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    This post has moved: /eq2/posts/preList.m?topic_id=445320&post_id=5496405 Do not make posts detailing Customer Service tickets or soliciting feedback about Customer Service resolutions.
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    This post has moved: /eq2/posts/preList.m?topic_id=445320&post_id=5496407 Do not make posts detailing Customer Service tickets or soliciting feedback about Customer Service resolutions.
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    It is getting LOL funny, either I am blind or I have to retract my earlier statement:
    "3) The apathy indicated by the user base on something that you would think was widely utilized by paying, playing customers. This has been going on for quite sometime, I had assumed that someone MUST have reported it earlier. So either peeps are not using the site or they just 'expect' it to be sub par."
    I spent quite a bit of time this morning looking for a way to provide site feed back on WWW.EVERQUEST2.COM. And .... you guessed it already didn't you?
    It has been indicated that www.everquest2.com is is separate from EQ2 support, yet every shortcut you take for support or any kind of feedback sends you to game specific support. I can find no way to provide feedback or ask for support regarding Everquest II's PRIMARY web site :) Sorry I think that is just ROFL pathetic!!!
    Unless of course I am too blind to see it? In that case the joke is on me.
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    I know I have tried using search not logged into my profile on 2 different computers and get the same error message. I know you use to have to be logged in to use some advanced features but was just trying basic search for a name to see if it is used which may not show if hidden by user or even just looking for a guild.
    A web feedback link would be very nice and useful.
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    I am having the same issue. While logged in and not logged in to my account.
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    Posting CSR correspodence or soliciting feedback on a CSR resolution is against the forum rules.
    You can view the forum guidelines here, http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/...topic_id=484648
    "Don't make posts detailing Customer Service tickets or soliciting feedback about Customer Service resolutions. All requests and feedback about Customer Service issues should be handled through tickets or emails using the Knowledge Base. (www.station.sony.com/kb)"
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    TSR-JoshuaM wrote:
    What is that supposed to provide? How many people do your think are going to understand that problems with the www.everquest2.com site need to be reported and a different site at a seemingly unrelated url?
    I never go to www.eq2players.com, I go to www.everquest2.com, so does any one researching EQ2. Again, pathetic.
    Someone just put a Site Feed back link on the mainpage. One that is easily found. One that actually gets looked at. One would think it would be simple common sense. Maybe someone repsponsible for the page would actually like to get feedback so that the people using it would would provide feeback on problems, issues or provide great ideas for it.
    Even podunk operations have a feed back shortcut on thier web sites.... but not Everquest2. Sheeeesh!
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    TSR-JoshuaM wrote:

    If this post had originally been put in here it would have been ignored like all the others. Does the web team even read it?
  10. ARCHIVED-Hellswrath Guest

    HeionEQ wrote:
    No. They don't. No one that is associated with the web team, nor our (oh-so-effective) web team liaison, has logged in to the forums since November.
    The only reason this got a response or was properly reported was because it got put in the wrong forum. You know, one where someone actually cares at least a little.
    This site is abandoned. It has been for some time, and it will continue to be until SOE thinks it's effecting their bottom line. Nor will their thinking be effected by what us lowly gamers try to tell them about our first hand experiences of people leaving or not coming back due to treatment like this. So, for the most part, most of us have stopped trying.
    I certainly didn't report this newest breakage in the website. Why would I not do this most basic thing for a part of the community that I have cared greatly about for so long? Because I really hate wasting my time.
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    Try fixing the site already. This gets real old when a expac is coming with no site to access info we might want to look at. A site that has a lot of useful info comes hand in hand with any game. I guess SOE just doesn't care enough and is only concerned about all the wrong things. THIS IS A FLIPPING JOKE AT THIS POINT....FIX IT ALREADY!!!
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    And what potential customer looking for information regarding EQ2 is going to know to report a problem at http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/...m?forum_id=2599 when they are visiting www.everquest2.com page to take a look at the game? Hell I have payed EQ2 Since 01/2005 and I don't ever go to eq2players.com. To report the problem it never occured to me to go to the forums to report it.
    As it is obvious that the problem has no urgency perhaps you can at least make it more simple to report a problem. Put a Site Feedback URL on the WWW.EVRQUEST2.COM. That makes it easy to report a problem.
    Just to 10 friggin minutes and do it! Here copy this link to your buried site so that customers and potential customers can at least report a problem. Call it .... oh IDK "Site Feedback"?
    Though looking at it you may have to clarify that it is indeed for the WWW.EVRQUEST2.COM and in reality WWW.EVRQUEST2.COM = WWW.EQ2PLAYERS.COM
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    From what I see, they fixed the search function and it didn't take that long.
    Now......can we get the links to work to edit our profiles? I get the original error message when I go in to try and edit any of my characters.
  15. ARCHIVED-Katz Guest

    Striikor@Nektulos wrote:
    EQ2players has been so broken for so long that most of us have given up on it. It's something else that you reported this in the wrong subforum and it actually got something fixed.
    I wonder if that would work for the other broken parts of the site?
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    Simple solution, until this feature of the EQ2 website is fixed and working properly it should be removed from the website simple as that. Having a feature on your website that is broken and has continued to be broken for sometime looks poorly upon yourself as a company. If, as you say, the company and the web people are unable to devote the resources to fix and make this feature workable, then it should be removed until a time when it can be fixed.
    Since the game is attempting to attract new players by offering EQ2x, doing a bit of advertising, and offering up the semi-functional EQ2 mobile via AFK Interactive, and those undoubtly leads them to the EQ2 main website and new customers are trying out features and the one feature that is prominent is this search function and it fails spectacularly looks bad, really bad from a customer standpoint.
    Do I want it gone forever, not in the slightest, I just hope that it would function the way that the original designers had hoped it to work, so until that time comes do everyone a favour and just remove it.
  17. ARCHIVED-Elskidor Guest

    Or just fix it..

    The search may be up and working again, but the data is still months old and, lol, my characters don't even exist on it. I use to love looking up stuff at this place. Pitty.
  18. ARCHIVED-Lyleana Guest

    That is the same evil Error Message I get as well. Please FIX IT!!!!
  19. ARCHIVED-Elifin Guest

    TSR-JoshuaM wrote:
    Um? Say what?
    It's been broken for god knows how long now and you'll look into it as soon as possible? How could anyone at $oE not be aware that it wasn't working?
    FIX IT! So hard not to swear tbh.
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    This is getting very annoying at this point. Please fix the website.

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