Wow, [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] did they do to us?

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Taeolen, Nov 23, 2006.

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    Without any hate transfer, I need to do it this way to hold aggro well. I sometimes use Def stance but the my 2 hander is the Fabled sword of slaughter (96.7 damage rating right now) and I am wearing gaunts of glorious speed for 22% haste. The only pieces of fabled i have right now are relic boots and doomrage forearms.
    I also bought some adornments (stay away from the fabled stuff as the nerfs continue) like the +6 to all stats, and the +67 slashing/crushing/peircing.

    Contrary to what we thought, Mit is even more KING in this expansion. By getting you mit up, frees up using stances so you can do more DPS.

    BTW - anyone notice the resists on our taunts is less in the last few days?
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    Futhermore, i believe, although other classes (ill use SK for this seeing that my bro is a lvl 70 one) are capable of now tanking... that does not mean that they are OPTIMAL... The guardian is remains the optimal tank! Why does SoE not introduce mobs that have their autoattack shifted from c/s/p to disease???? Making SK the optimal tank? It encourages guilds to have a healthy roster? same way that defilers and mystics are essential in alot of the end of game stuff? Sigh... guess it is true that it is easier to have one MT in a raiding guild... as they can then speed tank zones and make less mistakes etc etc

    There is at one raid namer in freethinkers right now that hits with physical + disease on every auto attack.
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    I did mean Tank classes only btw on that... i.e. SK, Pally, Zerkers, Guardians, Brawlers and Monks. Didnt mean mage/scout classes can tank now.
    Basically the difference between the ability to tank between Pally, SKs, Brawlers, monks and Zerkers has been narrowed... whilst the difference between the rest of us (pally, sk, brawler, monks, zerkers) and guardians has increased, imo beyond a threshold which means that they are the only reliable MT atm. Aye Illustrious, i did remeber that mob in freethinkers after i had posted, but imo, its not enough... need more! Otherwise they will jus use a guardian and buff his disease problem solved... and with all this extra uber utility they get they can pull it off np.
    I cannot say how dissapointed i am in this, i had thought that SoE had ment in EoF at the very least, to begin the transformation from guardian as the only viable MT option for an optimal raidforce. They can make zerkers with a different flavour... or sks or pallis, monks or brawlers... it requires some balls and innovativeness which im sure they are capable of, i guess they have started with that mob in freethinkers but needs more urgent attention.
    I now see a zerkers roll as more blurry then ever, we do good dps (but not uber - and only in special circumstances i.e. large groups), we tank well, but not incredably reliably. For example, okay from an KoS perspective, guardians could get the shield dodge skill, that would only work on mobs infront of them... i.e. for single nameds. Zerkers could get an AoE shield Dodge... so mobs around us front side and back couldnt hit us for x amount of seconds and we get stifled or somthing and still be able to taunt!... and we not have to go down a **** (agi) line to do it,. this is apparent in the buckler line but guardians get it too. Or we could have some sort of zerk skill make us go balistic and inc armour by xx amount and inc hate gain + maybe a stoneskin proc... this would be the TRUE JUGGERNAUT skill! Not make us a pansy so we can hit a bit harder! the current effects of juggernaut do not tie in with the oxford dictionary defintion or the wikipedia one! Instead we get HP regen, and inc in dps. Our final abilities are medium at best, and most of them are just outright poor compared to guardians.
    Furthermore, this adds to the games playability! RL could have more then one choice of a guardian, the aoe dodge skill could have less time or fewer procs then guardians frontal one (to make it balanced) meaning that zerkers were optimal on 50% of the nameds and guardians on the other, or better yet... to blur the boundry between the two... Im in an end of tier raiding guild... and ffs, i am gettin sick of guardian tank this, guardian tank that... its getting boring! I love finding out strats for challenging encounters like matron n that... but its still the guardian that is the mt... mainly coz of his/her utility... tower of stone, single target hate debuff etc. /Yawn basically!
    I can only hope that SoE will do somthing to address this... coz if a guardian is selected even more to OT now and MT, then what do us zerkers do? Are we the **** brung out only on certain occasions? I hope this isnt our fall from glory
    Maybe im being overly dramatic... but being a zerker since pritty much lu 6. i have seen our tanking ability go around with the wind, and i think KoS was one of strongest times... and now we been slapped hard.
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    I pretty much agree with vlad. Allthough i must say that a skilled berserker can still be a good tank. It's just that you don't get enough tools anymore to compete on a fair way with the guardians. They got everything this xpack while we are sitting here with the lamest aa's ever. I hardly even bother getting aa points quickly...
    To be able to tank we really need a warden now and by pref. also a dirge and a templar. If we get those classes we can still be stronger then the guardian when it comes to aggro on groups. The only problem is that aggrogap is smaller between the guard and the zerker (we are only better on groups anymore) and the defensive gap got bigger between the guardian and the zerker so we actually got nerfed twice in comparison with the guardian. It feels that crappy that you're starting to consider to build your zerker in a dpsmachine (since in offensive stance with some decent buffage we are still capable of huge dps). Betraying to a guardian is not an option since i love the way of the zerker and on top of that i couldn't get it over my heart to throw away a mastered out toon and replace it with a toon with no masters ...

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