Why is there no Easy Mode Version of Sevalak/Vyskudra? No EM BP/Shoulders?

Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-Mathrin, Jul 12, 2012.

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    Mathrin is failing to get across part of his point, I think mainly because he doesn't directly state it.
    BGs are not equal to PVE raiding. Killing for shoulders and bp in SS is not equal to even 40,000 runs in a BG. That's like saying climbing a mountain is equal to the fact that you've taken over 400 million steps in your life. Definitely not the case.
    The case is people will go into BGs get facerolled or flatout afk bot until they get raid gear. That's unacceptable.
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    The way I see it they had a couple options for getting the easy mode bp in there. They could tone down the buff package on Sevalak and make it easy mode or add the easy mode bps to em Dozekar. They went with Dozekar which is fine, but now you have a hm mob in Sevalak dropping easy mode loot that is simply attained in UD. Sevalak doesn't drop much else (a scout earring that procs WIS) so there will be no reward for killing this hard mode mob anymore. It would be kinda lame to have the same loot table on two diff mobs (hm doze/sev) but at this point you have to bump the sev bps to hard mode stats.
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    Geothe wrote:
    Lets face it everyone.
    EM BP's existed already, it just existed off the wrong mob. Putting the chest off a contested was an unrealistic level of entry.
    This whole arguement about HM progression 95%, 1%, 5%, is all just a divisive arguement that only stirs up people on both sides. The reall game issue is, PVE EM (casual) players needed a perceived reward path for their final set of gear, and PVE HM players had a perceived path for getting their gear.
    Casual folks got upset when they realized they most reasonable path was looking like it included BG grinding instead of PVE raiding.
    All that aside, makes me wonder what Hexapola will drop? Will we see EM shoulders off Hexapola now? If not, what will be the incentive to pull her? Will she just go the way of the dodo?
    I could see sleeves comming off this mob with the argueably raid level sleeves off the access quest already out there.
    Waiting to see what other updates come down the piple over the next week or so.
    Just remember this was never about Hardcore vs Casual progressoin, pushing more buttons, nothing of the sort, it was about for the majority of raiders seeing BG gear as the best viable option to upgrade specific slots. Moving the BP's to Dozerkar resolves the bulk of that issue.
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    Trynt wrote:
    Umm, I've been playing this game for 8 years? I read most all of the posts on these forums except for the designer houses and tradeskill? I read most of the posts on EQ2flames? Even posts above by people in this same thread dance around it.
    It's been an underlying and prevalent attitude ever since the zones were split into Easy mode and Hard mode. If you really want me to go search through the history of posts where the more elite players use words like "fail", "scrub", "noob", "big boy pants" whenever people talk about easy mode fights and casual progression, then I might just be bored enough to do it.
    Nah, nevermind. I'm really not that bored. I've seen enough of it over the last few years to know it's there.
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    Twyxx wrote:
    My understanding was when Equilibrium first killed Sevalak the breastplates were actually the same as the heroic content (yay itemization fail). Once they upgraded the breastplates, they still sighed at the quality of the breastplates when you compared them to the difficulty of the fight.
    I don't think anyone here can argue that Sevalak is a Hard Mode mob with hard mode buff package. The fact that the EM breastplates are even on this encounter is just....huh?
    I would argue it isn't even lame that the loot table is on 2 mobs, but that if Sevalak was intended to be a Challenge mode fight only, then the breastplates were out of whack from the beginning and should be upgraded for all of the people that killed Sevalak and those going forward.
    If the fight stays the same as it is now (challenge only) then they should be upgraded at a minimum to be better than the new Drunder Hard Mode Vallon BP and less than PoW. Only problem with that is there isn't much itemization room between those 2 tiers unless PoW gets upgraded to a higher level.
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    Mathrim@Unrest_old wrote:
    Now that I've read more of your posts, I see that most of them center around other people being to blame for any number of things. Not worth my time to refute, nor in my interest to remedy. Take care.
    Atan@Unrest wrote:
    Well said. A thoughtful and purposeful gear path (by an actual human being) for all playstyles would have made these concerns minimal.
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    Trynt wrote:
    Whether or not we see eye to eye on the attitudes of the game community that exist today is neither here nor there. I don't blame any of the different sections of the playerbase for the current state of itemization and progression. That is 100% solely the fault of the developers for using auto-script generated loot and not giving itemization/progression the TLC it needs from an actual person who is invested in this game.
    Like you said, a thoughtful and purposeful gear path would have solved most all of these issues. I can honestly say, the last year or so of this game has seen some crazy itemization changes. From stat consolidation, to crit mit removal, to Drunder being introduced skewing the system with the X2 being better than X4 Kael for the most part, to inconsistencies in focus effects, procs, etc. Then came Skyshrine and it's heroic instance gear blew through every easy mode DoV 1.0 piece and quite a lot of the hard mode. It has been hard to see any logical planning.
    The only possible thing I can guess is that the developers were trying to perform a complete gear reset and re-establish a baseline minimum gear level that everyone should have for designing content going forward. They just left too much up to their Loot Script 9000 bot which really, really, really, sucks hard. There were far too many broken items with the wrong stats, wrong classes, wrong focuses, wrong graphics, etc, for anyone to be able to claim that it was checked properly by an actual person.
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    Mathrim@Unrest_old wrote:
    Yeah, there's not enough room. They'd just have to make the Sevalak ones the equivalent of the HM Dozekar ones.
  10. ARCHIVED-Kander Guest

    Breastplates have been placed on normal mode Dozekar. [GU 64]
    Sevalak BPs have been brought up to challenge mode stats. [GU 64]
    The issue on Nagafen has been dealt with.
    GU 64 is next week.
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    Kander wrote:
    No EM shoulders?
  12. ARCHIVED-Twyxx Guest

    Nice job on the Sevalak BP's.
  13. ARCHIVED-Yimway Guest

    Geothe wrote:
    Was wondering this as well, and Hexapola sorta becomes redundant. I had wondered if they'd move some EM shoulders to her.
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    I did noticed the shoulders off the x2 raptor are quite decent. In fact, since SOE added a yellow slot to Hexapola BPs, they might want to add it to the raptor shoulders as well. My 2cp worth.
  15. ARCHIVED-Chronus1 Guest

    /Eyes open wide Ri... ripooo... riposte chance bps!
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    Atan@Unrest wrote:
    True, don't really need bp's on Hexapola if Dozekar's gonna drop them. Could put the easy mode shoulders on Hex and just have them drop three at a time to adjust for rarity of spawn/contested. Would give people more reason to go into Withered Lands.
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    Does anyone have links to the dozekar BP's? I see that the new BP's have riptose chance off sevalak so i can take off my vallon EM one if we ever kill him however dozedoze?
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    Twyxx wrote:
    I was thinking the same thing, and being contested, it could drop 4 shoulders, one for each archtype.
    I really, really don't want to hunt a x2 raptor for shoulders, thats honestly pretty poo.
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