I"m a tank. Not you" and leaving.
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    Exactly. Applauds Cronon.
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    LOL, what are you guys the frickin EQ2 police? I don't care what you say, nobody cares what you say. Get a life rather than spending time on this dead thread. Flame on cause I won't be reading this thread anymore. I have better things to do. I guess you guys never left a group cause it wasn't to your liking? I pay good money to play this game and I have the right to play the way I want - DARN IT!!
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    Kind of wierd to post a thread to talk about it then, when you don't care what people have to say.
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    LOL. Gage your too much. :D
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    Here inlies the problem some people are having when trying to find groups. close minded people. Just because your a tank you think your the only one that can tank and no one else can. I play a monk, paly, brigand. with they right type of group setup and good armor anyone can tank most mobs. My monk or my paly get selected most times for MT, but I will move aside for someone that has higher HP/AC any day. it just makes sence.
    I beleive alot of it has to do with the EXP debt at higher levels. Some people are just so afraid to die so they won't try anything different. I've been in a group where a warlock was the tank with 2 beserkers and me a 22 brigand. we were taking on ^^ mobs of 3 or more and the warlock was kicking butt at being a tank. we were stealing the agro alot, but it was fun.
    But as someone mentioned when caster classes get thier parry skill removed then things might be different. which I hate, because it just messes up my 23 mystics soloing ability. I guess I'll just move on and adapt.
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    Ahh, the ownage. So much ownage.

    He's right, you were being a jerk. Kinda like the Guardian that left my group when he dropped below 40% on a named mob...Whiner.
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    Right. What I would have done in the original case (and what I did last night too...) is simply "Ok, you tank" and then taunt... Rinse and repeat and let the templar leave the group if he still wants to tank. I was thanked by the group much later when I had to go.
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    I had the same exact thing happen to me in a group with a Warden and a wizzy. The Warden wanted to tank. I told him to go ahead; but I had taunts to keep aggro off the wizzy. Then he agreed that I should tank.
    At least he didn't think I was a priest, which many in groups have thought. Silly Silly.
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