Warlock FAQ and Spell Pics organized by spell lines

Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-Collectall3, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Collectall3 Guest

    Updated yet again .... Now to work on a Soloing stratagies part of the guide :smileyhappy:
  2. ARCHIVED-tiki-jiki Guest

    Amazing job guys. Best post on the boards.
  3. ARCHIVED-Kalel22 Guest

    Pic as requested.

  4. ARCHIVED-Wu'Tang Guest

    Collectall3 not sure if I missed it somewhere in there but,

    Might you tell , what UI you use. looks great, lot of nice features I would like to have.


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    54 Wizard of Everfrost
  5. ARCHIVED-Collectall3 Guest

    The UI is actually a custom one most of the parts can be found @ eq2interface.com I also available for download on my website here


    Some of the UI pics are a little outdated but the diffrences are fairly minor

    Thanks again for the updated pics Kalabus I will add them tonight.
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  6. ARCHIVED-Kaeylum Guest

    Hey guys i have an idle pearl, and was thinking about getting an adept 3 Vulian Intrusion, seeing as though i use it so much, does anyone else have it, that could tell me what changes? Or maybe post a pic? Thanks in advance
  7. ARCHIVED-Kurinji Guest

    I just want to chime in and say thanks so much for the awesome work you've done! :smileyhappy:

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  8. ARCHIVED-Kalel22 Guest

    Dont waste your time with ad3 Vulian. only adds dmg to the dmg component
  9. ARCHIVED-Collectall3 Guest

    Updated onece again

    I am glad to hear everyone is finding this info useful
  10. ARCHIVED-Anganos Guest

    AWESOME!!! Thanks G - I'd give you 10 stars if it were possible!!!
  11. ARCHIVED-Tomanak Guest

    I noticed you have Noxious Bolt listed as a T4 Skill requiring an Opal/Rutherium. Its shown as a lvl 29 skill, shouldnt this be a T3 skill requiring a Jasper or a Palladium? Or is this a case where the old recipie still doesnt match up with the new level?
  12. ARCHIVED-Solkenar Guest


    I like the interface you use, could u tell me where to get it pleaes?

  13. ARCHIVED-Kalel22 Guest

  14. ARCHIVED-MadLordOfMilk Guest

    Flashfreeze is a lv30 spell, and hence requires a t4 rare >_> you have it listed under t3
  15. ARCHIVED-vorek Guest

    Can we please get this updated if it is going to remain stickied?

    The level 54 training choices for Master II have changed. Plz update :smileytongue:
  16. ARCHIVED-Collectall3 Guest

    Sorry I have been away on Vacation the guide has been updated Noxious Bolt and Flashfreeze are now in the proper tier and Null Distortion is in the MAster 2 training list
  17. ARCHIVED-trin kahl Guest

    Having lvl'ed my Mystic it was time to play my alt. Indeed it is a Warlock...pwr lvling to lvl 36...I really had no clue how to play my warlock but I figured it out for the most part. But..this post has helped me alot understand what and when I get spells...how to use them..what I should upgrade...blah blah blah....thank you so much for your time.
  18. ARCHIVED-maddawg138 Guest

    just gotta add that some of our spells do disease damage as what i read you didnt update for shadowed pyre and such
    also the fun spells for evil warlocks can be found in the NFP mage tower at one of the sages that sell our App 2 spells.
  19. ARCHIVED--Karofin- Guest

    The very least I can do is post my sincere thanks for an excellent help. I am levelling my 3rd character now, a warlock and this guide has been simply essential reading for me. Thank you for the considerable effort invested to help so many others. A well deserved Sticky'd post.
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  20. ARCHIVED-Sevman Guest

    FYI: some spells were updated after recent patch so dont not take all pics for their values.
    One specifically: LVL 52 Vulian Intrusian has a 5.1 duration and not a 7.7 (I wish it still had this though :-D)

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