Why is there no Easy Mode Version of Sevalak/Vyskudra? No EM BP/Shoulders?

Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-Mathrin, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Mathrin Guest

    I am curious as to why the developers chose to have only a Hard Mode version of these 2 fights in Skyshrine? Because of this, the only 171 range bp is locked behind a contested mob that most guilds are lucky to see once every 2 or 3 weeks.
    Besides Planes of War and Underfoot Depths which are intended to be an entirely separate zone with only 1 difficulty setting, this is the first time I can ever remember having specific pieces of raid gear sets locked out of access to the majority of raid forces.
    Added to this, the shoulders are locked behind Ikatiar hard mode and no easy mode raid version drops off of this mob. It only drops a cloak and a weapon in easy mode. Why does this mob drop a shoulder pattern in Hard Mode but no shoulder pattern in Easy Mode?
    Are these oddities in the loot progression intentional? And if so, can we please get an explanation as to why?
    Just to provide some numbers for reference according to guild progress,
    0.27% of the guilds in game have access to non-contested Skyshrine raid breastplates off of Sevalak.
    4.8% of the guilds in game have access to Skyshrine raid shoulders.
    53.2% of the guilds in game have cleared all Skyshrine EM. (thats a 48.4% drop in acces to the next raid piece)
  2. ARCHIVED-Yimway Guest

    Sevalak is supposedly EM?
  3. ARCHIVED-Twyxx Guest

    Sevalak drops the EM bp. But you have some good points. The shoulder thing is a legit concern.
  4. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    Don't you get EM raid shoulders from the Heroic Access quest line?
  5. ARCHIVED-kalaria Guest

    feldon30 wrote:
    Not really.
    Stats on the Shoulders / Boots from the quest line are less than the stats on EM raid gear. And boot upgrades from from EM raid content, but not shoulders.
    And no, Sevalak is not an EM encounter.. it has the Crit Avoidance package of HM fights as well as the avoidance damage proc found in hard mode encounters.
  6. ARCHIVED-Mathrin Guest

    Atan@Unrest wrote:
    If Sevalak which requires 390% crit chance is considered Easy Mode when every other Easy Mode requires 290-310%, then why have only 4 out of 310 guilds in game been able to kill it?
    0.27% Success rate for Sevalak versus 53.2% Success rate on every other Skyshrine Easy Mode fight is a clear indicator that this is not an Easy Mode fight.
  7. ARCHIVED-Mathrin Guest

    kalaria wrote:
    Really Feldon? Come on. Raid shoulders from Heroic content isn't an oxymoron to you?
    Kalaria already pointed out that the Boots from heroic content get upgraded to Raid version 172+stats. Why is there no Easy mode shoulders on Ikatiar when Hard Mode version drops hard mode shoulders? Logically, this doesn't make any sense.
  8. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    Mathrim@Unrest_old wrote:
    Vyskundra has the 290 debuff on benificial spells (requiring 390), though the trash only has the 190 (requiring 290) for offensive arts.

    Sev only needs 290 crit chance for the trash and the names besides Tig. I haven't tried Tig myself, so I don't know if his buff package is different, but I'm guessing not.
  9. ARCHIVED-Mathrin Guest

    Mermut wrote:
    Quit guessing then. You are wrong. I'm not even sure what Tig is.
    Sevalak the dragon final boss requires 390% crit chance when every other fight in the zone requires 290 and as Kalaria pointed out has Hard Mode mechanics built into the fight.
  10. ARCHIVED-TheGeneral Guest

    They are most likely referring to Sev as Tig, since thats the name he has in the heroic zone. You are incorrect, Sev does not have the same buff package as the rest of the mobs in the zone. He is most assuredly a HM only mob. There is no EM Sevalak.
  11. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    I was speaking of the zone, not the mob. My mistake.
  12. ARCHIVED-Chronus1 Guest

