Wow, [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] did they do to us?

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Taeolen, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-Taeolen Guest

    Today is the first day I've really gotten a chance to play my Zerker since EoF launch and all I can say is W T F. Full set of Ebon Armor and I only absorb 49.2% of damage it says on persona screen. I go into Defense Stance and it moves up to a whopping 52%...a whole 2.8%.

    Why even bother being in Defense Stance? Mitigation buffs are garbage now too. Can't put all 3 of them up like I could before and they only get my mitigation up to 57% tops.

    Does this get better at higher levels, I'm only 50 atm?

    What a joke I can barely take any hits now. Feels kinda pointless wasting time playing this character now.
  2. ARCHIVED-Clailmebe Guest

    Buy better armor with better stats, use potions/buffs before a fight. Be sure to have a shield, upgrade your defensive stance and dont try going for anything thats got a few levels over you.
    Everyones finding it harder now, so you gotta either step up on the equipment, or just fight normal blue/down blues
    It hopfully will get better at higher lvls + better stances and such...
  3. ARCHIVED-Conjourer Guest

    Stances won't help at the high end to increase mit % any more then it does now, level 10 D stance adept 1 quaility has the same 15% modifier on mit as a master T7 D stance (well our D stance doesn't get upgraded in T7 but the level 50something D stance that is our best option is still only 15% mit modifier to worn armor, so you get my point)...
    The thing is, yeah, we took a beating in this last LU 29. But Berserker is still one of the best options for a tank in the game. These changes effected everyone equally. If you want to play a tank, then your gonna have to adapt. Gear is more important then ever, and stats such as defense, parry, pierce, slash, crush have all been made more important with the changes.
    We are no longer super men, but we are still men, and we still have the lead in battle, so carry on and fight well...

  4. ARCHIVED-Raidi Sovin'faile Guest

    One thing to note, the Ebon armor mastercrafted... and if they changed lower tier mitigation to be like t7, it's going to be mediocre mitigation at best. Getting actual legendary armor, or better yet fabled, will net you a significant change in mitigation. Especially since the defensive stance is based on the mitigation you have from your armor.

    Basically, low mitigation armor = low benefit from defensive stance. Higher mitigation on armor = higher benefit from stance.
  5. ARCHIVED-Oldlore Guest

    lol I remember somewhere the devs saying the game dififculty was based on an assumption of using app4 or adept1 or something like that. Right now you've gotta have ad3s/m1s and legendary-fabled gear and it's still challenging doing heroic instances :) Can't imagine what I'd be doing in just mastercrafted app4 lol.

    But it's true the problem is with all tanks, not just us. My bruisers having a hard time, as are others I've talked to.
  6. ARCHIVED-Taeolen Guest

    Great to hear, since, ya know, level 50s have fabled and legendary gear coming out the nose.
  7. ARCHIVED-Dimglow Guest

    It's definitely rough out there. I get infuriated as a tank player from time to time due to the changes.

    Combat now moves -much- faster. It's a literal DPS frenzy in my typical groups. Some fights against grouped heroics I get to use my encounter taunt ONCE before my group's Warlock finishes the group with me and the rest of the group's AOEs. Holding hate is now a circus. My power bar, which used to be the most full of the group's is now one of the emptiest, and all I am doing is flailing around mashing keys desperately trying to hold hate, and even that isn't enough against top tier DPS. So in the end I feel like a DPS class, not a tank, especially with how hard I get hit. We wear armor, and have defensive abilities why again?

    What I really find frustrating is that they chose to give so many mobs in EOF crowd control abilities as if they had no idea that 99% of them would hit the tank. This is not fun. Being crowd controlled -constantly- by stuns, stifles, roots, snares, mez, etc, etc is stupendously annoying. It makes it nigh impossible to enjoy or even make sense of what you managed to do or not do, or can't do. The uncurable 5 second -I repeat UNCURABLE- stun in Castle Mistmoore has pissed me off beyond belief. Pull a group of 3 vampires (who each have it,) spend half the fight stunned, with no way to build threat, and no way to enjoy yourself. Congratulations, your job that entire fight was to: 1. Take the initial spike DPS. 2. Stand there stunned like a sad sack of worthless meat so your friends don't have to. 3. Chip in some token DPS at the end, you're not getting threat back from the swashy or warlock anyway.

    I tried to do the Sepulcher of Xan Fi in Fallen Dynasty today with two friends and spent over 3/4ths of combat in that zone stunned solid, nevermind that mobs that never topped a 500 hit in there now hit me for over 1k every 10-15 seconds.

