Warlock FAQ and Spell Pics organized by spell lines

Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-Collectall3, Sep 26, 2005.

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    I have found this post to be very useful as have several others. Can we get it restickied please?

    Thank you,
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    Sticky this again :)
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    What an extremely useful post!

    Can someone sticky this please? :smileyhappy:
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    Awesome post! Thanks for the effort, & for goodness' sake someone sticky this thing!
    One point: the Adept 1 Dark Infestation in my bank would be very interested to learn that it doesn't exist, hehe. :smileywink: (Currently listed as 'only available in Adept 3'; either they changed that or the drop was just so rare that we hadn't seen one before, but I can confirm an Adept 1 does exist.)
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    There a reason this has been un-stickied? Best thread on the warlock forum IMO.
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    I've found this thread extreemly helpful. I hope it gets stickied again.
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    Sorry I fell a few LU's behind my Grandfather passed away a few weeks back and things were really crazy for a while. I do plan on updating this to reflect the current changes as soon as I can. It has been a little over a month since I have been able to play and I still have to figure out what all was changed.

    I am very happy to hear everyone finds this FAQ to be useful that certainly makes all the work I put into it worthwhile, hopefully we can get it re-stickied
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    I'm not sure why this was unstickied, but based on some of the recent feedback in this thread it sounds like the community would like this stickied, so stickied it is! :smileyhappy:
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    Thank you much Echgar :smileyhappy:
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    Some of the spell pics on this post.....OP still around to update them?
  11. ARCHIVED-the captain Guest

    i want to start new alt and i really like warlocks because the AOE.... so i want to ask how many AOE damage over time spell lines u have?
  12. ARCHIVED-zaratogul Guest


    Where the hell are you? Wondering what happened to you. Hope you're doing good wherever you are ;)

  13. ARCHIVED-Dajuuk Guest

    We have 1 Encounter AOE Direct damage nuke.
    We have 1 Point Blank AOE Dot.
    We have 1 Encounter AOE stun/damage nuke.
    We have 1 Encounter Debuff.
    We have 1 Encounter AOE Dot line and you don't get it until 50.
    We have 1 PBAOE nuke and you don't get it until 65.
    With the exception of Dark Infestation, which is a single target dot that has a chance to proc swarm pets that do PBAoE damage thats it, unless I am forgetting something off the top of my head.
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    OMG man, you have outdone yourself. If only other classes had you do the work for them. Assassin would be an awesome place to start...
  15. ARCHIVED-Schaestmos Guest

    umm this needs an update
  16. ARCHIVED-Daramh Guest

    Great guide !! Well done ! :)
  17. ARCHIVED-metacell Guest

    The Vulian Interference spell line has been modified (in LU 24 or 25, I think). It no longer interrupts and pacifies, it interrupts and reduces hate.
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  18. ARCHIVED-metacell Guest

    The Nullmail spell has been modified. It no longer reduces hate and heals on melee damage; instead, it gives a huge temporary boost to physical mitigation when the Warlock's health falls below 30%.
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  19. ARCHIVED-Raminicus Guest

    i believe it still reduces hate, but it doesn't heal - and you're right about the miti part.
  20. ARCHIVED-Tevilspek Guest

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