Who built the Nexus Core?

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  1. Anaogi Well-Known Member

    So somebody got three--count 'em, three--Tears of Veeshan and either created the Nexus Core or adapted it to cross time and realities as well as space. The big questions remain...who and why?

    Because I'm starting to get the feeling there's something worse than Kerafyrm waiting to make its move...
  2. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    well the information we got is that the Core itself had draconic construction, and was booby trapped to prevent use we assume outside of it's creator. in fact the repairing process requires a scale in a manner that commonly seems to be used in a deep relationship between dragons.

    We could even say that perhaps that this is Kera's unknown mother? her attempt to get back to Norrath perhaps in the flesh...or find a Thread were Kera was never born or that her love with Dozekar wasn't forbidden?

    Or maybe the Nexus was the work of Darathar. Yelniak though Darathar had left the Vesspyr isle sometime before he got there...and Drinal says they had made an deal that he tried to double cross Drinal on. maybe the contruction of the Nexus, or the gathering of the three other Tears was part of the bargain?
  3. Meidjum Active Member

    I heard from good authority (from a gnome with crazy hair) that ancient aliens built it.
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  4. Raenius Well-Known Member

    I doubt Darathar had the capability to actually build such a thing, after all he is a manipulator not a constructor.

    Since its located within the Ethernere, Drinal must have been involved into this - the knowledge of his steward about it also points you in that direction.
    El'Arad could build it, but the Nexus its possibly thousands of years old and he got killed quite recently - so he's not an option.

    If I look at this zones architecture, its inhabitants and its use - there are only the shadowmen coming into my mind. They got the widespread knowledge of building it, getting tears and they could actually use it to dominate other realms as well.

    Who knows....2nd shadow war incoming?

    Edit: also: dont forget the Harrowing Horde - we havent faced any leading mastermind within their ranks yet, but imagine they would ally with shadowmen and invade Norrath as soon as the aftermath of Kerafyrms war has been realized.
  5. Spindle Well-Known Member

    LOL Great mental picture! I can hear that guy talking SO seriously about the Nexus! (chuckle, chuckle)
  6. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    We have seen the over-arching 'leader' of the Horde. you get him as a merc when you go to clear Drinal of fear and war, and I think he's a fight in the Drinal raid/group instance.

    I was thinking Darathar as that could be the reason he was thought of as gone from the Isle's by Yelinak...he was getting the Tears. the construction is draconic in nature, even the Heart needed draconic influence to remake (Jorteava's scale) and even then it had to be a scale given in a certain manner as a bond between dragons/dragon and others.

    While Darathar might not have built it himself, he may have made the deal he tried to double cross Drinal on as the means to get the Tears/supplies to have it built. and it's not like he's unfamiliar with magical artifacts and thier usage, he did have the Harness before and knew how to effectively use it. he was also the Sage of Ages..so he does have a good bit of learning I think.

    The Shadowed Men I can't see doing it because they have had no access to Ethernere. The Void and Ethernere are two entirely different planes of existance, adn they have a hard enough time just trying to manifest in the physical realm. and I doubt they would have the means to enter Ethernere, or be able to face the Harrowing Horde. Not to mention, Drinal can just fling them back to the Void now as well.

    all of thier tactics rely on infiltration and possession. you can't possess a spirit. the Horde is a hive mind, possession any singular member gets you no where, not to mention every shadowed man might go a different part or see a different 'reality' as they are a conglomerate of various races.

    and from what we know, only Dragonkin go to Vesspyr upon death..anyone else would have to go about trying to find a means to get there. it's why Yelinak is surprised to hear us tell him 'Vishra' was there.

