Warlock FAQ and Spell Pics organized by spell lines

Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-Collectall3, Sep 26, 2005.

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    Be careful, Warlock spells (and everyone else) no longer has 2 choices of rares to make adept III. Mages and Priests used to use the same ink (thats where the rare was used), but now no more ink so Warlock spells use the Clusters (eg: Rhodium) and Priest spells use the Rough (eg: Rough Ruby).
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    Do none of the resident longtime warlocks happen to feel like writing an updated FAQ?

    As a new player i know i could certainly use it from time to time. Right now i have to go lots of places to find information and it is often hard to know which is still applicable.

    I understand if it is to much work, but if anyone does it would be greatly apreciated.
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    I'm going to un-sticky this thread as it's extremely out of date and needs complete revision. If someone would like to post an updated list, or some of the more up to date links, when the forum move is complete just send a moderator a note and we'll be happy to sticky the new version.

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