    Because if they were easy mode versions of those fights those fights would not be special and amazing to even attempt yet alone complete? It would be like going up to Tormax hm all over again, "k guys it's easy mode + a dragon add and a damage reflect" oh that sucks, I've done this before but I'm gonna wipe to it all day anyways.
    The thing with the only way to get shoulders being from HM ikatiar and bps from sevalak and HM dozekar is weird. I do wonder why they didn't make em dozekar have the sevalak bps and added the secondary items from dozekar with some slight buffs to sevalak. Maybe they didn't want every tank out there stacking the %mit increase runes with ease. Shoulders don't matter as much as you get the red/yellow combo quested and I don't really see where you could slot them in, maybe have them from HM dagarn instead of his charms?
  13. ARCHIVED-Silzin Guest

    I would bet that Sevelak was originally designed to be EM with an EM buff package and it got messed up and not checked. Also the Loot tables of some of the UD EM mobs got mixed up. After all why would a person that is designing loot have so many belt/cloaks items with the same stats, same procs, and different name. So I can only assume that these are a fault of no one checking over the design for mobs and items that need to be dropped. they already spent 2 months trying to fix raid items that were less or equal than heroic items.

    Edited for clarity.
  14. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    Mathrim@Unrest_old wrote:
    Oh I know the Shoulders and Boots from the Heroic timeline are absurdly powerful.
  15. ARCHIVED-tomsky Guest

    I know people are saying Sevelak isnt an EM mob, how about Hexapola then?
    The BP's dropped from him are pretty equivalent of the SS raid gear, the mob is no harder, and has red and yellow slots.
    As for shoulders, the x2 Raptor in WL also drops pretty good shoulders (Not sure how exactly they compare to quest ones), but quest ones are practically the same as the SS raid ones anyway.
    EM Sevelak would have been pointless imo. The game needs more mobs that are HM only and have unique strats, rather than take EM version, add in bigger AE and a charm/vortex/reflect/add etc.
  16. ARCHIVED-Mathrin Guest

    tomsky wrote:
    We are checking for Hexapola every night before we start our raids. In 2 1/2 months we have found it up 5 times and gotten 5 kills. Thats 5 breastplates for 30 of our raiders in 2 1/2 months. So, assuming we are absolutely loved by the gods and don't get any duplicate breastplates (sigh, grats alt monks and druids), it would only take us 14 or so more months to get all of our raid bps from Hexapola. Supposedly they just doubled the bp drops according to the patch notes so now it's down to 7 months.
    By the way, did I mention they are adding Skyshrine raid equivalent armor that looks to be 100% fully functional in PvE to battlegrounds? So let me see, our entire raid force spends the next 7 months spawn camping Hexapola or working up to Hard Mode Vallon/Sevalak, or we just spend the next 2 weeks running Battlegrounds and call it done for that slot.......
    As to the X2 raptor, we do not make it a point of messing with contested X2 content. We have 30 raiders on our force and having 60% of the raid force sitting for 1 kill isn't something I would consider acceptable by any means. Once again, if I need to mention it, PvE useable raid shoulders can be gotten from Battlegrounds without even dealing with contested or hard mode content if test goes live the way it is now.
  17. ARCHIVED-kalaria Guest

    tomsky wrote:
    Comments in red.

    SoE needs to itemize EM x4 BPs and Shoulders and add them to existing loot tables of mobs.
    Toss BPs on Dozekar (who basically drops junk currently) and maybe shoulders on the named before him (Malefor?) who also has a crappy loot table.
  18. ARCHIVED-Chronus1 Guest

    Only the brawler bps from hexapola have red and yellow slots, for everybody else it's the red only. That and having to contend with other guilds and botters and pugs for it means it's not really viable as a source of BPs. Oh well, BG bps soon.
  19. ARCHIVED-Yimway Guest

    Chronus1 wrote:
    That was actually fixed last week.
    And no what, they also removed the focus effect when they fixed it.
    So yay, I got a yellow slot now, but I lost my chest focus effect!
    Neat SoE!
  20. ARCHIVED-Alaska Guest

    Who cares? HM Drunder revamps incoming. Get your guild to start progressing. If Equilibrium can clear it in HM Kael x4 and EM Drunder x4 gear then there is no excuse for not being able to clear it in SS gear, even without a BP or Shoulders. Jesus

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