Why is there no Easy Mode Version of Sevalak/Vyskudra? No EM BP/Shoulders?

Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-Mathrin, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Mathrin Guest

    Alaska wrote:
    Yes, and because the Chicago Bulls can win 5 national championships in a row, then so can my college basketball team. Nevermind the fact that my college basketball team is pretty skilled and has a good record, not everyone can play on the same level.
    You can spout crap like your post was all you want, but the % numbers I posted earlier don't lie. Only the top 1% to 5% of players in the game have access to these pieces and they don't exist for the other 95% for the forseeable future.
    Will Drunder HM item revamps open up some new doors to possible progression? Sure. Still doesn't change the current state of itemization and holes in loot tables.
  2. ARCHIVED-Alaska Guest

    Mathrim@Unrest_old wrote:
    While I feel the holes in the loots tables on EM are probably only an oversight on Sony's part but it does not change the fact this entire thread comes off as a serious whine the likes of "Man, I want a shiny breastplate cause I need that 2% CB from the red adorn. Then we can do PoW for sure." Perhaps it was an oversight, perhaps not, but the point is that a new chestpiece and shoulders is not hindering you in any way from trying to progress. The only the chestpieces in the game better for most classes than the simple SS faction one are HM Drunder (soon to be revamped) Contest SS (ie Hex), and the HM Skyshrine. With a raid full of faction chestpieces, skill, and the rest of the Skyshrine gear you too could kill Sev. Adding an easy mode chestpiece to an x4 instance, if they do, does not affect progression and does not make something your raid couldn't kill all of a suddon a one shot. It is loot envy and a desire for new shiny garbage.
    My point is don't try and use the 99% garbage on this, that one piece of gear is not holding anyone back. And for the record I am not someone of the 1%, just someone using logic to override the need to complain to Devs.
  3. ARCHIVED-Dahmer Guest

    Mathrim@Unrest_old wrote:
    You do realize that a good amount of guilds have killed Vallon, in worse gear than EZ mod Skyshrine, right?
    Why dosen't your guild spend progression on working towards either of those two mobs? Why the constant hand outs?
    Also, fyi~ It will take alot longer farming enough of tokens to earn those good pieces.
  4. ARCHIVED-Mathrin Guest

    Alaska wrote:
    Noone ever claimed it was holding anyone back or that it affected progression in any shape or form. This has absolutely nothing to do with loot envy or a desire for new shiny "garbage." Throwing in snide comments like you have been about PoW and the 99% garbage does nothing but cause more irritation and annoyance.
    This may be a shocker for you and might just blow your mind, but not every player out there is playing the game to get to Rallos Zek and clear Plane of War. Some people out there are just trying to enjoy the game and have fun spending time killing stuff with a raid full of friends and guildies.
    What this topic does have to do is with balance and a reasonable expectation to be able to complete a full set of raid gear. Do you deny that this is the first time in game that 2 pieces of our basic raid armor set has been locked behind 2 Hard Mode encounters? Most of the 95% of the players out there had come to terms with running Dozekar instance breastplates and had accepted that it was going to be a lot of progression work in order to complete our set of raid gear. Let me just point out where you are wrong.
    The only the chestpieces in the game better for most classes than the simple SS faction one are HM Drunder (soon to be revamped) Contest SS (ie Hex), and the HM Skyshrine.
    Wrong, in just 8 days, a solo player can earn PvE useable skyshrine raid gear without ever stepping into a raid zone via the Battlegrounds. PvE only players must still kill Hard Mode Vallon/Sevalak/Hexapola/Hard Mode Ikatiar to get theirs.
    You can call it envy, jealousy, or whatever you want. I really don't care about your opinion on it. What I do care about is the fact that solo players will have a route to completing a full set of basic raid gear that 95% of the PvE raiders our there won't. This can easily be fixed by moving the missing patterns to other mobs in the easy mode content or adding in easy mode versions of the fight.
  5. ARCHIVED-Mathrin Guest

    Dahmer wrote:
    Explain to me what a good amount is please. Let me lay the numbers out for you in case you can't.
    Before GU63, 9 guilds worldwide were able to Kill Vallon. Of those 9, none were able to kill Vallon until 3 months after Drunder Hard Mode was nerfed from it's original state and the fights were tuned to be more reasonable. Only 2 of the 9 were able to kill Vallon in the first round of nerfed state. 3 out of the 9 were able to kill it after another round of nerfs. The remaining 4 of the 9 were able to kill it after crit mit was removed from the game.
    Thats 9 guilds out of 310 total tracking. Please by all means, explain to me how that is a good amount of guilds when you look at the overall percentage.
    Now, these are the big dogs. These are the end game guilds who actually managed to clear HM Vallon before Skyshrine. Since then, guess how many new guilds have cleared it.
    6. A whopping 6. And that's with access to Skyshrine raid gear to catch up.
    Please, in the simplest terms you can for me. Explain to me how 6 is equal to a good amount.
  6. ARCHIVED-Alaska Guest

