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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Jun 19, 2020.

  1. parissa Well-Known Member

    I want that duck and baby dragon familiar.... They are so cute :D and thank you for doing the events where the solo runs can get tokens too... I had fun last year with this event...
  2. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    me too Parissa I want that baby dragon , it does not just flap around , it flies :D .
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  3. Ucep New Member

    There are some changes coming to Summer Ethereals as well! Completing any weekly mission will grant ethereal rewards, based on the difficulty of the mission. Heroic level missions will grant the lowest amount of reward, then challenge level rewards and finally expert dungeons. Weekly missions must be completed fully in the highest level of mission to receive that reward. For example, if you complete a weekly mission in a normal heroic, you will get the least amount of ethereal currency, in a challenge heroic you will get a medium amount of ethereal currency, and in an expert dungeon you will receive the highest number of ethereal currency.

    says any weekly gives ethereal coin just no bonus for other ones not listed
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  4. abrakadabra New Member

    Gort, shoot bunnies,eat good tonight
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  5. olleran Active Member

    Hi Dreamweaver , can we get some info about the ethereal event please as it seems to change daily

    First the Mastery runes had their class effects removed , now they have been totally removed from the merchant

    As the event starts on Tuesday could we please know if the removal of the runes if permanent or are they hidden or removed while they are adjusted

    Also it seems the currency required for cloak / jewellry etc has been significantly increased , is this the final figure of the coins required for them ?
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  6. Ucep New Member

    Olleran this notes from test serve
    • Removed the Ethereal Mastery rune from the Summer Ethereal event.
    • Updated the test server heroic override to state "Your solo mission has earned a heroic ethereal reward due to a server bonus!" instead of still referring to a heroic reward.
    • Peculiar Medallion's prices have been set to their final live values.
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  7. AvenElonis Active Member

    Well no gear I need or want from Ethereal event - and Mastery rune gone - will try to help others by tanking groups, but doesn't appear to be a good reason otherwise for me.

    All items should have Ability Mod that can be converted to DPS Mod, MA Mod etc since the change to basic game mechanics has caused most to try to max those stats.

    Mastery Rune - I would like see these, but give some thoughts as to what might be important to each class and use these as an opportunity to address some class balance issues.
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  8. olleran Active Member

    Thanks Ucep , but i just wanted official confirmation ( you know how they tend to add stuff late in the event ) because as it stands this summer event seems a total waste of time to me
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  9. Thatdarncat Active Member

    Thanks Myxx. That clears everything up. I really should join the Discord channel.
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  10. Thatdarncat Active Member

    Care to explain how it was disproven? I only solo and as far as I can tell, there's no solo content that's not comfortably within my reach using the gear I get from soloing. In fact, at this stage of the expansion cycle, most of it is easy, heading for trivial. I'd like the ethereal items because the easier it gets the better I like it, but I certainly don't need them for soloing.
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  11. Arclite Well-Known Member

    I looked at the familiar stats and even the base legendary familiar is better than the celestial premium expansion familiar.

    I wanted to ask that Kander in his podcast said, paraphrasing: "We don't want players to max out their familiars from the get go" -

    So keeping this in mind, how does introducing new more powerful familiars halfway through the expansion makes any logical sense going by his statement? Unless you are really lucky on overseer familiar potions or happen to fork out a lot of money on crates (which I have) and then again be at the mercy of RNG, maxing out a familiar is not something that a lot of players will be able to do.

    Now given these new ones are a lot powerful, its a reset on the grind yet again with no realistic way of acquiring them let alone leveling them up and we all know the daily quest is just not good enough, what are your plans (if any) to reconcile what Kander said and what is going live tomorrow?
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  12. Koshie6581 New Member

    reading this your right us soloers are over looked yet again
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  13. Observing Active Member

    I meant the other way. In that no uber gear comes from heroics or raids. Just the grindy Scepter of Shadows and the Diaku challenge charm. The main red adorns drop from any tier of content or even "content" that even level 1 characters can do (Overseers), although there are a few that require raid currency. Best mount is P2W. Best merc buff is P2W. 180 resolve gear (T1 raid equivalent) drops from Overseers and will likely get a boost with season 3 overseers. All tiers of infusers drop from overseers. In other words, there are no blue adorns to acquire this expansion, just +5 Resolve here, +2% better potency or CB there, with 6? 8? tiers of raid gear, of which some half? have no resolve increase.
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  14. Tanto Well-Known Member

    Itemisation is done using automation. They stick in the basic parameters, a few stats to randomise and hit "submit". That pukes out a load of generically named loot, they give it a glance over and change the names, usually relevant to the mob they drop from.
    There is no "soul" in the loot, because it's no longer created by people. It probably explains why itemisation is so stupid. Like how we've been enjoying flurry for ages, and some of the best items in the game include flurry, but now with ethereals, flurry is not on the BiS item? What?!?
    It also explains why sometimes an "axe" has a sword, or a flail as it's icon.
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  15. Observing Active Member

    I don't know about the season 7 familiars, but it only takes about 3 potions to max a current Legendary familiar, such as the one from the /claim crate
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  16. Tanto Well-Known Member

    What with overseers, and the familiar xp events, I've just had a count up and I have in the bank, 1,325,000 familiar xp.
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  17. Drona Well-Known Member

    I thought 1 potion == 1 level. Are you saying those /claim potions gives fixed xp per potion?
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  18. Observing Active Member

    Yes, the overseer potions and the crate potion give a fixed amount of xp (25,000, 50,000 or 100,000). I was referring to the crate familiar though, which is legendary. It is only at the Fabled and Celestial familiar tiers where the experience requirements get out of hand.
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  19. Arclite Well-Known Member

    Celestial takes a lot more than 3 potions.
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  20. Arclite Well-Known Member

    As i said, its all RNG based, not everyone gets that many. The difference between players is frighteningly biased.
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