    Those kind of experiences are infuriating and insulting as a tank. The fun in tanking for me was eliminating my opponent's ability to do harm, crippling and then devastating them. Now however I just feel very vulnerable, and desperately try to do as much DPS as possible to end the danger to my life.

    Heroic content is definitely not oriented towards app4s and mastercrafted anymore. As a berserker with 32 master Is, and mixed fabled/legendary, I can tell you that even with 2 healers (m1ed out) and a Paladin (all m1 heals/support) the mobs are able to do enough DPS to kill me in some heroic 6-man zones.

    As for what they did to berserkers in particular, they increased our weaknesses by making skills meaningful. This was a deserved nerf. However they also gave us really [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] bad class specific achievements, particularly for line-enders. While Guardians gained double-attack on any weapon/shield setup, and limited invulnerability, we gained a regen that -can not- fully work on a Berserker using remotely decent skill levels, an on command Berserk that is equivalent to something we had in our 30s, and a radius expander that allows us to accidentally pull things through walls. 10 yards on our AOEs results in extra accidental pulls through: Walls in Mistmoore Catacombs. Walls in Valdoon. Walls in Mistmoore Castle (instant wipe usually.) Walls in Nest of the Great Egg. The list goes on. Besides our weak achievement lines we also got hit -very- hard alongside Guardians in that our short term mit buffs are garbage now compared to Crusader healing. It's lovely that we can buff our mit by 2% 30 out of every 90 seconds. Doesn't compare at all in damage reduction/recovery of a single ward from either Crusader, which can be cast a half dozen times or more in that 90 seconds.
  8. ARCHIVED-Syracus Guest

    Hmpf :/

    Dimglows you put your finger on my wounded soul.
    Your words exactly describe my feelings.
    Im play my Berserker since Game started.
    Born as an Warrior i ever feeled near to my Warrior-Brother the Guardin. Fist of all i see mysell as an Warrior i.e. as Tank. I want some possibilities to go a defensive way as an berserker. Dont get me wrong, i dont want to be a guard. I want to do the same job on a diffrent way. But SOE only hears on those crying wannabe DPS`s.
    My fear is that we forced in the same weak role as monks and bruiser (sry guys nothing personal) Why take in future a berserk as tank even when a guard to this job so much better? Why take a berserker as a dps class in a group when so many other classes do this job much better?

    So enough of whining.

    Let me hit the mob like Thors`Hammer but let me be that unbreakable Wall of Flesh and Steel too !

    MFG Gronkh
    70 Berserker on Valor
  9. ARCHIVED-Lalaya Guest

    Dimglow, as usual you write down the feelings of us zerkers like no one else can do. I switched to my Dirge-Alt and simply don't have fun anymore on my zerker. Did you ever try to build some Agro in defstance without an offensive-skill-buffer in the group? All your nice M1 get resisted 80% of the time.... its a punch in the face for the slower folks without maxlevel, at least legendary gear and some M1s.
  10. ARCHIVED-Taeolen Guest

    Wow, Dimglow. That's how I'm feeling right now as well (put more nicely). I am so mad I'm to the point where I'm considering cancelling my account again. I'm sick and tired of them releasing expansions and nerfing crap in the process. I've played MMORPGs long enough to know that nerfs or "balances" are required but I'm sick of being neutered every [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] time during these "fixes".
    As I said, yesterday was the first chance I've gotten to play in a group with my usual friends since EoF launched and the healer was STRUGGLING to keep me up. She NEVER had problem before. I'm getting hit for ridiculous amounts of damage left and right that it feels like I have no armor on at all. Got to the point where I said screw it and dropped Def stance and went into offense stance and DW'd and I lost a whole 5% or so of Absorbtion and avoidance. Well, I guess that isn't totally bad. Can play as a DPS while trying to tank! LOL
  11. ARCHIVED-Kage848 Guest

    Ok i have a 70 Zerker on BB and i was tanking inthe Oblisk of Blight other night. I had 2 healersand was getting wasted. Now heres my question...

    Im speced in sta/str line

    This is for all but i would really like Syrius and Dimglow's opions.....

    Should i respec into a more defensive spec? I was thinking of getting more def/parry to help keep me alive. But.....I will lose MAJOR dps doing it....

    Is it possible to tank non sta, def stance, sword and board AND keep agro off the 70 wiz/warlock in my grp?