    So I still think it's entirely a draconic construct....just which dragon, and why. the device is mean to hop Threads. which make me think Kera's mother. trying to find a Thread were either Kera was never birthed, thus no need for them to kill her, or a Thread were her mating to Dozekar wasn't forbidden. I also thought Darathar, as a means to go to a Thread where his plans won't be challenged by mortal races, or at least where he's 'unknown' and thus can act for a time at least with impunity.
  7. Ragna Well-Known Member

    I'm curious, why do you think Oligar of the Dead is the Horde's leader ?
  8. Meirril Well-Known Member

    Oligar is the leader of the Horde...before they went rogue. What is the Horde's goal now? I don't think we have any clues yet except it has something to do with linking portions of the Ethernere together.
  9. Meirril Well-Known Member

    I don't think Darathar is a good candidate for being the creator of the Nexus Core. I don't think he has been dead long enough to gather everything and construct the Nexus Core. Also if he had been the one...he could of used it to escape the Ethernere. If the tears that the explosion of the Nexus Core allowed some goblin spirits to escape a fully functional Nexus Core would of easily allowed Darathar to scan, pick and choose which thread to go to and open a portal.

    The creator would have to be someone that died long enough ago that none of the dragons or other beings in the Vesspyr Isles would remember them (except possibly the Steward, and even then it could [should?] pre-date him). A dragon is the most likely to have done all of this. That would explain everything our Euradite scholar told us about the broken Core. We know that dragons in our Norrath have been at war with the giants for thousands of years and that the giants could kill them.

    Also Kerafyrm has had a surprisingly good knowledge of the Tear of Veeshan. He knows how to use it not only to amplify magic strong enough to sink the Western Wastes but also how to use the Tear to send the Temple of Veeshan to the Ethernere and he knew about the 3 Tears in the Nexus Core. Based on all of this I can see two strong candidates.

    The most likely scenario is that some of Kerafyrm's followers died and tried to look for a way to rejoin Kerafyrm from the Ethernere. Eventually something forces a Tear of Veeshan from a different thread into the Ethernere. The follower uses it to gather enough tears to create the Nexus Core and returns to our thread. Kerafyrm receives this information and uses it to acquire the Tear from our world (possibly from the Nexus Core in Luclin and causing the explosion in the process). After that he loans the tear to the Quelthulians to create the Farsian Nexus so he can attempt to steal the godslaying powers of the now freed Rohen Theer. After acquiring these powers he recovers the Tear and allows his followers to use it to assult the Temple of Veeshan as he does not want to have the tear interacting with the Godslaying powers while they aren't under his full control. The tear is lost, and then recovered. While Kera still hasn't mastered the Godslaying powers he instructs his followers to use the Tear to attempt to aquire the 3 tears in the Nexus Core and is thwarted by us.

    The other likely scenario is that Kerafyrm was the one that did all of this. Somehow he either perished or ended up alive in the Ethernere during the 500 years between EQ1 and EQ2. It is possible that his research into Godslaying and the mix-up between the Ethernere and the Void lead Kerafyrm to succeed in traveling to the real Ethernere and he found out everything he needed to know by creating a device to scan the other Treads.
  10. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    I don't think it was a follower of Kera, or that he was involved in it's creation. it's got to be someone much older then that. Kera really didn't have his 'cult' until much later..and thus no servants or legions. Maybe one of his original generals from the first dragon civil war maybe, but i think most of them were/are still alive until recently? Yelinak knew what the Tear did. he's the one that told us what it did. so a dragon of Yelinak's age (first brood) could feasibly know what it did, and since the High Preist of Veeshan was his teacher, it's possibly he was told about such artifacts that would make him the messiah to dragons they originally thought of him as.

    I don't think there was a Tear on Luclin. I still think the Feedback detonated the Dresolisk stone that caused it to go boom.which was the entire plan to force Odus into Ultera.

    It's got to be a dragon older then Kerafyrm. it can't be a follower of his because he didn't have his cult until very recently...Kera had been monitoring us, seeing how we were jumping Threads and that's how he learned of the Nexus and what was in it. Lendaria tells us that when we talk to her that we had 'lead him to his prize'. probably Vyemn was helping with that.

    Darathar might be off the list...his death was too recent to build it unless it was mostly there he just gathered the Tears and then attempted his double cross which got him shut down by Drinal.

