Who built the Nexus Core?

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    I Think it's still a dragon...but it does bring up the idea that it could be a dragon from EQOA, EQ, or EQ2...possibly even EQNext? heh it might be Darathar after all...his EQNext version seemed a lot more..potent then EQ2s heh
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    I was thinking Edril from the old Beta lore of some other "elven" adventurer that Harla Dar speaks of ... maybe old Queen Elizrian(sp) ...

    ps. is konofo kono from hodstock?
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    I'm really hoping this isn't linked to lore from a game that won't share anything more than the EQ name and a few key characters. Chances are there won't be a zone that corresponds to Tenebrus Tangle there.

    As for the Shissar...what did you wan to know? Created by Cazic Thule, went against his will when they enslaved another of his children, invaded the planes and stole magic including the runes used to make the calendar, and destroyed by the Greenmist. All of this long enough ago that they weren't in conflict with the dragons.
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    I just finished the sig line again today. Something that Leandra said gave me something to think about. "Omniscience starts here." Of all the dragons only two come to mind when you talk about Omniscience. One is Leandra herself. The other is Trakanon. I don't think its Trakanon since his death was fairly recent.

    If you go by what we think Kerafyrm is trying to accomplish, this leads me to another possibility. Zebuxoruk could be the one that built it. If Zeb is old enough to have fallen from godhood before the Satherian Empire rose...he actually might be a dragon (or have been one). If Zeb used the Nexus Core to become a god in the first place, it would explain why Kerafyrm is looking for the Tears of Veeshan, the Nexus Core, who build the nexus on Luclin, what caused the moon to explode, and how Zeb became a god.
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    Trakanon might have died during EQ1 while in Sebilis. Not "died" but... so weak that he "died" and drifted into ethernere. maybe he "saw the light at the end of the tunnel... anything could happen.
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    That does bring up a good point. We don't know how Trakanon was able to overcome his undead state and return to a fully healthy living dragon. It could be that he did indeed die during the Age of Turmoil and managed to resurrect himself (using the Nexus Core) to return to the land of the living. That also begs the question...if that happened does it mean that Trakanon and friends are missing from the Vesspyr Isles because they are alive, or because they are in the ethernere equivalent of VP?
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Harla Dar in VP as well? Or is she only in VI because she had the clarity of veeshan or whatever its called
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    According to EQ2i Harla Dar was a raid mob in the Temple of Scale. I can't think of a single dragon from VP anywhere in VI.
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    That does bring up a good point. Trakanon might be a likely canidate as something that happened between EQ1 and Eq2...and how he became 'uncursed'.
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    No, she wasn't. Phara Dar and the Shade of Khalan Dar were there (they were in the same area), but not Harla Dar.
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    Harla had nothing to do with VP. She stayed in Velious when the Ring of Scale was formed, and left Velious to become the head priestess of the Awakened cult. Then we killed her and much later found her as the Priestess of Veeshan in Vesspy Isles.
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    That's an interesting idea...I'd worked off the assumption he got kicked to the curb after the Planes of Power incident (which, as it happens, is the point where EQ2 lore branches off from the "mother trunk" of EQ1), but I've never actually been entirely clear on it...
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    Yea I got the Harla and Phara mixed up. Their related right? Or is the surname just a coincidence?
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    Dar is a family name. Most of the dragons have them.
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    Phara Dar is Harla Dar's daughter if I recall correctly.
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    Although it pains me greatly to think that Trakanon may be truly lost to us, there are other possibilities. It's possible that Trakanon has been utterly destroyed - wiped from existence. Or, given his extensive studies and knowledge, that he has somehow survived his apparent death, and his spirit merely waits on Norrath for a vessel. Even I, who has pierced the veil to see into the land of the living, cannot say what has truly become of him. - Spirits Astray
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    Yes, Phara Dar is Harla Dar's daughter, with Jaled Dar. Phara and Jaled left the Claws to form the Ring if Scale, of which Jaled was the leader, but Phara stayed on Velious. When Fraka Dar, Harla Dar's son, was cannibalized by Zlandicar, she left the Temple of Veeshan and lived out in the Western Wastes. This is likely why Vulak'Aerr was high priest of Vershan during EQ1's Velious era.
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    On the actual topic, I am not sure who could have built the Nexus Core. It doesn't look like the architecture of any of the cultures we've seen before. It very well may be a hook for an entirely new storyline that will be developed after we deal with Kerfyrm. I think the bigger question is: why has it been apparently abandoned, and how long has it been accessible from the Vesspyr Isles? Where did its creators go, and why? Could there be others out there? So many possibilities!