    Skullz Kage
    70 Zerker
    Alpha Legion
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  12. ARCHIVED-stargazer5678 Guest

    I have a 55 Zerker. Yesterday I spent a few hours tanking yellow ^^^ mobs. It is now more challenging for sure. Your taunt gets resisted=mage gets aggro=mage gets killed.
    On a positive side it will take more effort to be a good tank. We can no longer throw in a taunt and sit back. So, some tanks will become bad tanks or have to relearn. I have no idea though how guys with Adept 1s are supposed to tank. I was occasionally loosing aggro yesterday to an even con Fury.. (probably went DPS line with new AAs, but still..).
  13. ARCHIVED-Illustrious Guest

    Ok i have a 70 Zerker on BB and i was tanking inthe Oblisk of Blight other night. I had 2 healersand was getting wasted. Now heres my question...

    Get better healers is my advice then, i can tank Obelisk on my Monk just fine with a single healer, havent tried it yet on my zerker but i would be amazed if it was harder and it should be even easier.
  14. ARCHIVED-Trynnus1 Guest

    I have to agree with this - with 2 healers someone is not doing something right. Last did it with 70 zerker (me), 70 mystic, 70 SK, 70 necro, 70 swashy, 70 dirge.
    Last named was close, but i used all my def stuff and insolent gibe for aggro and we made it.
    As a note : I did not lose aggro unless someone hit the mob in the inc. This is a first for me in there. Also we had so much DPS that the mobs just melted.
  15. ARCHIVED-Kage848 Guest

    Trynnus1......are u speced into sta line? also what kind of gear do you have?

    I have all Leg, and couple fabled's....should be good enough for any HEROIC zone in the game considering these zone are suposed to be doable for people that dont raid....maby it was the healers, i was playing one of them duel boxing, and other was someones distant alt they never play.....but either wayi was getting hammered with 60% mit and 50% avoid....i dont know whats going wrong, will try again tonight.
  16. ARCHIVED-Gortesh Guest

    I have an answer to your question, RAID, get raid gear and you'll have your old stats back! I'm not talking relic either...

    It is a shame though, the pvp servers are going to have it alot easier than other servers, pvp gear makes relic look like a joke. except for the fact that berzerker armor looks like [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn]...
  17. ARCHIVED-Taeolen Guest

    So, if it's so easy to just raid and get great lewtz, where can lower levels go to get all these awesome drops now needed to be decent at tanking again?
    I'm dying to know.
  18. ARCHIVED-Iggyopalus Guest

    Using both m1 mit buffs I gain about 6% more mit (I think that's a gain of about 1700), so if new gear is going to make a real difference... bring on the 2k mit bps with +40def/parry on them!

    You can still tank as is, but as tealboy points out, it's not a lot of fun.

    oh I almost forgot, love the new final aa's for the zerker... can't wait to see how that 100health regen is going to save the raid/group when I'm below 25% hps for that 1 second before I'm dead. Or I could get the increased range on aoes so I can't use them 80% of the time b/c it would pull adds. Good times...
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  19. ARCHIVED-Deadly Nightshadow Guest

    I have low level Zerkers on both PvE (High T3) and PvP (Low T3). While I can't speak for the endgame, I have to say that the changes have really screwed us up. I mean, SOE say that we should be able to tank in handcrafted and App IVs? Bollocks we can. I know how to play a tank. My main is a healer and as I spend a lot of time looking at the tank's buffs while watching his health (I'm attentive to the Tank's health so I don't have to burn power later on to keep him up). From that, I gleaned a lot of ideas as to play a tank and of course practiced it myself.

    Here is the thing. Tanking in FMG on Friday, everything was going fine until I pulled a group of even con mobs. 2^ and 1^^^. Put hunker up, put disorder up (Hunker is AD3, btw), healer struggled to keep me up and then died.

    These changes are insane. Why fix what doesn't need fixing? What happened to the promise not to change anything again after LU13?

    Seems to me that the fun is at PvP now. At least I feel more like a tank forcing the enemy to attack me and creating disrder in their group while my group picks them off....
  20. ARCHIVED-fbitt Guest

    Dimglow's post is pretty much spot on.
    There is a lot of variance to battles, but between the resistis, both to taunts and combat arts, not to mention flat out missing, mobs locking you down with stifle or stun, a lot of fun has been sapped from the game. I'm not sure where the devs see the line between balance and fun, but in my opinion they have crossed it.
    I hope Dimglow is providing feedback to the dev team and we see some tuning in the mobs.

    Oh and "get fabled gear" isn't an answer or a solution. Raiding is an optional end game activity; in no way should that be required in order to partake in the rest of the content.

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