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    This has been broken for ages, it was broken last October, returned for a brief period broke again, worked briefly broke and since the server mergers has been extremely unreliable at best, I'm sure that the mergers had something to do with it, and it very well could be something simple like references to old servers causing the problem.
    After the server merger I have been unable to look my character up with search because another character has the same name that was merged from blackburrow, clicking on my name always brings their character up when searched. I can access it from the web site menu on the left where I can drop down a lit of all my characters, but the data is very outdated.
    This is another thing that has been reported repeatedly, and it has been returned that the webteam maintains that and it was stated that it was not a high priority at the time. It would be great if you could get something done on this, as it is a very useful tool if used properly.
  2. ARCHIVED-Conandar Guest

    Frankly, this continous refrain of "this is not a customer service issue, it is a web team issue" is annoying at best! We are customers who pay every month for service, and we really don't care about what "team" you call it for the service, and we don't care that you chose to stop charging extra for the web products. What we care about is wether the product works or not....and for a large segment of us (the customer) the product (the web site service) does not work. That sounds like a Customer Service issue, and we really don't care about your internal differences between Customer Service teams.
    Rolling out a flawed, and in some cases, a completely broken product makes for very unhappy customers.
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    I have the same problem. It reproduces whether I am logged in or not. It reproduces for a friend on his account. It reproduces when you type in known, active characters. You can enter a name in the search field see them listed in the search results, but you get the error when you click the name. The same thing happens when I enter my guild name. It also happens when you select one of your character profiles in the drop down menu. Click on guild, select someone from the roster, and the same thing. I have a hard time believing that this has to do with some corruption in our account data, and is not some more global flaw with the website.

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