    So guess is a first brood dragon. who died before Kera was born, or sometime before his first civil war...or perhaps during it, a member of one of the sides that was trying to rejoin the fight fearing their side was losing. but we know Kera's four generals lived. we know the claws won and imprisoned Kera.

    but given the nature of the usage of the scale that binds the Heart together, that it's used in a manner almost like a marriage or strong unbreakable commitment between dragons, that it was someone trying to get back to a loved one, or a family member maybe. So maybe Kera's mother is still a canidate. we know very little about her other then she was a white dragoness. who knows what arcane knowledge or skills she may have possessed.
  11. Meirril Well-Known Member

    Kera has two different groups of followers. The Awakened cult is very recent, but half of the army defending Skyshrine and the Temple of Veeshan decided to follow Kerafyrm when he turned against the dragons. What I was referring to was followers from that period of time.

    Actually it wouldn't even have to be a dragon from his side that made the Nexus Core. His side was the ones defying Veeshan's law and slaying other dragons. It could of been one of those slain dragons that wanted to get back to Norrath. The main reason I was thinking it might be one of Kera's followers is that the follower could share his knowledge of the Nexus Core with Kerafyrm.

    All in all I doubt it was Kerafyrm's mother. Simply because if she did make the Nexus Core...that means she should be 'alive' now. I think having her reappear would of thrown the Claws of Veeshan into a panic.

    All in all it seems as likely to be Yelinak's wife than Kerafyrm's mother. She had reasons to return to Norrath as strong as any other dragon. In any case it could even be a dragon from a different thread that created the Nexus Core and we'll never know.
  12. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    Yelniak's wife, Hsagra I think, couldn't becuase her spirt was bound to Tormax to give him immortality...so she's been 'stuck' as it were on norrath. Jaled Dar's soul is still as far as we can tell in the Field of Bone..or at least a portion of it is. I think those are the only other for sure dead dragons in the first brood we really know about.

    though I thought in the first civil war only the 4 Generals joined Kera on the Dragon end. though he did have armies/legions of drakota/drakes/wurms/droag maybe ect.
  13. Mixxit Active Member

    trakanon maybe
  14. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    I think his death was too recent to have built the Nexus, myself. in the book spirited away though, they mention a dragoness and a mortal girl that shared some kind of powerful bond...but the fate of that dragon and the mortal are unknown. maybe that dragon is the one that built it. trying to rejoin thier companion.
  15. Archon Servitore New Member

    I have 2 theories about who built the Nexus. These are only my personal theories so feel free to comment / speculate / shoot them down if you know something I don't.

    1st. Veeshan herself built the spire which is why it appears draconian in nature and requires a dragons scale to use it. I would see it as a way for her to populate worlds in other threads as well as our own which is why we dont really see her or her influence on norrath.

    2nd. The Shissar found away into the Ethernere to build it themselves in order to conquer the planes. They built it in a draconian fashion so it would blend in with its surroundings OR since the Ethernere is malleable to those in it the nexus itself over time changed to look more draconic.

    Like I said this is just my personal guess so please feel free to comment on it
  16. Kaitheel Developer

    One point that you may want to take into consideration is that Ethernere is not limited to the EQII Norrathian timeline. It could have been someone(s) from another thread (EQ, EQOA, etc.) who built it, after entering Ethernere. This opens the possibilities to an infinite list!

    Goodness, did I just kill this thread? I hope not!

    ~ Kaitheel
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  17. Archon Servitore New Member

    Well if it was someone outside of Eq2 I'm out of ideas! But something tells me you just opened up a whole new can of worms...

    Just out of curiosity who else out there COULD do it? I never played any other Eq game so im limited to Eq2 lore :(
  18. konofo Active Member

    It was built by Gregor and Colette.

  19. Anaogi Well-Known Member

    You may be on to something, by way of Kaitheel's comment. If I'm understanding the state of EQNext lore correctly, the 'spires' there lead to actual other worlds--including ones where the Shissar rule.

    And there's a whole lot about the nature and origins of the Shissar I'm a little foggy on...
  20. Grundy New Member

    Bristlebane. What better way to provide mischief?