    What is up with this PvE "only" stuff? Suck it up and go do some BGs if you want a BP so badly.
    What raider likes dying over and over again on a single mob? But he does it for the pay off at the end in phat lewts. Treat the BGs the same way and quit crying.
  7. ARCHIVED-Mathrin Guest

    Alaska wrote:
    So your solutions is to just farm BG's for PvE gear? Gotcha. You heard it from Alaska here everyone. Battlegrounds are deemed to be the optimal choice for completing your set of raid gear.
    Don't even ask for this to be looked at and fixed on the PvE side. Just suck it up and tell 95% of the players in game to get bent.
    Thanks Alaska. You are such a swell guy.
  8. ARCHIVED-Alaska Guest

    Again, I am currently a member of this 95% you are constantly speaking of based on my gear and you have been complaining and blowing this out of proportion this entire thread. And frankly, if the rest of the 95% want things always served up to them on a silver platter then yes, get bent, all of you. You will be the same people that will trying to nerf HM Drunder once they revamp it and say "We the 95% can't get that loot, make it easier!"
    Some things you may have to work harder for and do things you may not normally do.
  9. ARCHIVED-Dahmer Guest

    Mathrim@Unrest_old wrote:
    So~ what your saying still dosen't justify how ez mode that fight is now a days. This gear has made that fight trival.
    Like i said, put on your big boy pants, press buttons faster..and actually make some real progression on something instead of crying to SoE hang outs.
  10. ARCHIVED-Mathrin Guest

    Alaska wrote:
    So, queuing up SOLO for BATTLEGROUNDS for a week or two for a PvE useable bp is harder than TWENTY-FOUR people spending the next 2 to 3 RAIDING months working on PvE progression to get a breastplate (if they make it to Vallon) and then another month or two farming bp's until all TWENTY-FOUR people get thiers.
    Your logic is astounding. I highlighted some words in bold just to accentuate the issues I have with your option.
    And as far as your "what you may not normally do" comment. Telling people their best option and for a lot, their only option, is to do PvP for PvE gear is astoundingly conceited of you.
    I'm actually impressed.
  11. ARCHIVED-Mathrin Guest

    Dahmer wrote:
    Wow. I really don't know how to argue with logic like yours.
    You say fight is stupid easy. I provide you with numerical proof to prove that what you are saying is either a bold faced lie or you are just being elitist. I ask you to explain how good number of guilds is the same as less than 1% of raiding guilds.
    Your return response is nothing but fight is still stupid easy. Should I bother reposting the numerical facts? Maybe I can just cut and paste your response of "Fight is stupid easy" into my post so you don't even have to bother replying.
    Would that make it easier on you?
  12. ARCHIVED-Geothe Guest

    Test update notes:
    Skyshrine: Betrayal in the Underdepths
    Dozekar now drops breastplates in normal mode raids
  13. ARCHIVED-Alaska Guest

    I doubt either of us will argue with the fact that it is very odd there is no chestpiece or shoulders but this constant complaining and trying to stand on a soap box about the 99% is really starting to get old. Perhaps if you formed your posts in a more constructive manner the Devs would take it into consideration but screaming like a baby about the 99% wont.
  14. ARCHIVED-Mathrin Guest

    Alaska wrote:
    Looks like my post was formed perfectly fine. Unless you are saying them adding breastplates into Dozekar normal mode because of the discussions that came about between this thread and the Test battleground aren't correlated.
    As far as the rest of your crap about me complaining about the 99%, you are the one who came in here spouting off at the mouth and making comparisons about Equilibrium, "we can do PoW with this breastplate for sure," shiny garbge, etc. Until you stepped in and denegrated this thread into a "you know what" contest, everything was civil.
    Maybe you should start critiquing your own posts before you start throwing terms like screaming like a baby and quit crying around.
    In this thread and the other, we pointed out issues with easy mode breastplate access and battlegrounds. It looks like even the developers acknowledge its an issue and even by your own comments you do to. I'm really not sure why you came in riding on a high horse screaming "green with envy".
  15. ARCHIVED-frogspawn Guest

