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  1. ARCHIVED-Toball Tokor Guest

    I have not been able to use the search function on the everquest2 web site for a long time now. I am not the only one, everyone I have asked to try it gets a fail too. Does not matter if it is character, guild or items. The only search function that works is Forums.
    Can any of you get it to work? I just get:
  2. ARCHIVED-TSR-JoshuaM Guest

    You can PM me your Station Name and Character Information (name, lvl, class, race) and I will submit a report on it. It is specific to broken profiles that need to be identified.
  3. ARCHIVED-Toball Tokor Guest

    Can't imagine what Character, Name, Level, Class, Race or even station name has to do with a search on www.everquest2.com.
    Again on www.everquest2.com using the search gives that failure when looking for Characters, Guilds or items. Searching for forum works. Logged in or not logged in those searches fail. Try it yourself, I have had 5 people try it none of them can get it to work.
    But I will go ahead and provide the info you want anyhow.
  4. ARCHIVED-TSR-JoshuaM Guest

    Ah I did just get in this morning and didn't check the standard search function. I logged in to my profile and pulled up my list.
    I'll get the search looked in to as soon as possible.
  5. ARCHIVED-Toball Tokor Guest

  6. ARCHIVED-TSR-JoshuaM Guest

    I do want to let you know that EQ2Players is not maintained by Customer Support so I cannot guarantee a turnaround time. I'll submit the report and we'll wait together for the web team fix! :)
  7. ARCHIVED-Toball Tokor Guest

    Could you reproduce the error?
  8. ARCHIVED-TSR-JoshuaM Guest

    Yes I reproduced it here :)
    Report has been submitted as well.
  9. ARCHIVED-Duddyfunk Guest

    FYI This has been broken off and on over the course of the last month or so. It is not an isolated event. It would be very easy to script this sort of thing and monitor it's function using a service check of some sort. I can't imagine SOE didn't already know about this??? Maybe some sort of update to let people know would help.

  10. ARCHIVED-Cerryl Infinate Guest

    I've had the same problem for awhile now as well. I'm hoping it is fixed soon since I need my guild ID for our website to download the roster. =/
  11. ARCHIVED-TSR-JoshuaM Guest

    I am still getting all the information on the state of EQ2Players and getting it all squared away. I will post more information when I have it.
  12. ARCHIVED-Berekona Guest

    Who maintains the eq2 players?
  13. ARCHIVED-TSR-JoshuaM Guest

    Our Web team does.
  14. ARCHIVED-Toball Tokor Guest

    I can't imagine I was the first to report this. It is really dissapointing that
    1) That something so basic to the EVERQUEST2 MAIN web site not apparently identified by the Web Team itself
    2) That is has been going on as long as it has
    3) The apathy indicated by the user base on something that you would think was widely utilized by paying, playing customers. This has been going on for quite sometime, I had assumed that someone MUST have reported it earlier. So either peeps are not using the site or they just 'expect' it to be sub par.
    It makes me wonder if use of the main web site is so low because we can find better information, more reliably elsewhere on the web. Simple thing for instance a MUCH better display and tool for AA's on http://www.beetny.com/eq2aa than on EQ2 own web site (which give some incomprehensible number for the AA's a toon might have). EVERQUEST2.COM does not even go to the trouble to list the AA choices in the format presented in the game itself, just a lame table representation! That is just one example, there are many many others. In fact is there any web tool or representation that the EQ2's Main site does better than 'fan' site? For the life of me I can't think of one.
  15. ARCHIVED-das2000uk Guest

    Striikor@Nektulos wrote:
    Exactly the same error here on one of my accounts, my other accounts work fine.
  16. ARCHIVED-Toball Tokor Guest

    das2000uk wrote:
    Interesting since the exact some thing happens when you DON'T login.
    I have one account all 11 toons list when I login, I can look at all 11 toons, I can't search for a guild, character or item.
    If I don't log in, it does not know me from Adam (have cleared cache and cookies), there is still a search option and I still can't search guild, character or item (only forum search works). Doesn't matter if I use IE, FireFox, Chrome or Opera. So I don't think it has anything to do with an account.
  17. ARCHIVED-Cerryl Infinate Guest

    das2000uk wrote:
    Could you or anyone who has access do me a HUGE favor please? I need the guild ID for Teutonic Knights. If you do a search for them you should get a web address. What I need is the number in the red box. (ex: http://eq2players.station.sony.com/Guild/12345678/).
  18. ARCHIVED-Jaremai Guest

    Cerryl@Permafrost wrote:
    Can't do it by eqplayers since it's broken.. but google has you:
  19. ARCHIVED-Cerryl Infinate Guest

    Jaremai@Guk wrote:
    Thanks a bunch! I verified the link and it's the right guild, but looks like it has not been updated since before the server merge so the roster isn't updated. Guess I'll just have to wait until they fix it. Again, thanks for getting the info.
  20. ARCHIVED-Jaremai Guest

    Yeh I looked at it and didn't see you on the roster but figured it was borked like the rest of the data so... *shrug*
    Good luck. :)

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