    Geothe wrote:
    Hopefully Sevalak bps are going to be boosted to hm? Otherwise there's no point in killing it anymore.
  16. ARCHIVED-Trynt Guest

    Glad to see that itemization and loot tables are finally starting to get the attention they've needed for quite some time.
    There are still plenty of gaps, bugs, thoughless proc issues, and various elements of gear progression that need to be addressed. However, a start is a start.
    On a sidenote:
    Mathrim@Unrest_old wrote:
    This may also be a shocker and might just blow your mind, but this and this are not mutually exclusive. It's pretty fun to overcome obstacles with a group of guildies and friends. I dare say it's far more rewarding to rise to a challenge than have the game lower it to you. Sadly, it's one of those limiting beliefs that plagues many players in many guilds. It does more harm than good.
  17. ARCHIVED-Kunaak Guest

    just cause you cant kill something, doesnt mean they should make a EM version for you.
    sometimes, your actually gonna have to work to clear content, instead of whining to have it handed to you.
    skyshrine is soooooooooooo easy, it was 99% clear in 6 weeks, with only 1 incredibly buggy mob thats not killed yet - and half that reason is, cause once you for a raid in skyshrine, 99 people come to watch, and lag your zone so bad, making the mob unkillable by default.
    you can 1 group half of skyshrine raid content.
    if they make this any easier, they would just put the armor on the market place so you can just buy it with station cash.
  18. ARCHIVED-Geothe Guest

    frogspawn wrote:
    I would hope so as well.
    As with a lot of things this "expansion" itemization is really illogical.
    The fact that there are (were) no BPs what so ever until a HM mob, and the fact that there are still no EM shoulders dropping just doesnt make sense. There should be an EM armor set and a HM armor set.
  19. ARCHIVED-Mathrin Guest

    Trynt wrote:
    It's not a shocker to me and I know that they aren't mutually exclusive. I'm in a guild that is working on moving through progression of HM Drunder and trying to crack into PoW without getting all bent out of shape and upset at what other people are doing with their raid progression.
    As much as you guys want to say I am crying and being a baby about this, I find it ridiculously humourous that all of you completely gloss over the content specificially scripted and tuned for end game players via Challenge Mode and their very own zones. Yet, when I point out issues with nomal mode gear being caused by Challenge Mode content blocking access to the pieces (something that has never happened before this), it's considered whining?
    In the last 3 years, has there ever been a single CHALLENGE MODE mob stuck in the middle of an NORMAL MODE zone while content also has missing or non-existant armor pieces? You can't answer yes to this can you. Toxxulia, Waansu, Arkanthasis, 2/3/4 RT, etc, were all optional challenge fights in the same zone but did not block access to T1/T2 set pieces.
    This is pretty much the same debate that follows Crit Mit being put in as a requirement for heroic content when it was really designed for raiding. It became such a detriment trying to apply mechanics and policies from raiding content downward that Sony finally realized it and ripped it out completely. Challenge mode should be OPTIONAL and ADDITIONAL to content and gear paths, not REQUIRED.
    The plague and limiting belief I see is that the more elitist and conceited sections of the playerbase would be perfectly happy to have every single raid fight in game be a Hard Mode level and to heck with the rest of the playerbase. They really don't care that this is the first time in game that gear sets have been broken up between Easy Mode and Hard Mode. They really don't care that they have content 100% completely and solely designed for them to work Challenge progression on. What were the Avatars? Content designed for the end game guilds to fight over and compete for gear on? What was 4 Rune Theer, Underfoot Depths? Content designed and tuned exclusively to give end game raiders challenging content. What is the Plane of War? More content designed and tuned exclusively for end game raiders.

    Kunaak wrote:
    Just because you (or end game raiders if you aren't one) CAN kill something, doesn't mean you should stick your HM content right smack in the middle of EM content and cause gear set issues for the rest of the playerbase.
    If Sevalak/Vyskudra are designed to be HM only fights, I am perfectly ok with that. But the missing gear situation needs to be addressed. It looks like even the developers agree on the breastplate at least.
    I listed Vyskudra in my initial post because I wasn't sure if Vyskudra is supposed to drop the shoulder pattern or not since I haven't seen any loot tables and its only been killed by 3 guilds WW. Sevalak was an obvious problem since it contains the breastplates.
  20. ARCHIVED-Trynt Guest

    Mathrim@Unrest_old wrote:
    Where do you see evidence of this?

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